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Wake County now has more students than Philadelphia schools

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It actually turns out that the Wake County Public School System is now the 16th-largest school district in the nation..

I didn't factor in that Wake's 146,687 students had also moved it ahead of the falling enrollment this year in the School District of Philadelphia. I had previously blogged about how Wake had moved ahead of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, which has 146,497 students this year.

In the case of Philadelphia, Wake's national ranking changed because the Pennsylvania school district is losing students at a fast rate. This year, Philadelphia has 146,090 students. The district had 154,482 students in the 2010-11 school year.

Philadelphia, like a lot of Northeastern cities, is losing people. The school district had 167,000 students five years ago.

Although Wake moved up two spots this year, it will probably be a few years before it climbs into the top 15 in enrollment. The 15th-largest district is the Dallas Independent School District, which has 157,000 students, a number that's stayed fairly stable over the past few years.


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I realize this list is

I realize this list is slightly out of date with Keungs new data...

However, does anyone want to venture a guess at the most common characteristic of these top 15 largest school districts is?

Hint- Begins with the letter "S" and rhymes with "duck".

1-New York City Public Schools NY

2-Los Angeles UnifiedCA

3-City of Chicago SD

4-Dade FL

5-Clark County School District NV


7-Houston ISDTX


9-Hawaii Department of EducationHI


11-Palm BeachFL

12-Fairfax Co Pblc SchsVA

13-Philadelphia City SD

14-Gwinnett CountyGA

15-Dallas ISDTX

Which is it?

stuck? struck? schmuck? starstruck? sawbuck? shelduck?

More bad news....This is not

More bad news....This is not a list you want to be top 15 in.  BOE(s) are not equipped to handle such large organizations....PERIOD.  Notice I said BOE with an “s” meaning ALL of them.

As Alabama and SC make life difficult on illegal aliens and NC continues to open its arms, we're likely going to continue to see enrollment climb, F&R % increase and effective the tax base decrease. 

Keung, what's the fastest growing demographic in WCPSS again?

I'm not sure if it was a

I'm not sure if it was a rhetorical question, but the Hispanic population has been the fastest growing in terms of percentage.

What is keeping....

you here? If you think WCPSS is so bad, why don't you move to Alabama or SC - both amazing states. I hear they have many job openings for tomato pickers.

I knew we should've taken Michael Vick

when we had the chance.

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