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Wake GOP radio ad calls school board majority "a spectacular success"

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The Wake County Republican Party is trumpeting in this new radio campaign ad the school system's high average SAT score and improving graduation rate to say the school board majority has been a "spectacular success."

It's part of a theme being used by members of the Wake County school board majority and their supporters heading into the election next week. The Wake County Democratic Party is objecting, such as in this blog post last week from former Deputy State Schools Superintendent J.B. Buxton accusing the Republicans of taking credit for efforts begun by prior boards.

Here's the text for the radio ad:

"So I see North Carolina's SAT scores are down again this year," says person No. 1.

"Yes, but not in Wake County," replies the second person.

"Really?" asks the first person.

"Wake County schools bucked the trend," says the second person.

"So you're telling me the Republican school board isn't a complete failure," says the first person.

"I'm telling you they're a spectacular success," says the second person. "Graduation rates are up. Student violence is down. Forced busing for socioeconomic diversity is over. A $100 million saved and no teachers fired."

"Yeah, but there was so much craziness going on," says the first person.

"Ancient history There's a new superintendent, new policies, lots of good things happening," says the second person.

"So who do I vote for to keep the ball rolling?" asks the first person.

"Depends on where you live. Central Raleigh, North Hills area you've got Donna Williams," answers the second person.

"Wait, Donna Williams," says the first person.

"East Raleigh: Venita Peyton," says the second person. "Downtown South, Lake Wheeler area: Cynthia Matson."

"Peyton, Matson," says the first person.

"Southwest Wake: the chairman Ron Margiotta," says the second person with emphasis on Margiotta's name.

"Ron Margiotta," says the first person.

"And in Northwest Wake, Wakefield, Bedford, that area: Heather Losurdo," says the second person.

"Heather Losurdo. Oh, okay, I hope they all win," says first person.

"Me too," says the second person.

"This ad supporting Williams, Peyton, Matson, Margiotta and Losurdo for Wake County school board was paid for by the Wake County Republican Party," says a third person closing out the spot.


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Great ad! There has indeed

Great ad! There has indeed been "specatular success" and the voters know it. Thanks Margiotta, Malone, Prickett and Tedesco!!

Now, it is time to vote for Peyton, Matson. Losurdo, Williams and, of course, Margiotta to continue the progress! 

What a joke

that the Republicans (board majority supporters) are now calling WCPSS a spectacular success after trashing it for years and saying we're a failure so need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. I hope voters see the irony. High graduation rates and SAT scores are due to YEARS/DECADES of work.  The fiasco being caused by the new board's policies just hasn't had time to undo years of good work by previous boards. This ad is amazing. These folks should be ashamed.  What two-faced opportunists. Call it good when it will help them get elected and bash it when they want to force bad policy.

And If They Went Down?

So by your twisted logic, if the scores were in the tank then the current Board could blame the previous ones? Yeah right. You'd be screaming the loudest that it was the current Board's fault. The voters only see results and will properly credit the existing leadership.

Great ad! The has indeed

Great ad! The has indeed been specatular success and the voters know it.


...Woodsy, you're forgeting to take your medicine before you blog. That Wake GOP ad is as phony as John Tedesco's list of so-called "accomplishments" by a Republican-led school board that has spent two solid years trying to micro-manage student assignment, not student achievement!

I think there's a term for that GOP ad and Tedesco's claims. Bull..shift, bull..sheets...bull something! If it's Ron Margiotta and the Tea Party five...it's BULL, no question about THAT!

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