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There's a sewer monster living underneath Cameron Village. There's a man in Moore Square who plays football all by himself. Somewhere in Raleigh, we've heard, there's a kudzu vine that looks just like Alfred Hitchcock. These small marvels don't always fit inside a regular newspaper. A lot of them are too funny for those highfalutin' pages. So we've tucked him in here, where they'll be safe. Take a look and let us know about the oddities in your life. We'll show up and snap a picture.

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Obama to Meeker: We'll Git R Done

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As many television viewers may have noticed, Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker greeted President Barack Obama when Air Force One arrived at RDU on Wednesday.

Meeker, a fellow Democrat, said this was the second time he'd met Obama, the first being a brief encounter on the Wednesday before the November election when the future president was in town for a campaign event.

Meeker said Wednesday's meeting was also brief and "entirely ceremonial."

"I thanked him for coming back to Raleigh and working hard on this health care and he said we’re going to get it done and got in the car and took off."


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