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Wake County school board member Susan Evans on rejecting mediation with the school board protesters

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We're seeing more efforts by members of the Democratic majority on the Wake County school board to spin their decision to reject mediation with the protesters who were arrested at school board meetings in 2010.

Democratic board member Susan Evans, who did not return calls on Tuesday, has put up a Facebook comment saying their closed-session decision last week was to leave the matter of prosecution in the hands of District Attorney Colon Willoughby. As noted in this earlier post today, Democratic board vice chairman Keith Sutton conceded that their decision has the practical effect of leaving in place the prior GOP board majority's decision to seek prosecution.

Here's Evans' Facebook comment:

"Clarification: We did NOT vote last week that we wished to take protestors to trial!!! We were informed that the District Attorney could exercise his own judgment with these cases and we place out trust in Mr. Willoughby to do what is fair and most sensible for the taxpayers. Mr. Keung Hui of the N&O could not be present at the discussion, as it was a closed session, so he is speculating on the discussion and trying to incite the public. This is very unfortunate!!!"

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Clue Less......

So No One has an Issue that an Elected Official is Talking about what happened in a "Closed Offical Session"on her Facebook page?  

The only thing unfortunate here Susan Evans

is that voters were conned enough with your facebook and youtube dollars into electing you.

And it's unfortunate that you're not a CPA because I'm looking for help with my taxes.

she makes a good point

There is not much real news in this news story.  Only because Margiotta spouted off several times about throwing the book at the protesters do we expect the school board to say anything about such things.  They have no judicial function, and they have plenty to do.  Why should they even be involved?  It is the District Attorney's job, and it is his endless foot-dragging that has us still talking about it.  Keung Hui scratched up a news story out of not very much; I would not say he "incited" anyone too much, really, but some people are acting as though this decision expresses agreement with Margiotta's view of the protests, and one doubts that is true.  Her meaning is clear enough; the board was not calling for prosecution, they were staying out of Colon Willoughby's to-do list.  

Ella's confused again

Ella come on, you are just lucky you aren't one of them. Or are you and I missed that along the way?

Tell your friend Seth, she is going to have a real hard time going forward with a criminal record such as this.

Be glad you left, like Susan Evans, because you would've locked up too.


The DA's office is not dragging their feet, the defendants are dragging theirs. Can you end the propaganda and stop posting inaccurate statements?


I'm surprised she even commented about this considering her participation in those disruptions.

In case you missed it: (21 min mark)


Have I told you you're good

today? :)

And there's Susan Evans clapping away like Stevie Wonder.

Hahahahahaha, and you people elected this woman.

If this actually surprised

If this actually surprised you, you're going to have an very eventful few years with Ms. Evans.


My seatbelt is securely fastened. :)

I'm kinda over it....crazy

I'm kinda over it....crazy is just so 2011.

...and the Rev Barbar(er)

...and the Rev Barbar(er) was not trying to "incite the public"?

pot meet kettle

And Ms. Evans linking arms with them ... strange choice of words coming from her.

What minute mark, Loriac?

At what minute mark did Evans link arms, Loriac? I did not see that.

Strange choice of words no

Strange choice of words no doubt....

There is no doubt, however, that she was directly involved in "inciting the public" along with the Rev and friends.  I suspect that, to her, whether to "incite the public" or not is all about the ends.  In her case, it was to get elected to the BOE.  In Keung's case, it's to draw attention to his blog and help sell papers.  I guess it's up to us to decide whether or not the "ends" justify the "means".  Clearly, in her mind, it was fine for her "ends" but not Keung's.

So Mr. Hui should now be

So Mr. Hui should now be addressed as "Keung the Inciter"? Nice spin Susan...

Incite the public? I can

Incite the public? I can understand Keung focusing on news, active discussions, and page hits, but accusations of inciting the public do nothing but put Ms. Evans in a poor light. I hope as an elected official she exercises due care in her choice of words, especially when they border on the ludicrous.

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