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Wake Education Partnership on school board election results

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The Wake Education Partnership is offering its assessment of the school board election results and the SAS report.

In this week's issue of In Context, the WEP's newsletter notes the small turnout and the unhappiness of voters with student assignment policies. You also get an interesting analysis of the precinct results in each race, such as how Horace Tart missed the runoff by not doing well in Fuquay-Varina.

On the SAS report, the WEP says that Asst. Supt. David Holdzkom will discuss the report with the school board on Oct. 20.

The Wake Education Partnership finds itself in a difficult situation right now. The group has traditionally had a strong relationship with the school board but the new members aren't exactly big fans of the WEP.

When interviewed yesterday, WEP President Ann Denlinger repeatedly said she couldn't discuss the election results because the group is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group. Joe Ciulla of the Wake Schools Community Alliance has said that a complaint has been filed with the IRS over past statements made in the WEP"s newsletter.

Denlinger said yesterday that she looks forward to working with the new board members.

"We need to make the best of it as we can," Denlinger said of the new situation.


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Parents (particularly those

Parents (particularly those connected with the Wake Schools Community Alliance) were denounced everywhere. Practically labeled as racists. They suffered tremendous pain while being laughed at during a discussion at the Martin Street Baptist Church. An apology wasn't demanded by the Dr. Dudley Flood, Vernon Malone, Harold Webb, Rosa Gill, Dan Blue, nor any others in attendance.

I think the fact that this

I think the fact that this weeks issue of "In Contempt" does not resemble campaign literature for Cathy Truitt speaks volumes. She has changed her story so many times that nobody can figure out what her platform is or what she will say next. Her brazenly identifying herself as the potential "swing vote" is just one small example of how big this lady's ego is.
In this week's version of Cathy Truitt, she's now talking establishing "career clusters" in our schools. That sounds nice, but we need school board members who will focus on "family clusters" and "dropout clusters."
The only thing common in her rhetoric from the beginning of her sleaze campaign is her repeated reference to American soldiers who "put themselves in harm's way serving our country." I have the utmost respect for our soldiers who serve our country, but to have them continually used by this lady as a cheap attempt to garner a few votes is beyond disgusting.


"...garner a few votes..."

No pun intended, right?

Ann Denlinger was on WPTF this morning. She said that parents need to feel like they have some level of control in their child's education. She went on to say that we (whoever that is) must broaden the discussion and include people who may not see it the same way.

Apparently, she had a good night's sleep and woke up on the other side of the issues. Suddenly, parents are important. It's amazing what an election will do.


As an educator...I rank

As an educator...I rank Denlinger right up there will ole Del!  It is just too funny to hear that she said all those things.   That's why the elections turned out the way that they did...PARENTS want to be heard!!!

Denlinger, Del...etc. only have themselves to blame with this outcome.  They asked for it...NO...they left the parents with no other choice!


So, WEPs version of In Context says that Sanders pointed out that the adjustments our system was making was not only flawed by PROHIBITED BY FEDS. How does Sanders know this but our folks don't--or is it that our folks don't care if they follow appropriate guidelines. If this is true/accurate shouldn't Burns, Holdzkam and Dulaney all resign or be fired with no extra $$$$$ per contract?

It is just another of the

It is just another example of the arrogance that helped fuel the victory on Tuesday.


I've learned something since this conference. Not only is Mayor Killen (Knightdale) law partners with Meeker -- both Killen's children attend private school.

Isn't it also true that

Isn't it also true that Jennifer Weiss, who was at the Friends of Diversity press conference, has kids at Cary Academy?


Both went there. She is a strong supporter of current school board policies, and she is against allowing all Wake County citizens to vote in school board elections on an at-large basis (like we do for county commissioners).

I am sure Killian's private

I am sure Killian's private school is very friendly and diverse. I bet Killian even pays the tuition for a few poor children. Keung, can you confirm that?


Killen said. "To abandon our diversity policy now after we've had so much success just doesn't make sense to me. We have a proven model.


Sideburns if what you found out is true then how has Killen measured the success?  Who is the model he is talking about? LOL  Are these people kidding????

The only thing "proven" is

The only thing "proven" is that Killian has no idea what he is talking about. Also, it appears his governing allegiance is to his friend and business partner and not the citizens of Knightdale. 



I hope the folks in

I hope the folks in Knightdale remember this. 

Maybe they should be

Maybe they should be reminded.

Count on it.

Count on it.

uhm, is this the same Ann

uhm, is this the same Ann Denlinger that REFUSED to LOOK @ the SAS report on Monday @ the Friends of Diversity press conference and stood on the stairs with all those folks, (oh my including Cathy Truitt)?? 'cause I don't get out much and can't keep up with all these flip-floppers.....

Does anyone know

where a full shot of all the "friends" can be found?

tell me where to send it

I pulled it off the website, enlarged it and sharpened it up...  


and thanks!!!!!


Yep, right



there were videos on (i

there were videos on (i think) WRAL and NBC17.....I'd look right now, but gotta study for spelling tests!

At this point, I think the

At this point, I think the WEP has marginalized itself right out of the picture. I see no use for them moving forward. They will only hender progress.


We need to make the best of it as we can? Sure doesn't sound like she is 'looking forward' to it at all. WEP is supposed to be politically unbiased as a non-profit - how can she get away with such blatant statements of naked favoritism? I'll say again that I asked Ms. Denlinger if WEP wanted to hear the 'other' side of the topic, as she was huffily exiting as WSCA took the podium - you know, the side represented by the candidates she now claims she looks forward to working with? - and she spat "NO". Geez. Not very professional and certainly biased. 

Denlinger said yesterday

Denlinger said yesterday that she looks forward to working with the new board members.

Will she get that chance? She blatantly stood against them at the Friends of Diversity press conference.

Holdzkom had the report in

Holdzkom had the report in June, why is he chossing now to discuss the report? Also, 4 members of the board will be gone by December, and two of the remaining ones were appointed, not elected, so what is the point? Holdzkom should wait until December or invite the newly elected candidates to the discussion. If he does not take one of the two approaches, maybe he will be invited back to rediscuss the report.

Ask the questions

Can someone ask him at that meeting, how many Algebra Ready kids are not in 8th grade algebra, by school, by race? Can he bring that with him and explain it at the meeting? Can Sanders be there to demonstrate how to use EVAAS to find these kids, and Holdzkom can have the opportunity to show how his system finds them, or gives anyone information about who should be in challenging courses?

Keep coming back to the fact that these kids are already ready for top track math. He will talk in circles about how they may not be ready, or we shouldn't push the children, or teachers know better than academic data that shows the kids have demonstrated ability and mastery of the content required to succeed. 

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