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Wake County families told to expect bus delays Monday afternoon

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Wake County families are being asked to be patient Monday afternoon, as buses are expected to depart a little later than scheduled for the first day of classes.

Schools will take extra time during dismissal to make sure that students are getting on the right buses, according to Renee McCoy, a Wake schools’ spokeswoman. She said this precaution — being taken because it’s the first day of classes for traditional-calendar schools — means students will get home later than scheduled

But overall, McCoy said, most school buses were on schedule Monday morning and that service was significantly better than last year, when the start of classes was marred by widespread bus problems.

“We feel very confident that the majority of our runs have gone very well,” McCoy said.

Wake transports about 75,000 riders a day on more than 920 buses.

McCoy said that some parts of the 150,000-student school district reported no problems with morning bus service. But she said others, such as the Apex, Wake Forest, Rolesville and Millbrook areas, reported problems, such as buses not coming on time, drivers reporting sick and mechanical issues.

McCoy said school administrators are “triaging” the problems to deal with the issues that require the most immediate attention, such as buses not coming at all or coming to bus stops after classes had started. She urged parents to continue to go to the district’s transportation website to send their online comments.

For parents who say the bus never came, McCoy suggested that they check the website (www.wcpss.net/parents/transportation) to make sure they went to the correct bus stop. She said parents might have assumed that the district was using the same bus stop for their children without checking online to see if it had changed.


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So will Merrill be fired?

I mean that's what parents expect after day one isn't it?

As for McCoy, is it the new policy for the school system to only hire washed up anchors and news people to make their excuses for them now?

Her performance today was pathetic. She acted like she was put out to even have to address the questions of "where's my kid?"

Have a little patience parents. It's only day one.

OT: Student Handbook?

So, the district publishes one of these for each student, each year, and it largely duplicates what you can find on the district's website. The schools wants parents to READ the handbook, review its contents with their kids, and then sign something agreeing that they have.

Does anybody actually do this? It's about 1/2 inch thick, on newsprint in small type. This is just a gigantic waste of printing and time.


I have signed it each year without reading, much like our representatives in Congress.

to be honest

they don't read their own policies. Look at math placement, etc...
They create policy to stiffen the penalty for board members doing ill deeds but the ones pushing the policy are the ones who have broken some of the biggest rules to get what they want. they just do their own thing and don't worry about it.

It's time the public be reminded of that too


Right up to the bond vote!


Keung, how much has the Board poured into this "1980s model" department over recent months?

I can't tell if you're being

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or are looking for an actual response.


Ha. Story of my life.

Sorry, I was actually looking for a response.

If you're talking about the

If you're talking about the transportation dept. reorganization, $2.4 million. Add in $1.1 million for driver attendance bonuses and $19,400 for the new driver referral bonus.

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