There's a sewer monster living underneath Cameron Village. There's a man in Moore Square who plays football all by himself. Somewhere in Raleigh, we've heard, there's a kudzu vine that looks just like Alfred Hitchcock. These small marvels don't always fit inside a regular newspaper. A lot of them are too funny for those highfalutin' pages. So we've tucked him in here, where they'll be safe. Take a look and let us know about the oddities in your life. We'll show up and snap a picture.

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Another Satisfied Customer

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Spotted on Oberlin Road near Wade Avenue. Sometimes, the "on hold" music on the customer service line can drive people to drastic measures.

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About the blogger

Josh Shaffer feels drawn to life's smaller stories – the tiny triumphs of ordinary people, the curiosities you see out the window of your car. He plays the trombone. He can juggle a little. His hero is this guy from Baltimore who lost his paycheck when it blew off his dashboard, and who responded by stopping his car to do a little dance on the shoulder and say, "Oh, well. I'll get another one next week."