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Wake's revised reassignment plan

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Here are some quick highlights on the new reassignment plan.

It calls for moving 25,486 students over the next three years, down from 26,771 in the draft proposal. There are a lot of changes.

A PDF overview will be posted online at www.wcpss.net later this evening. The full detailed plan that you normally look for online won't be up until 10 a.m. Saturday.

Some changes from the draft include:
• Not reassign students from attendance nodes 091, 124, 131, 159 and 160 from Broughton to Sanderson High School. (Only node 144 is still in the plan.)
• Reassign to Broughton all the nodes that were originally going to move from Panther Creek High to Leesville Road High.
• Only reassign nodes 245.5, 324.2 and 337.3 from Leesville Road High to Millbrook High, significantly less than originally proposed.
• Reassign nodes 381.4/5/6/8 and 371.6 to Salem Middle rather than East Cary in 2010. They’re now at Davis Drive Middle.
• Reassign Node 94 to Underwood Elementary from Conn Elementary.
• Reassign areas along Harrison Avenue to Cary High instead of to Athens Drive High.
• Not reassign nodes 657.1 and 657.2 from Green Hope High to Cary High.
• Don’t reassign nodes 381.1 and 381.7 from Apex High to Cary High.


Click here for the overview of the plan. 


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Agree. The growth is

Agree. The growth is stabilizing, if not falling.   WCPSS will not recognize that.  They will not even admit the MYR fiasco.


I just want say....how much I appreciate and admire the teachers.  At least those my children have had.  They never waiver in their professionalism and dedication to teaching. Thank you for that! hang in there.  The more parents wake up, the more they will see, you all can't really say anything but are under tremendous amounts of pressure and stress to "keep on keepin' on" even with more and more nonsense thrown at you. 

I will say this for growth

I will say this for growth managment they must have put in allot of extra overtime to get the changes done in time for them to be public by the 20th. Tis the seaon most things at work can wait till 2009 for some of us that is.

They already have the plan

They already have the plan to the point they are putting it on the server. You can google your node and school and get the page address but you need a password to get in so they are realy putting in allot of OT. 

The last changes made to the

The last changes made to the plan were at 11:30 a.m. They were still writing up the pdf at 1 p.m.

They put the lies in bold print now

I love how they put "GROWTH IS THE PRIMARY DRIVER" in bold, when we all know social engineering is the primary driver in this ponzi scheme.


I just looked at the plan. It is absolutely absurd...our node will be bussed long distances, we will be sent to a school outside of our district, our kids will be ripped out of their school community and for what? Some ridiculous need for the school board to bus kids all over the place for some agenda. We have been reassigned in the past, suffered through forced year round, have kids on traditional and forced year round schools...and now they want to move them to middle and high schools outside of our district and away from their friends. What is the best way to fight this?

Ensure that you and every

Ensure that you and every person you know go to the polls in October 2009 and vote for School Board candidates who will restore sanity in WCPSS.  The seats occupied by Patti Head, Lori Millberg, Eleanor Goettee and Horace Tart are all up for reelection.  Replace them with 4 sensible leaders, add Ron, and you have a majority.  Then you can expect real change.

The trick is

Finding the right people that live in those districts and raise enough money to help them run (it would have to counter the "Friends" money - maybe they won't be so generous next year because of the economy). That's where the difficulty lies, finding someone that can afford to run. The press is another story.

BoE criteria:

Must be willing to work  below min wage without paid help in one of the nation's largest school systems.

Put up with many disgruntal parents.

Put up with well financed civil rights groups that put roadblocks all over the place.

Be able to meet regularly during daytime hours.

BL- A thank-less task unless you really care about the schools. -- or if you want to push a liberal agenda. Unfortunately the later gets the most media and outside financing.


Joe... start printing the

Joe... start printing the signs now for the candidates and I will put them in my yard to start the new year!

Depends on what school you

Depends on what school you will be leaving and were you live.   Most people have gone to the meetings and have presented a clear reaon why the move is a mistake. They usually got their neighbers behind it to.

What school do you hope they will put you?

Depends on what school you

I tried to talk at the CEM, but there was not enough time.  I submitted comments to Growth Management and to my school board member and received no response. Currently we are slated to move from Wakefield Middle and High Schools to Wake Forest Rolesville schools.  These are further in distance, outside of our district, and force our kids to leave their friends and community,

If you see Voice of Reason

If you see Voice of Reason posting ask him his kids are in that area.   VOR posts alot so jut checkin once in awhile I bet he will know who in your school is putting together something.

Actually I agree with the movement

They are trying to open two new high schools and growing both together. This is a case of growth, not economic balancing. The concept is to grow the student bodies of two schools  in the same facility with different administrations. In the long run the children will be more stable but their school buildings will change. Wakefield HS is is dire need of reducing crowding. You will eventually get a new high school out of the deal. If you live north of NC98, the rationale had to do with traffic flow as a driving force to change schools. I heard a lot of parents ask to let their kids stay at Wakefield on a case by case basis. The problem would be the complexity of the busing plan if that happened. This is one of those situations where it would be impossible to please everyone.

I listened and it did make a lot of sense. If you want my opinion.

Very disappointed that they

Very disappointed that they are still moving 383.3 and 383.4 in Athens. Those parents made a strong case to support staying at Apex.


Not only that, King Charles offered them this dispensation and then recinded it two days later! This was one of the most vocal groups at the Cary High meeting, and King Charles totally diverted their anger by saying he had 'heard' them, and he would make these changes to the plans. Keung tried to smooth it all over by parsing the caveats, but the reality is that the Cary parents only heard that King Charles was granting their wishes. This is outrageous! What a puppeteer!

Looking at the PowerPoint

Looking at the PowerPoint from that meeting, he didn't include any recommendation about those two nodes. He said he would change the recommendation to move the nodes from Apex High to Cary High.

thanks for that. and we all

thanks for that.
and we all know how the District Rep feels about it!

anything about the watershed?

did they say anything about any of the watershed nodes?

I'm going to need a little

I'm going to need a little more info before I can answer that question. Whicn nodes are you talking about?

and nothing about Leesville

and nothing about Leesville middle going MYR or not?

It's still slated to go

It's still slated to go year-round. There was no way that staff would make that change. It would have to be a school board call.

Groundhog Day

Is this the 3rd or 13th year we've gone through this???  I can't remember anymore.....

YES, we'll hit the "Public Hearings" circuit after the holidays, and hopefully the board will actually listen to the FACTS.  I do realize that Chuck wasn't going to make any changes without being prompted to do so by the board, but I could dream...

Asking the board to think of the FAMILIES didn't work, but at least we now have cold, hard facts on our side.


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