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Wake County magnet schools win national awards

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Wake County school officials announced today that 14 magnet schools have received national awards.

Combs, Douglas, Joyner, Washington and Wiley elementary schools and Southeast Raleigh High School received the School of Excellence Award from Magnet Schools of America, a trade organization. Those six schools are now in the running to win the Simpson Distinguished Merit Award, which goes to the top magnet school in the nation.

In addition, Conn, Farmington Woods, Hunter, Millbrook and Underwood elementary schools; Carnage and Ligon middle schools and Millbrook High School received the School of Distinction award.

"We're proud of all of the schools that Magnet Schools of America recognized this year," said Wake Superintendent Tony Tata in a statement. "Our magnet schools are a thriving, dynamic part of our school system, and their success is due to the hard work of students, teachers, and our supportive community."


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Bill McNeal

Bill McNeal said it best - that magnet schools help all schools.  His example was Enloe and Sanderson - SHS was in a constant mindset of improvement and innovation to keep up with Enloe, and its the perfect example of a high school maximizing the resources and talents it has. 

Why no comments?

I think it speaks volumes that no one finds this story worth commenting on.

I think that is because *we have come to expect our magnet schools to win awards.* And that is because they are awesome. We lead the country in this, folks. Our schools are incredible. Please remember that when slick salesmen come calling, telling you our schools are broken and offering to sell you a new board, a new assignment plan, and then leave town after a single term in office.

I've got to agree with the

I've got to agree with the others here, festus.  I think this Magnet Schools of America stuff is a sham. Not that I don't recognize the wonderful opportunities and successes in our magnet schools, just that this is an 'insider' sort of award.

I've said this many times before, but this system needed change.  There were legitimate issues that were being ignored and brushed aside.  I haven't agreed with everything the 2009 board has done but the changes we needed would never have happened if they hadn't been elected.  We've got to plow through all of this crap now before we can get to a better system on the other side.  It sucks and I hate the turmoil but we've got to stay focused on the end result. 

Maybe when I see an award go

Maybe when I see an award go to a traditional (non magnet) school in Wake by a recognized organization I will get excited...Don't break your arm patting yourself on the back.

not overexcited over these awards

You pay your money, you get your award.  

These awards came from Magnet Schools of America - the only way to win an award is to be a member and submit an application.  Interesting that their website is so out of date.  I was curious how many schools received these awards, but it's not to be found in their press room, which hasn't been updated in quite a while.  So - we are members of this trade group, we pay dues, submit applications and every year get some awards that we can use to tout how great our magnet schools are.  When we first moved here we were fooled by the press about magnet schools - we quickly came to realize we were 'not allowed to go there'.  Hopefully that will change with the new assignment plan.

This is not the same as Raleigh Charter High School being recognized by Newsweek as a top high school in the US.  This is similar to the stupid Cube award that Burns and Hill spent precious money to travel to Austin to accept - just another mutual admiration society  award.

Yep.  Last time I had

Yep.  Last time I had checked Caroline Massengill, who was instrumental in the magnet schools in Wake, was on the board of the Magnet Schools of America so this looks quite biased--(nominate/give yourself your own award).


The award was for magnet schools. You can't impute that to WCPSS generally and especially not to any particular assignment plan.

Rest of the schools are pretty good, but generally not world-class.

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