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Wake County school board members address recent controversy

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All nine Wake County school board members are at today's meeting.

After the end of the policy committee meeting, board member Debra Goldman blamed the recent media reports about the 2010 burglary of her home on estranger husband Steven Goldman, who has denied leaking the police narrative report to the media.

"Stop the tabloid journalism," Goldman told a gaggle of reporters. "Stop reporting the false allegations."

Goldman passed to reporters a recent administrative law judge ruling that found that John Price was improperly fired by State Auditor Beth Wood. She said reporters should focus on that case instead.

Goldman also reiterated that she hadn't intended Cary police to file a report when she raised concerns to an officer about the comments that board vice chairman Keith Sutton had made during the Sept. 25 closed-session discussion.

Sutton, who was also interviewed by several reporters today, once again denied having threatened Goldman while saying the comments made by both sides were heated that day. He declined to elaborate because the words were in closed session.

"I didn't threaten any board member," Sutton said.

Sutton also said the controversy over the 2010 police report and the complaint that Goldman had made about him were "distracting" the board from doing its work.

Board member Chris Malone is at today's meeting but declined comment on the police report, saying he wouldn't be able to speak about it until after Election Day. He's not sitting in his normal seat in the board conference room next to Goldman. He's sitting at the opposite side of the table.


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I've been trying to keep up but maybe I missed it- how do we know effort what was said if it was behind closed doors? Some of you have quotes and curse words on what Sutton said...is this based on Goldman'saccount of what happened?

I think it was Prickett who

I think it was Prickett who stated he said these things. Maybe in an email to Hill asking him to do something about the tone of the meetings? I can't remember for sure. It was reported in the newspaper--the words that people are quoting. Sutton hasn't denied saying them, he's only denied threatening anybody.

I don't know about you guys...

But I'd never admit to an affair, on a police report, with my attorneys present, unless I did it.  Who would make up all that under those circumstances?


What's wrong with Kev? Why is Sutton running the meetings?

Maybe Hill thought he needed

Maybe Hill thought he needed some intimidating muscle to keep folks in line. Instead of Vice-Chair, perhaps his title should be "Enforcer."

Hill said he's feeling under

Hill said he's feeling under the weather.


...popcorn, anybody?

Maybe tissues would be more appropriate

Maybe tissues would be more appropriate for poor Kev.  He has such a hard life. 

And it's going to get much harder in the coming weeks as the parents from N.Eastern Wake County wake him up a little further.

So, Sutton still refuses to

So, Sutton still refuses to accept responsibility and instead maintains that telling people he is going to "kick (their) a$$es" and to "shut the f%#k up are acceptable comments if one is behind closed doors. We all know it is NOT acceptable if one is not behind closed doors. Once again Sutton demonstrates just how weak he is as a BoE members and as a person.

I have one question Keung, has Sutton ever apologized for his "behind closed door" behavior?

I thought the closed door policy had to do keeping confidential the subject matter being discussed, not to protect those who engage in bad behavior.


you address what you think is not acceptable from some people on BOE...but not others...do you think two members in a romatic relationship is acceptable?  Perhaps others have things to apologize for?  Like affairs with each other...and adultry?  And those things did not even happen behind closed doors.  I wonder what those two did do behind closed doors?  I'd l ike to see some of you that defend some of your BOE friends so much here, step up to the podium in public comments and defend the actions of those two. I wonder if Malone's wife has gotten an apology from him?  Oh - that's right, Goldman says it didn't happen.  So Malone made it all up so that he could get in trouble with his wife.  Pretty obvious here who had motive to lie about the affair.


There may be other witnesses who can say what they heard.  At the first board meeting after Tata was fired, the first speaker, Connelly Simmons, said he could hear loud voices from the closed door meeting.  You should ask him what he heard.  

He is on Twitter http://twitter.com/connellysimmons and runs a blog called Black Mad One.
http://blackmadone.blogspot.com  You can probably contact him there or through the Wake Young Republicans  http://twitter.com/WakeYPR/followers    Maybe he heard what Sutton said.  You should ask him.
Fortunately, we don't need witnesses to know what John Tedesco said at Debra Goldman's house.  Goldman has an audio tape.  Don't you want to know what Tedesco said when he thought no one would ever know?

Did you hear Gums_A_Flappin_Ron?

There's nothing to the tape.

Nice try.

Ssshh the tape has secrets

The tape reveals the location of Jimmy Hoffa and DB Cooper...

Prickett says she got a

Prickett says she got a personal apology from Sutton.

So, was everyone else fine

So, was everyone else fine with it? I thought Goldman took the brunt of one of his comments.


...feel strong and safe in the knowledge that I would say the very same thing to YOU anywhere, and at anytime, if you just say the word! You righties want to get away with saying the most ugly things about folks you can't stand, but you never say it to anyone's face, and the moment you're told where to get off, you start crying like little girls. What a WUSS!

Group thinker, you wouldn't

Group thinker, you wouldn't have the guys, just like you don't have the guys to share your real name.

LOL  uh, right. Seriously,

LOL  uh, right. Seriously, do you really think anything you would have to say would have any effect on me at all? In contrast, board members are colleagues and while it is perfectly fine to adamantly disagree with each other, it is not fine to exhibit the kind of bad behavior Sutton displayed.

I have an idea, take Sutton's example and take it to your workplace and see what happens... then report back and let us know how that worked out for you.

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