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WSCA endorses Prickett for school board

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The candidate filing period hasn't even begun yet but Wake Schools Community Alliance announced today that it's endorsing Deborah Prickett for Wake's District 7 school board seat.

In the press release, the group cites Prickett's support for WSCA's objectives, her experience as an educator and her perspective as a parent who has gone through mandatory year-round and reassignment.

"Deborah [Prickett's] commitment to our core beliefs is beyond question," said Joe Ciulla, a member of WSCA's steering committee, in the press release. "Deborah has been an outspoken proponent of positive change in our school system, having helped organize her neighborhood to advocate for their schoolchildren, and speaking out through letters to the N&O editor and her comments at Wake County School Board public hearings."

Prickett announced her candidacy on Wednesday. The filing period for candidates won't begin in Wake until July 6 and no one else has announce yet for the District 7 seat.

Here's the press release:

WSCA Endorses Deborah Prickett for Wake County School Board District 7

Wake Schools Community Alliance (WSCA) is pleased to endorse Mrs. Deborah Prickett for Wake County School Board District 7. Mrs. Prickett announced her candidacy on May 6th.

Deborah Prickett supports Wake Schools Community Alliance (WSCA) objectives of:

* Academic success as the first priority for ALL Wake County students
* Stable neighborhood schools in a community model
* Voluntary calendar options for all families
* School Board candidates/representatives who will move forward with innovative solutions

We could not ask for a better candidate than Deborah Prickett. Joe Ciulla, a WSCA Steering Committee member, stated that "Deborah [Prickett's] commitment to our core beliefs is beyond question. Deborah has been an outspoken proponent of positive change in our school system, having helped organize her neighborhood to advocate for their schoolchildren, and speaking out through letters to the N&O editor and her comments at Wake County School Board public hearings."

Deborah Prickett brings 26 years of experience working in Wake County Public Schools and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. She is also a parent of a child in the Wake County School system, and has personal experience with Mandatory Year Round calendars and school reassignment. This combination of educational experience and parental perspective will help make Deborah an outstanding representative for District 7 and all of Wake County.

WSCA has an open invitation to all Wake County citizens to join our group and help achieve our immediate goal of electing four new School Board members who will remember that citizens are at the top, not bottom, of the government organization chart. Our next meeting is Saturday, May 9th, in Morrisville. All Wake County citizens are welcome, and we especially encourage voters in District 7 to come to the meeting and meet Deborah Prickett. Please visit our web site at www.wakesca.org to learn more about WSCA .


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If you know what you want

If you know what you want and see what you like it doesn't take decisive people long to make up their mind.  By choosing a good candidate early, she can attend lots of meetings and get to meet and greet voters early.  I look at this as a plus from the voter perspective.

Public Vetting


WSCA is actively recruiting candidates.  I'm not priivy to any internal WSCA discussions, but I suspect that her announcing did not come as much of a surprise. 

The "Wowwee!  Here's a candidate who sounds good.  We don't know anything about her, but let's endorse her anyway" narrative is absurd.



Endorsing someone 2 days after they announce is a bit hurried.  What happens if another person pops up in this district that shares similar views.  Are they going to retract their endorsement. 

Curious, or...?

Why does this concern you? Do you have a dog in this fight or are you just a curious person?

Clearly Prickett has an appealing message for those who want a candidate who supports community schools -- with schedules that are family-friendly-- , are seeking a higher level of integrity in their school board members, and has experience in dealing with the challenges facing students and familes in Wake County. WSCA apparently finds that attractive and so will the voters in District 7.

"Why does this concern you?

"Why does this concern you? Do you have a dog in this fight or are you just a curious person? "

 Yes ... I am a voter ....Like many people trying to decide who is telling the truth and who to support and who gets confused with all the "Wxxxx" groups wanting you to follow them ... I would have liked to see a longer more deliberating process ... to find "the one" so early seems unusual ... maybe they will endore lots of people who toe the party line ??


As a concerned voter you should do as the WSCA Steering Committee has done. Come and talk to her yourself. Vet her yourself, for your own vote. I think folks miss this part and miss the fact that this really NEEDS to be- -  MUST be - - personal. You can come and meet Deborah up close and personal at the WSCA meeting tomorrow night - Morrisville - Baby Moon Cafe 4:30 - 6:30. If you don't like what you hear, 1234, you can always step up, get that chip off your shoulder and run YOURSELF. But that might be really reeeeeeeally personal. Thank goodness there are some like Deborah who are willing to put themselves and their beliefs on the line. 

SDR ... if the people on the

SDR ... if the people on the blog are any indication of the people in the meeting it does not sound welcoming.   There appears to be an agenda and one way forward and if you are not a zombie you are a enemy combatant.


If, if, if....

Come to a meeting and find out. Quit making speculations.


Still, why the concern?

Let me put it this way: why does it concern you that an organization that you are not part of and that you seem do not agree with endorses someone? There are lots of PACs and other organizations out there that may endorse other candidates; and, there my be candidates who strike out on their own. Certainly they all will be making themselves available for your scrutiny. The election isn't until October, that should be ample time for deliberation.


