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Wake school board candidate complains about forum

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Wake school board candidate Debra Goldman is not happy that she was unable to have her opening and closing statements read at Wednesday's forum.

Goldman said that she stayed away from the forum because she has "influenza like symptoms" and didn't want to risk infecting anyone. She had asked that a representative be allowed to read her statements along with those of the nine candidates who did attend the forum.

But Maryanne Olsen, voter services chairwoman of the League of Women Voters of Wake County, which ran the event, said it's always been their policy to only allow candidates speak at events.

Olsen said that if they had made an exception for Goldman then they'd have to ask where they'd draw the line at future forums when a candidate could not attend.

Olsen expressed sympathy for Goldman's condition.

Goldman's District 9 opponent, Lois Nixon, did attend the forum.

As for the forum itself, you're not alone in wondering about the audio quality on WPTF. Olsen said that the station had to send someone to a store to get a part to correct a problem.

Click here for today's story by Thomas Goldsmith about the forum.


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Y'all at WSCA have sure

Y'all at WSCA have sure picked the winners. "Team WSCA" was shining brightly last night. Does Ms. Rakestraw even comprehend that she is fighting for a failing policy? I sure wish I could vote in District 7. That Deborah Prickett is the epitome of what a school board member should be. I actually felt sorry for her competition, she seemed so uninformed and out of touch. Ms. Simon could not even answer the fluffy questions as they were asked. Thanks WSCA for bringing the human touch and honesty to the table. I have renewed hope for the positive direction our BoE will be taking after October 6, thanks to Chris Malone, John Tedesco and Deborah Prickett.

Snoozzzzz ... aren't there

Snoozzzzz ... aren't there any real people out there not reading from a script ...

Apparently you missed the

Apparently you missed the forum. With the exception of Ms. Lucas, the only real people at that forum were Ms. Prickett, Mr. Tedesco and Mr. Malone. The ugly truth regarding WCPSS' dishonesty and wasteful manipulation is being exposed and the truth hurts.

Not on your side!

Not on your side!


There is always an exception to any rule.What would have happenned if Debra Goldman had gotten up there to speak and said I have flu like symptoms and told why she was there because nobody made an exception to a rule.When everyone there got the flu they would be blamng her for coming to speak.

Give me a break!

Children of Illeal Aliens

So nothing was brought up about the children of illegal aliens and their impact on Wake County Schools?

"Wake school board candidate

"Wake school board candidate complains about forum"

"But Maryanne Olsen ...said it's always been their policy to only allow candidates speak at events. Olsen said that if they had made an exception for Goldman then they'd have to ask where they'd draw the line at future forums when a candidate could not attend."

I hate when people complain they did not get special treatment when the standard rules are being followed ...

Wake PTA School Forum

It's great to have 80 people at a forum. It's sad if there was not a viable discussion of the major problems affecting our public school children. Worser still: no discussion on the appallingly low attendance at PTA meetings of socio-economically disadvantaged parents whose bused children suffer the most from Wake County's non-uniform policies. To make it simpler for voters, here again are the 4 candidates who will encourage parents to fight for their children and participate fully in the operation of Wake County Public Schools. Chris Malone, District 1; John Tedesco, District 2; Deborah Prickett, District 7; Debra Goldman, District 9.

Only with new, open-minded leadership might Wake County and the State of NC successfully compete for the additional educational federal stimulus money. Money that is earmarked for REAL change in the delivery of public school education!

Venita Peyton


Agree with these comments,

Agree with these comments, last night's "forum" was disappointing. I do wonder whether candidates Rakestraw and Nixon will update their stump speeches to reflect the fact that we are now spending the same as CMS (I'm taking a leap here, I know we are $4.5M higher but I'm not counting the $5M we spend on PR since that is not education).


Considering the questions last night, Ms. Goldman didn't miss much. Her stance has been clear on stability in assignment & choice in education and the need to increase parental involvement. Her opponent, on the other hand, is convinced MYR doesn't even exist in Wake County. And she's worried about her "goose" instead of the children.

Last night's questions were namby-pamby. It was clear none of the pressing issues would be addressed. Instead, we heard about childhood obesity, healthy snacks and sex ed. Glad I just listened and didn't make the drive.

"Instead, we heard about

"Instead, we heard about childhood obesity, healthy snacks and sex ed. "

ad nauseum...

OH except for the candidate...Lucas was it?, who claims that the diversity policy isn't working because it's not being used or something to that effect...

I think she said it hasn't been a priority

Not sure from where she gets that impression because the socioeconomic balancing that she refers to as 'diversity' has been the KEY priority behind many things in this system like who gets accepted to magnets, who gets accepted to their calendar option school, who gets reassigned and to where, and forced year round instead of voluntary year round to name a few.

It was Ms. Lucas and she

It was Ms. Lucas and she stated that the diversity policy is not working because it is not a priority.  Right now, the school system is shuffling students around to hide performance and bases this shuffling by using the diversity policy, but Ms. Lucas believes in giving parents school choice while improving the diversity policy.

Lucas believes in giving

Lucas believes in giving parents school choice while improving the diversity policy.

Ms. Lucas has clearly faced some horrible challenges in her life, and I believe her heart is in the right place.  But statements like that come across as talking out of both sides of one's mouth.  I do not believe that is her intent, so she might want to work a little harder on what it is she is trying to say.  Ms. Lucase won't win this election, but I hope she keeps on fighting for a better way afterwards (regardless of who does win).


And she will accomplish that by limiting one's choice based on the family's socio-economic status. Sounds familiar.


the diversity policy is the

the diversity policy is the driving force of WCPSS now, how does she plan on "improving" it?  specifically?

While most of the questions

While most of the questions were not about the pressing issues, there were a few that dealt with diversity, reassignment and funding.

Yes, those were the topics.

Yes, those were the topics. But this was a school board forum. It would have been nice to discuss EDUCATION!

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