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Wake pushes back March 18 magnet/calendar application notice date

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We're now seeing seeing some of the consequences from last week's Wake County school board to convert Leesville Road elementary and middle schools and Mills Park Elementary back to a traditional calendar and to open Mills Park Middle on that same schedule.

School administrators said today they're giving parents of 4,500 Leesville and Mills Park families until March 18 to apply to stay on a year-round calendar or to attend a magnet school.

The new window for Leesville and Mills Park families means Wake is pushing back the March 18 date to let other families know if they were accepted into a magnet school, year-round school or traditional-calendar school. The new date is April 8.

The date to say if you're declining one of those seats has been pushed back from April 9 to April 28.

Wake is saying that the Leesville and Mills Park families who had previously opted out to stay on a traditional calendar will now be returned to their base school. But they'll be able to apply for a magnet seat or a year-round seat.




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It seems fair to extend the

It seems fair to extend the period slightly for Leesville Road but do they really need a long application window and almost 3 weeks to decide whether to decline the offering?

I'm all for the date push-back if it means equity!

I hope the board directs staff on March 23 to give magnet applicants from the "10% schools" a fair shot at a seat in their program of choice. Even odds would be great! I'd rather face disappointment over a lottery result than discriminated against because of my base school!

For those not tracking this closely...
The children (who have no siblings in the magnet program) from the following schools experienced less than 10% magnet acceptance last year:
Barwell Rd Elementary
Dillard Dr. Elementary
Green Hope Elementary
Hilburn Drive Elementary
Joyner Elementary
Kingswood Elementary
Lead Mine Elementary
Lynn Road Elementary
Millbrook Elementary
Mills Park Elementary
Moore Square Middle
River Bend Elementary
Southeast Raleigh High
Stough Elementary
Swift Creek Elementary
Timber Drive Elementary
Wilburn Elementary
York Elementary

Looking at the numbers I

Looking at the numbers I posted below (the % of a school base already attending magnets) , do you still feel all the schools listed should have an equal shot to get out of their base?

If you look at the report, the numbers show that one of the reasons some of these schools are "hurting", is the higher income base gets it magnet choice, which bumps up its FRL status.

York's base FRL is 35%, but  its attending base is 46%.   Same situation at Stough.   

Absolutely they should still

Absolutely they should still have an equal shot.    We are denying children academic opportunities based on where they can afford to live and how much money their classmates' families make. 

I understand that people going to magnets hurts York, Stough, Fox Road, and other schools.  I don't know how to fix that situaion.  But I do know that I cannot support denying some children academic opportunities because of SES.  Its just sickening.  Especially since the differences are HUGE in middle school between magnets and non-magnets.

"I understand that people

"I understand that people going to magnets hurts York, Stough, Fox Road,
and other schools.  I don't know how to fix that situaion. "

That's why I feel our solution should involve fewer magnets, not more.  Magnets genuinely do hurt a number of rim schools by draining out good students/involved parents.  I agree that these students should not be forbidden magnet programs because they're "needed" in their base schools.  I think that in the end we'll be better off by reducing restrictions on non-magnet schools, and decreasing the number of magnets.

I  guess I am looking a

I  guess I am looking a this "big picture" and without the depth of you research. 

To me, it looks like Stough,  York , and Lynn Road have received a disproportionate share of magnet acceptances - so much that the chances for admission for other applicants is diminished.   maybe even Leesville El- since they certainly have not been crowded on the MYR calendar.


I don;t know what the average magnet acceptance is.  What do you want the magnet acceptance to be based upon?   Per school, per node, per district, per community zone.



Under our current system, I

Under our current system, I would want a completely fair lottery.  People would still have their assigned magnet for those programs with multiple schools.  For instance, if I want a GT elem, I apply to Powell, not Fuller.  But beyond that, a truly open and equal lottery.

I don't think that Stough, York & Lynn Road applicants displaced any leesville rd kids last time because Leesville was in one of the 'priority rounds' so those kids would have been selected before the last 10% round where Stough, York & Lynn fall.

The person below me explained it well that there are more applicants from those schools so it would stand to reason that more acceptances would come from there.  I have also heard that for several years, Hunter had a 'back door' where the principal was getting people in who had originally been declined.  Supposedly this included several Stough families.  Don't know if this is true or not--I was told this by a very involved Stough parent.

I know that some of the

I know that some of the current Lynn Road nodes used to belong to Brooks, so chances are that families were able to magnet out before they were switched to Lynn Road.  Also, families in these schools more likely to apply for magnets (including not so popular ones) just to leave the school.

Looking at the numbers I

Looking at the numbers I posted below (the % of a school base already attending magnets) , do you still feel all the schools listed should have an equal shot to get out of their base?


