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Wake hires deputy superintendent and chief transformation officer

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The Wake County school board filled two of the district's top administrative positions tonight and appointed a new principal for Wake Forest-Rolesville High School.

Cathy Moore was named to the new position of deputy superintendent for school performance, where she will be in charge of academics. Moore, whose salary was not immediately known, has been the area superintendent for Central Wake since 2008 and before then was principal of Sanderson High School.

Judith Peppler was hired for the new position of chief transformation officer, where her duties will include overseeing student assignment, long-range planning and professional development.

Peppler, whose salary was not immediately known, has spent her career in the corporate sector. She has been state president of Oregon for Qwest Communications since 2000.

Both new positions were recommended by consultants from the Broad Superintendents Academy, a California-based group that trains people with no background in education, such as Wake Superintendent Tony Tata, a retired Army general, to work in urban school districts. Broad conducted three free audits for Tata, who started as superintendent Jan. 31.

The board hired Clinton Robinson Jr. to be principal of Wake Forest-Rolesville High, with a salary of $96,487. Robinson has been principal of E.e. Smith High in Fayetteville since 2007.


Peppler graduated this year from the Broad Superintendents Academy. Click here for a profile on her from The Oregonian.

Click here to view the bio sheets for the three hires.

Peppler and Moore will both be paid a salary of $140,000 a year.

Click here for a school district press release touting Tata's new leadership team.


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Another addition to the culture "sea" change

From Peppler's bio on the Broad website “Education is the key to providing hope for a better future for the youth in our country. Every child, regardless of race or economic circumstances, needs to have access to an equitable, quality education system with effective teachers and other caring adults who are focused and committed to that child’s success.”

I like her already.

How Much

are these two going to be making?  The N&O usually posts the salaries of administrators.

They didn't have it

They didn't have it immediately available last night. They're both going to make $140,000.

When we hire at the top...

it's the headcount that matters. When we fire at the bottom, it's the money we save.

It is about "value" to the

It is about "value" to the system.

This is silly...

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with hiring at the top while firing at the bottom. The district has to figure out how to best spend the limited resources it has available.

Who said it was....

wrong?  I was just commenting on the spin that is given to each.

I think WCPSS should recruit Indian teachers - like the Philly school system did. Maybe they will work for less and not be unionized. We can save even more money that way. I wonder if this has been given any thought and it is probably a good time to look into it.


How can we have money for all of these new top level staff? Why would the board let Tata get rid of staff at the bottom and hire at the top?

Hiring knowledgable and

Hiring knowledgable and experienced talent is a good thing, so I am not sure I understand your criticism. 

What "knowledge and talent"

What "knowledge and talent" do these two bring?


Even including these new hires, the central office is smaller than it was when Tata started.

Can you share more specific info?

At the top, it seems like Dr. Hargens has left and, while DH is not in Central Office, his salary is still being paid so no cost savings there.    Now there are two new high level positions.    What other departures have happened to make the central office (and central office budget) smaller?  


I think you're mixing your H's.  Donna Hargens went to Kentucky to be a Superintendent.  Holdzcum is now a classroom teacher, which means that there is some savings, since there's one fewer teacher that the district needs.  And Michael Evans retired. 

In any case, I was referring to this: 

Tata said he also pushed for elimination of some 56 Central Office positions despite objections from staff


Evans did not retire.  He

Evans did not retire.  He resigned.  There is a difference.


In either case, he's no longer in the Central Office, which is what I was getting at.


Thanks, that's helpful.

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