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Wake County holding forum for superintendent finalists Tuesday at Memorial Auditorium

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Wake County school leaders have announced the date, time and location for the public to meet the three finalists for schools superintendent.

The forum will take place Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Memorial Auditorium at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts, 2 East South Street, Raleigh. The forum is part of a two-day series of events for the three people vying to replace Tony Tata as Wake’s permanent superintendent.

The word is that you'll have to submit your questions in writing. A moderator will determine which ones to ask.

The school board will hold private, final interviews with the candidates on Wednesday. The board will then meet behind closed doors to attempt to agree that day on which person they will enter into contract negotiations with for the position.

School board chairman Keith Sutton said he hopes to hold the official vote hiring the new superintendent on June 4. He said he expects the new superintendent will start in August.


The school system sent out a press release this morning correcting the time the forum will run from Tuesday. It will go from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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Memorial Auditorium? Couldn't they have just used a high school auditorium? Memorial holds over 2,000 people.

Keung - is WCPSS being charged for using it?

Barber and his thugs from GSIW are going to protest

So they must need the extra space for their plus size egos.

Just more waste from the 'Martin-Evans Show' and reason #479 not to support a bond.

Don't know if Wake is paying

Don't know if Wake is paying for Memorial.

makes it easier for ITB

and harder for the 'burbs

And can you imagine the questions the moderator will allow? "Dr Merrill, can you tell us all about why you won superintendent of the year?"

In reality, isn't this a

In reality, isn't this a rather centralized location? If it was in Wake Forest, wouldn't it be a much tougher trip for someone from Holly Springs or Fuquay? If it was in Holly Springs, wouldn't that be a much tougher trip for someone from Wake Forest?

it is

but I agree that a HS would have been a better choice.
I don't think there will be much of a turn out. Maybe 200 people at best. The "stay where you start" has kept most parents tuned out, they did not get reassigned so are fine.
Perhaps the PAGE parents will be there and will ask questions about equal access to acceleration.
There will be a lot of Merrill supporters there for Kevin-GSIW. There will be a few of the AA community leaders who will ask about equity.

Less than 200 GSIW supporters, plus Hui

That's my guess on turn out.

Why would anyone else bother. No one else's opinions matter.

Who ever they hire will be fired at the next election anyway.

It's a win-win for everyone!


Parking at a high school is a lot easier than parking for Memorial Auditorium. I think the venue is excessive...unless GSIW and the Rev. have something planned and they want to march there.


The big question in my mind is the cost -- if Memorial Auditorium is free, or nearly so, then great. Otherwise, every single one of our high schools has an appropriate facility for this -- Broughton and Enloe High Schools are nearby.

The fact that questions will be selected by a WCPSS-chosen moderator sort of belies the whole notion that the public will have input. If the moderator doesn't select the tough questions, then there's no input -- it's just a publicity stunt.

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your position on question selection.

I would bet that the fact that graduations start in the same facility on Thursday had a role in the building being chosen/available. I doubt it's costing WCPSS anything.

Unless there's another big

Unless there's another big event going on that night, I'm not sure your statement is true. Parking in that lot across the street from Memorial Auditorium and walking is certainly not much more of a walk than parking at HSHS and walking into that school's auditorium.

I don't know if that lot is always a pay lot, but there shouldn't be any special "event" charges for this forum.


Yes, yes. We know. "I'm not sure..." "I don't know but..."

A 2200 seat venue is a little much. Disagree if you want.

Is it big enough that there

Is it big enough that there will probably be a four seats for everyone that shows up? Yes.

Is parking that big of an issue on a slow, post-holiday Tuesday? Doubtful.

Is there a HS that could have been used that would have made it impossible for people to complain? No. Way.

When you complain about every single thing, does it make it look like you just want to complain? Yep.

nothing WCPSS does makes me happy these days

Ever since they went back to forced busing and we are facing having to send our child back into the rim to an under-enrolled, under-funded MS nothing makes me happy and I complain about everything. I am going to apply to charters like crazy as soon as they come on line, and then apply to private schools too. In the mean time I know I am a hater.


LOL. And when you comment just to comment, you look like a troll.

I wasn't complaining. I was inquiring.

The first comment of yours

The first comment of yours that I replied to was not an inquiry.


Will you be attending?

I heard that the Wake County

I heard that the Wake County Commons on Carya Drive was considered.

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