As for WSCA and Deborah Prickett, they don't seem to be holding back on their positions. Prickett is the candidate, so you either agree with her or not. If you need to know more her, there is plenty of time for that -- there is already a lot out there. From my experience, WSCA and Deborah Prickett are straight shooters and they do what they say they will do. 

Well said, Designman. 

Well said, Designman.  Openness in the democratic process should never be a source for concern.

Not everyone agrees in the same things as WSCA's membership.  That is fine.  If enough citizens share a different set of beliefs, we may even see an "anti-WSCA" group form.  That is fine too, and it is far better to see agendas which are set by citizens instead of political parties.

“Not everyone agrees in

“Not everyone agrees in the same things as WSCA's membership.  That is fine.  If enough citizens share a different set of beliefs, we may even see an "anti-WSCA" group form.”


You seem to think in terms of black and white, pro and anti … there are so many school groups that start with a “W” I can not tell one from another … we have established few people have kids, most are apathetic and it is a long way to Oct … so stick with the big tent, all inclusive strategy for a while before you start marking your enemies.

It is not a matter of

It is not a matter of "friends" or "enemies."  WSCA represents a large group of parents who share a common set of core values.  Beyond those core values, many members have different opinions on the secondary issues.

And you're right, if other groups form, there may or may not be overlap.  So far, I have seen no citizen-led groups focused on "MYR Preservation" or "Stay the policy course."  Will be interesting to see if anything like that pops up between now and October.


Double standard

yet again.  No one questioned her and she sounds like a great candidate on the surface.  To me it's more about the way most on this Board rip every 'other' organization that doesn't share their views whenever possible.  You haven't been here long enough to understand that. 

Personally, I think it just shows their immaturity as a 'political' organization. 

Not likely

What makes you think "no one questioned her." That seems extremely unlikely. WSCA has some members who have worked on successful political campaigns before and the group in general does not strike me at all as an immature political organization. In fact, at one of their meetings I went to, attendees included mayors of many of the towns in Wake County and some county commissioners ...and they came from both sides of the political fence.

You can be sure, WSCA does its homework. Backing Prickett was NOT a hasty decision. 

I agree ... a more mature

I agree ... a more mature organization would have taken more time to find "the one" ... don't get me wrong WSCA and Prickett might be great ... I am waiting for the details ...

Time and sand

Well, how much time do you think should be spent exactly? Ya wanna come and be project manager? You willing to stand up and DO something? Where is your sand, 1234? My honey always says - talking about it makes lots of folks feel better - - its the DOING part that's so uncomfortable and makes all the difference. 

I was thinking there would

I was thinking there would be a slate of candidates who make presentation and do interviews and then the steering committee would make a recommendation that would be approved by the board.  That would have been more conventional.

and how do you know there

and how do you know there wasn't?

How do you know

that WSCA hasn't been talking to her long before now?


I was worried about this but I see we have the super sleuths, Waldorf and Stadler(tm) on the case! Wake County residents may now rest easy.

You add so much to the

You add so much to the discussion

Fair and honest with all the

Fair and honest with all the people? Oh you mean like Patti Head, Lori Millberg and Elenor Gotee? No chance. We need change for the better and Deborah Prickett is a breath of fresh air compared to the stale BoE we are currently stuck with.

come to the meeting and meet

come to the meeting and meet Deborah Prickett, doesn't mean you have to join! she's her own person, ask her what you want.

wsca endorses

I am an outsider, But life has taught me to be leery of endorsements of influential groups like this,It stands to reason that a candidate can be expected to give a group what they want, The best way to avoid this is by looking for candidates who will be fair and honest for all the people

WSCA is a county-wide group that supports

academic success as the first priority for ALL Wake County students. The members are citizens and parents who want a BOE that will be fair and honest for all the people. If you are looking for candidates who will be fair and honest, then you sound like every member of WSCA that I have met.

Please check out WSCA for yourself.


See for yourself

Gosh. Politics is all local. You need to come to a WSCA meeting before you make a statement like that, please HenryE. You can tell us how influential you think we are - especially in comparison to very very influential groups like WEP which will throw tons of money in well funded campaigns at voters later in the season. 

Please come and meet us - May 9 - tomorrow afternoon - 4:30 - 6:30, Baby Moon Cafe in Morrisville. You can meet Deborah Prickett as well.  

Promotion granted!

Well lookie here -- WSCA has gone from 10-or-so easy-to-pin-down cry babies to "influential group." Nice work, WSCA.

Is this what Lakoff calls "framing the debate?"

What's the better approach?

I've met some of the WSCA members and they are anything but "cry babies." They are an accomplished group of committed individuals who see a problem and contribute their time and energy to fix it. Cry babies sit on the side lines and wish things were different, but do nothing about it. Which approach are you most familiar with?


I was being sarcastic.

The WCPSS toadies first said that WSCA was 10 or so whiners. Now WSCA is an "influential group.

WSCA is by and for Moms and Dads. Period. If WSCA becomes influential -- than I'm a happy dad and we can all witness a blip on the radar of representative democracy.

There's no calumny to big for the state-power-loving toadies to throw out there.

My bad...sorry Dadof3; we're

My bad...sorry Dadof3; we're on the same page. I'm still learning the personalities of those who post here and sarcasm is not always evident without context.

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