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Wake County school system to try to accommodate all requests to return to base

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The Wake County school system is saying most, if not all, parents who file a request during the base declaration period this week will be approved.

As noted in today's article, the base declaration period kicks off today and runs through next Monday, Jan. 14. The district's website says that "these students will have a guaranteed seat for the new school year unless that school is fully capped."

Some skeptics of the new address-based plan contend that it won't be that easy for families to get into their base school.

But Laura Evans, senior director for student assignment, says the wording was put in that way to give the district the ability to reject base requests if needed. She doesn't expect that situation to occur.

"My goal is to try to seat everybody,” Evans said. “My goal is not to tell people they can’t be seated.”

First, Evans said that the full capping they're referring to applies to the 2013-14 school year, not to any of the 13 schools that were put on the full cap list for the rest of this school year.

Evans said that, based on the number of base declaration requests that come in over the next week, they'll quickly tell the school board which schools they're recommending be fully capped for the 2013-14 school year.

But even if a school is fully capped, Evans said they expect to be able to accommodate the base requests, even if means it gets a little crowded. She said the students returning to base have a higher priority than people who aren't yet living in Wake.

Evans stressed though that they'll work this hard if the person files before the base declaration period ends Jan. 14. People who miss the deadline aren't getting a guarantee.

If it should get to the point where there are just too many base requests for a school to handle, Evans said they'd then develop a system for prioritizing who would get accepted.


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Curious as to how track 4

Curious as to how track 4 students are supposed to meet the Jan. 14 deadline when some schools are not sending assignments back home until those kids track in. We are assigned to the same middle school under the choice and the base plan so I don't think it impacts us but I'm sure this is an issue for many others. Wish the right hand would at least pay attention to the left one!

Thank the inequities of MYR

Thank the inequities of MYR and the fact that we HAVE YET to have a board, or leaders ANYWHERE within the school system, that has a clue on how to run an MYR system. They created this freaking nightmare and to this very day there is no set procedure to create consistency with so many different hours of operation.

Of course not all schools are handling it the same, they never do. If the Mary Poppins types think that all schools should be 'following the same procedures' that just shows how clueless many still are in this community.

Many have bitched about this type of garbage within this school system since they day they forced thousands of us onto schedules that we did not want. If you're tracked out when important info is being passed out then you're screwed in many cases. Those in charge will get you your info when you track back in. If you're lucky. Now as Keith "STFU" Sutton would say, back to your hole.

As for the right talking to the left, will never happen under the leadership of this current board nor under the puppet they choose to be the ring leader in the coming months.

The best you can hope for is to wake up one morning and find that your kids have survived the wcpss, your sanity has survived being ignored for more than a decade by the wcpss and that somehow your kids "cowboy'd up" enough to graduate.

Track 4 base assignments.....

at our school were sent home back on the last day of school in Dec. So no issues for our families. I had my sons'
in hand on 12/20... would think that all YR principals would have followed the same procedure.

Apparently they all did

Apparently they all did except for our school which is still saying that they will send the strips home when we track back in. I got our school assignment from someone at Central Office, though.

Are you talking about the

Are you talking about the notice of assignment or the track assignment?

The notice of assignment -

The notice of assignment - our school will not be sending them home until we track back in on Jan. 22. While we can check our base assignment on the WCPSS site, I'm not sure everyone is being automatically assigned to base (cause if they were, there wouldn't be a transfer period to return to base) and some parents may assume they're going back to base when they're not and won't realize that until they get the assignment.

My whole point is that something as important as school assignment should be given to all students at the same time. If some are tracked out, then the school should be mailing them home. This is not a new problem and should have been handled by now.

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