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Wake County school board member Debra Goldman considering run for higher office this fall

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A third Republican member of the Wake County school board has publicly announced a potential run for higher office this year.

In a press release today, school board member Debra Goldman says she will make a decision by the February filing period about her candidacy. She doesn't say what seat she's considering, but odds are it would be for the General Assembly.

“I have been contemplating a run for higher office for quite some time,” said Goldman in the press release. “This recent $750 million tax hike proposal by the governor just doesn’t make sense. Raising taxes isn’t the answer. The real solution is fiscal responsibility, something Raleigh has not seen lately.”

Due to redistricting, Goldman is now in the revamped state House District 11, which used to be in Wayne County. That seat is open.

Goldman says in the the press release that "she has earned a reputation for being a maverick on key issues relating to the school assignment policy."

Previously, fellow GOP school board member Chris Malone had announced his candidacy for the state House 35 seat while Republican board member John Tedesco will announce this week if he's running for state School Superintendent.

Of the four Republican board members, only Deborah Prickett hasn't announced she's considering running for higher office.

All the Republicans are on the board through 2013 so nothing happens if they run and lose. If any of them win the GOP primary and later the General Election, the Democratic majority on the school board would fill the openings and potentially create an 8-1 majority.

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But, but....

we were all so depending on her to be the BoE watchdog. She has done such an amazing job (of watching) the last couple of years. 

Goldman, JT and Malone

These three did not suffer through the same level of scrutiny their defeated Republican friends went through in the last election.  What skeletons they have, back in their respective home towns, will most certainly be brought to light if they decide to actually run for any office, especially if they are state level. These three believe their own hype.  Buy Losurdo a cup of coffee - ask her how the bruises are healing. 


I'm sure you'd happily lead the charge. How despicable.


...a fervent Loser Ron and and Teddy John supporter...embracing the word "despicable." Who would have thought....


Great blog name and response!   

Trust is going to be an issue for her

I agree, the Republican voters do not trust her.  For good reason.  I think she's going to find out the hard way that GOP elephants have long memories. 


Goldman's Republican base doesn't trust her OR like her. Then she rails about Gov. Perdue's proposed tax hike that would specifically help public school systems (one of which Goldman currently serves as a board member), which means Goldman does NOT approve of getting some of the $1 billion cut from the state's education budget that her Republican colleagues in the General Assembly are responsible for.

What the hell kind of office will she run for where she can logically explain her confused "vision" to voters, and they'll say, "Deb's our girl!?"

Tell you what - between Malone, Tedesco and now "Prom Queen," you righties sure did elect a bunch of whining QUITTERS!!! Barely two years in office, and when their mindless behinds are hoisted onto the losers side (and quite definitively I might add), they start looking for greener pastures, instead of staying and FIGHTING for what they believe in! CHICKENS!

Who is going to cut bait next, the lady from Morrisville who looks like Kate Smith, and communicates like Boo-Boo Bear?


Tie Up Those

glitter track shoes, straighten that tiara and run Debbie run ! You owe it to everyone to take your vision to a larger stage. 

I am hoping General T.T. is dusting off his copy of the history of Custer.  Just about everyone who hired him is heading for the hills, or threatening to.  It must be lonely standing at the top of the Little Big Horn.

Maybe he, Malone, Tedesco and the Debster could all run for higher office, or probably just run for cover.

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