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Wake saying glitches for magnet school results fixed

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Wake County school officials say they've resolved the technical glitches that prevented some people from going online this morning to check magnet school and calendar application results.

Some people who logged on earlier this morning to check their results got error messages say they're application was not processed because they had applied to a program for which they were already assigned.

But Greg Thomas, a Wake schools' spokesman, said the glitch has been fixed now. You can go back online and see if you were successful applying this year.

You've got until April 5 to decline your seat. You don't have to do anything if you accept the magnet or calendar seat you've gotten.

Click here to view the results.

Statistics on how many people applied and were placed aren't expected to be released until next week.


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I know someone from Salem Middle School who was admitted to Enloe this year. 

Denied Again

For the record, my daughter's application to Enloe High School was denied. She's in the 8th grade at Salem, and her guidance counselor was very upfront telling her that "No one from Salem Middle School has ever gotten into Enloe." So we really did not have very much hope.

Over the years my family has submitted about 10 applications for magnet schools, and was denied each and every time. We spent five years as a spot node, bused past 23 closer elementary schools to a school on the rim. We've paid our dues.

To be fair, we have gotten one break in all of our years in WCPSS. Before my daughter entered 5th grade, we applied for a transfer from that rim school to Salem Elementary. Being a spot node, my daughter was one of only 5 students at that rim school that would be attending Salem Middle. Because she skipped a grade, she was a year younger than all of her classmates, and we were concerned about her transition to middle school. Since most of Salem Elementary feeds into Salem Middle, we thought that transferring to Salem Elementary for the 5th grade would be in her best interests. Fortunately, our appeal was heard by Eleanor Goatee, who also skipped a grade in ES and knew the pressures faced by young girls in middle school. The board approved our transfer request, and my daughter's transition into middle school was relatively easy.

Now I don't support the inequity of magnet schools, with their abundant course offerings (at the expense of limited course offerings at base schools), and great teachers. But hey, if it's an option, we were going to try and apply. And let me be honest, our application had absolutely nothing to do with the diversity of the students at Enloe. It had everything to do with the curriculum. I may be just a proud Dad, but I consider my daughter to be brilliant, and I think she needs the challenges that Enloe can provide. Alas, it was not meant to be.

For those of you that have been fortunate enough to reap the rewards of magnet schools over the years, congratulations. As in most things, some win and some lose. For my family, we'll just have to be gracious in defeat.

Jeffrey, IMO you should go

Jeffrey, IMO you should go directly to Mr. Tata and request your daughter's placement to Enloe verbally just as Ms. Goldman did, using the exact same process.  See if the counselor will give you a letter to verify that no one has EVER been placed in Enloe from Salem MS. If WCPSS mandates the base and you can't get in based on attendance on any of the first/second round criteria siblings (no one has ever been placed so sibling status is lost) and lack of ability to get out of the base assignment.  Take a transcript to prove her grades as well.  If no one ever gets in there is no access--the ability to apply does not equal access.  The record of Zero admittance over that long a span of years seems to be inadequate in providing fair and equal access.  Good luck. 

Sorry about the Enloe

Sorry about the Enloe denial.  That's really pathetic and sad that nobody from Salem has ever gotten into Enloe (if that is true, which I have no reason to doubt). 

We didn't try for Ligon again.  I was unsure of whether to try again for my rising 8th grader and whether or not I wanted my kids to potentially be at 2 different middle schools since I also have a rising 6th grader.  Maybe the 6th grader would get in but the 8th grader wouldn't or vice versa.  Of course all the fretting was made moot by me being an idiot & missing the application date.  Oh well, I guess it's not meant to be.  I think there are some great things about Ligon, but there are also some negatives.  We're at East Millbrook and are pleased.  There are some fantastic opportunities there and I like the principal & teachers.


Why has no one from Salem MS ever been accepted to Enloe? I'm just curious.

Who does get to go to Enloe- is it filled up by the kids coming up thru the magnet ES and MS route? (the only kids I know who are there have done that)

"Why has no one from Salem

"Why has no one from Salem MS ever been accepted to Enloe? I'm just curious."


Magnet high schools offer priority placement to students who have gone to magnet middle schools, which in turn offer priority placement to students who have gone to magnet elementary schools.  In other words, the rich keep getting richer.


*that* is a problem.  Basically, you have to be in the program from day 1, or your chances of getting in are slim.  Growth is great, but don't let those newbies into our magnet program!

Why has no one from Salem MS

Why has no one from Salem MS ever been accepted to Enloe? I'm just curious.

I have no idea. The school opened in 2003. Every student that has applied over the last 8 years has been denied.

Magnet high school use the

Magnet high school use the crowding factor for your high school base, not your middle school base.

(No subject)

Did you apply for the year

Did you apply for the year round and were denied?   If you turn down the magnet seat you will end up at your base school. 

I guess so? I completed the

I guess so? I completed the application with picks for both the magnet options (ranked in order of preference) and the YR calendar option. Was it an either/or type of thing?

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's an

Yes, I'm pretty sure it's an either/or thing.  If you put down both magnet and yr they only give you one of those.   Once you're given one seat (magnet or yr), they take you out of the running for the other.

It figures. You know...if

It figures. You know...if you read the headline of this blog entry fast, you get the real gist:

Wake saying magnet school results fixed

Got Our Third Choice

My kid is a rising 6th grader. He's in a year-round school now. He was accepted to a magnet that I'm not keen about. If I decline, will our assignment be the year-round school or the base school?

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