Do you feel that the child should be denied the opportunities available to other students just because where he assigned to?

It Should Be A True Lottery!

If they wanted to make it fair it would be a true lottery for all schools.  The problem is they 'discriminate'.  When people say you have all kinds of choices this is just not true.   I know of one F&R parent that was kicked out of her magnet base to make more room for non-F&R kids.  That was plain unfair because her son was making such good progress at that school.  His teachers fought for him.  His mom ended up moving her entire family to an apartment where she was still in the base for that school because the previous BOE would not allow them to stay (she appealed three times). 

I think you posted that

I think you posted that before and I asked this and can't remember if you answered - why does your list include magnet schools?  Doesn't SE Raleigh high have 100% magnet acceptance if those kids attend a magnet? 

If you're base at a magnet,

If you're base at a magnet, you can still apply for a different magnet program.

Magnet attendance out from base

These numbers are the % of base students who currently magnet out from base. (from your list above)

Stough   19%

Lynn Rd.  17%

York         16%

River Bend  13%

Wilburn  13%

Hilburn  12%

Swift Crk 11%

Timber Dr  10%

Lead Mine  9%

Dillard Dr. 8%

Barwell  7%

Kingswood  7%

Green Hope 6%

Joyner 5%

Millbrook 4%

Mills Park 2%

These numbers do not include the numbers of students who transfer out or calendar out from base.

Just for fun, the magnet out % from base for the following schools:

Leesville  14%

Brassfield  12%

Davis Dr.  5%



Just curious

Where did you access these numbers from?

From a report titled "Impact

From a report titled "Impact of Magnet, Calendar, and Transfer Applications on 2009-10 Elementray Base Areas."

Info was presented to the BOE in  late September.  Check blog posts around  Sept 21- 25.  Also included numbers for Middle and HS as well as a breakdown of students  attending per school (base, magnet, calendar, transfer, other)


Keung posted all the links for us to access.

Why is Davis Dr at 5%? Isn't

Why is Davis Dr at 5%? Isn't it in round 1/ 2?

Discrimination for selection

Discrimination for selection should be discontinued to give all a fair shake.

Do you have the acceptance

Do you have the acceptance percentages of all the schools?


I understand your point

I understand your point on the schools but your list includes (at least) two magnet schools - Millbrook Elementary and Moore Sq. Middle are already Magnets are you saying that base that want out of these magnets to other magnets are less than 10% accepted?

That's what the data from the Growth and Planning Office showed.

The master spreadsheet is on a computer I don't have with me right now, so I can't cut and paste the columns for the list showing the rate of acceptance. Sorry about that!

this is just the beginning

of understanding the consequences of these ill-conceived decisions....

Mr Hui

I would suggest you also report on the various options those families have been given and how some are just a bit 'odious'.

I thought the Board supports a community model...

I can see not wanting to

I can see not wanting to apply to a magnet option because you don't want to take your child out of a school he is already attending and has made friends at even though you would prefer that option (and might have been turned down for it at the time your child entered the current school). Now that you are told you child will be switching school anyways you might choose to apply for that option.

I understand the need to

I understand the need to extend the application for calendar choice, but why should these families be given an extended deadline to apply to magnet schools? In my opinion, if the magnet deadline is extended for those who attend these schools, should it also be extended for everyone else in the county (magnet only, not calendar choice)?

The reason

Leesville will continue to be overcrowded once it returns to a traditional calendar, and it wouldn't surprise me if preference is given to Leesville families who apply to magnet schools to try to get the numbers lower.

But then these families

But then these families would be given priority for magnet schools, which violates the board majority's stance that no group should be given preference to magnets and it should be lottery based.  However, their current resolution only removed socioeconomic status from magnet decisions.  I feel like the board majority has made decisions without thinking about the impact of those decisions.

I haven't heard of any

I haven't heard of any changes to the magnet selection criteria.

I'm expecting the issue of

I'm expecting the issue of potential revision to magnet selection criteria to be discussed at the March 23 board meeting. If nothing else, staff will want clarity from the board on whether the community school resolution's call for  not using SES in magnet schools should be applied immediately.

This appears to go against

This appears to go against Goldman's statement earlier on that she is not expecting/ wanting changes to magnet for the upcoming year.

In the policy meeting prior

In the policy meeting prior to the vote on the Community Schools Resolution, Ms. Goldman stated that no preference should be given to any group for magnet selection.  The current change in magnet criteria is at the end of the resolution. wcpss.net/attachments/2010_march1_resolution.pdf (add http://www.)

The last line could mean

The last line could mean that.

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