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Watching the school board meeting live

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You guys have some options for watching tomorrow's Wake County school board meeting without attending in person.

Cary TV staff say they plan to do their usual live broadcast of the school board meeting. Cary TV 11 is available to Time Warner Cable customers in Cary, Apex, Morrisville and other parts of western Wake.

The Raleigh Television Network won't be broadcasting the meeting live because it conflicts with the City Council meeting. The school board meeting will be rebroadcast at 1 p.m. Thursday on RTN 11.

RTN 11 is also carried in Knightdale, Rolesville, Wendell and Zebulon. The Town of Garner says it will switch over its government access station to the RTN feed when the school board meeting is rebroadcast.

The TV stations may broadcast the meeting live online. They recorded the last board meeting but didn't air it online until after the meeting.

With large crowds expected, it won't be easy getting into the board meeting.


WRAL says it plans to stream the meeting live online. WTVD also says it will stream it live online.


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Mr. Chairman??

Already 8 minutes late getting started.


Anyone else having a problem with sound?  My ear is to the screen.

are you on WRAL?

are you on WRAL?


on wral...dejevue of the supreme court hearing

LOL, uh try turning off your

LOL, uh try turning off your oven!  Wink

sub woofer

ah! plugged in the sub woofer for stereo surround sound  loud and clear now!



Did you see the COW meeting?

Did you see the COW meeting?  There was a blatant attempt at diversion at the end of the meeting that delayed dismissal of that meeting.

what was the blatant

what was the blatant diversion?  Someone need to use the rest room?

Once everything was just about settled

Once everything was just about settled Dr. McLaurin started talking about how the survey was really a reassignment and how they needed to follow the usual process of public engagement meetings for that.  It had nothing to do with the survey and labeling it as a reassignment was just an attempt to add an emotional element that wasn't needed.

Was the COW on tv or online??

Was the COW on tv or online??

online, just prior to the

online, just prior to the BoE meeting

(psst....don't bother.....

(psst....don't bother..... Tongue out

Online viewing

WRAL will be streaming the meeting starting at 3PM.

Did Ron agree on hand

Did Ron agree on hand signals with the other four so they know what he wants them to do and they don't have to get his guidance during each break?

do you have to work at being

do you have to work at being so obtuse, or does it just come naturally?



Judging from the last meeting, the only hand signals will be single-digit signals coming from the NCAE crowd.


You're #1?


More likely...


That's a good one!  :-)

That's a good one!  :-)

Hand signals

I haven't heard of this; what do the voices inside your head say?

I do have a hand signal for your silly post, however. 


o - i spewed, good one :-)

Better that than the

Better that than the agreement the previous board had on making a mockery of education.

Making a day of it

I plan to get there early, loaded down with snacks, water, phone charger, etc. (maybe my pillow)


They ought to consider

They ought to consider moving to a bigger venue for 12/15.

What they should do

is tell the time wasters like Lanane, Wright and the others who want to just come and complain to stay home and make room for those who want to actually accomplish something!


"time wasters like

"time wasters like Lanane"

I saw her at CVS today stocking up on kleenex, gonna be a long speech.

Mr. Hui

Find the boss and tell him to setup a live web feed for N&O subscribers with a pay-per-view option for non-subscribers.

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