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Wake County GOP "disappointed" that school board candidates didn't win

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Tuesday night’s election won’t go down as a good night for local Republicans, but Wake County Republican Party Chairwoman Donna Williams is trying to put the best spin on things.

In an email message today to fellow Republicans, Williams says they’re “thrilled” that four of their endorsed candidates won. As for the eight endorsed candidates who lost including all four school board candidates Williams says they’re “thankful” they ran but “are disappointed with the election results.”

“While many sit at home complaining, you put yourself out there, and gave it your best,” Williams says of the losing candidates. “Please stay engaged, as we need more people like you.”

Williams doesn’t mention the Wake County school bond issue or the City of Raleigh transportation bond issue. The Wake GOP opposed bond issues that passed on Tuesday.

Here’s Williams’ email:

Dear fellow Republicans -
I am sending a sincere THANK YOU to many:

To our Candidates for running.
We are thrilled with the victories for:
Wayne Maiorano, for Raleigh City Council District A
John Odom, for Raleigh, City Council District B
Jennifer Robinson, for Cary Town Council District A
Jack Smith, for Cary Town Council District C

We are thankful to the following for running, although we are disappointed with the election results. While many sit at home complaining, you put yourself out there, and gave it your best . Please stay engaged, as we need more people like you.

Don McIntyre - Wake School Board District 1
Matt Scruggs - Wake School Board District 2
Deborah Prickett - Wake School Board District 7
Nancy Caggia - Wake School Board District 9
Robert Weltzin - Raleigh Mayor
Robert Williams - Raleigh City Council At-Large
Jason Spriggs - Raleigh City Council At-Large
Marcus Hill - Raleigh City Council District C

We are also thankful for the over 600 Wake County Republicans who served us inside the polls yesterday, as Judges and assistance. As far as I am aware, there were NO troubles inside the polls - you keep things running smoothly and legal!

To the numerous volunteers who made phone calls, knocked on doors and helped at the polls yesterday as greeters - you DID make a difference! I hope you all know how much your efforts are appreciated by everyone, especially our candidates.

Rest up today because we have 18 endorsed candidates to help for the Nov. 5th election. I will be sending information on that shortly.

Our Volunteer office:
811 Spring Forest Road, Suite 1200
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 890-5374

Conservatively yours,
Donna Williams
Wake GOP Chair


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Hey Wake GOP losers

Have your failed candidates remove their signs from the roadways, and your pathetic "NO" bond signs, or the county will clean them up and send you and the candidates the bills.

What a bunch of sore losers, leaving your trash everywhere.

We've picked up most of

We've picked up most of Deborah's signs, at least the ones that weren't stolen,

Hers are/were not the problem

Hope she gives the finger to the ungrateful Wake County voters on her way out the door.

Maybe dropping her signs off in Billie's yard on her last day would be fitting.

We are...

thankful to you, Donna (and Wake GOP) for picking such outstanding candidates (who had no chance of winning)! Keep up the good work. And don't feel bad since, after all, it is not people that decide who wins.

While you're at it...

...do a happy little jig on the backs of the thousands of black and other underprivileged students whose educational lives you and your parasitic friends will destroy in your greed for a magnet private school education paid for by the rest of the county.

Maybe you can have a celebratory champagne brunch with Martin, Kushner, Evans et al. to revel in the fact that the last chance of reform in education has been extinguished and that the exclusive magnet school education for their children remains inviolable. Or are you in it all along just to safeguard and enhance your property values? You people are the dictionary definition of parasites, feeding on the weak and vulnerable, under the guise of "helping" them.

What a complete disgrace!

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