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Wake announces makeup days for today

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As expected, Wake announced that traditional-calendar students will make up today on Feb. 16, President's Day.

Year-round students will go to school this Saturday.

Modified-calendar students will go to class on March 9, a Monday that would have marked the start of spring break.

Wake Early College students will go to school on April 9.

Now we wait for word on Wednesday.

"We are closely monitoring weather conditions and will make a decision about Wednesday's schedule as soon as it is prudent," according to Wake's press release.


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Case in point...

If you look at the adopted 2009 - 2010 WCPSS calendar, you will see that if this week's scenario plays out next year, we would be making up snowday #2 on June 10. The last day of school is June 9th. :-)

Thanks for the support, Dadof3!

make-up days and the school calendar law

If folks don't know the real facts surrounding the "School Calendar Law" after 3 years of its implementation, then I can't change their minds. I'm not going to argue or defend the truth for the umteenth- millionth time, either. People who think this effort was only about vacations in the summer are short-sighted and ill-informed. If they really wanted to know the truth, they would go to the Save Our Summers website and read every word (of course they would have to believe what I've said there), and stop swallowing everything they read/hear in the media.

I will say this - the 2003-04 calendar initiative was totally a grassroots effort. If anyone can show me proof that we were financially backed by tourism or any other special interest group back then, bring it on. SOS-NC can't control who else jumps on the band wagon when a bill is introduced that would benefit their interests - nor would we be dumb enough to discourage supporters!

Anyway, so what if tourism folks supported the bill? They would be crazy not to - and money for education greatly increases when business is booming!

P.S. - the law does not mandate a June 10th closing date for schools. While I agree that there is not a lot of leeway in scheduling make-up days, there are options.

I have served on more than one calendar committee for Wake County, and for those who don't know, the school board has the final say-so on the calendars for our system. It's all about priorities. I don't want a shorter spring break any more than others do, and yes, I'd rather go half a day on a Saturday. The law doesn't prohibit that option.

The last day of school could have been scheduled for June 9th, with an unprotected teacher workday, or vacation day, or whatever scheduled for June 10th as a possible make-up day. You'll find all different plans in systems across our state - all under the same restrictions of the law, but with the school boards' freedom to choose priorities.

So even though the law greatly limits options, it doesn't deserve the sole "blame" for Wake County students having to go to school on the first day of Spring Break. That was a WCPSS school board decision.

And by the way, those few who do know the true story behind the "School Calendar Law" also know that without it, a "traditional" school calendar would in all likelihood not exist today.

Excellent post

Like you told me once, you can never repeat this stuff enough times -- thanks for doing so again and for all you do! It will be interesting what civil responses we see to your post.

June 10th Doesn't apply to MYR

June 10th doesn't apply to MYR schools.
Last time I looked, The School board creates the calendar which includes when makeup days are scheduled. If those that create the calender are NOT responsible, then who is?

Let's try this again.

Let me try making it more simple.  The school district is required to teach for a certain number of days.  By law then cannot teach between June 10 and August 25(??) in Mandatory Traditional schools.  By law they are required to have a certain number of teacher work days.  With all these laws they are very limited of what days they can use as make up.  Throwing out year round you still have the issue in Mandatory Traditional.

OT:All 2007-08 EOG Tests including Alter. Assesment

WCPSS EOG and EOC Results 2007-08 All Tests Reading


Asian Black Hispanic Multi-  racial White All Students
Grade 3 Female 81.4% 42.7% 36.8% 69.5% 82.7% 65.8%
Grade 3 Male 74.0% 35.3% 29.3% 64.7% 77.3% 59.7%
Grade 4 Female 86.0% 47.7% 44.1% 72.3% 85.0% 70.4%
Grade 4 Male 82.3% 37.4% 40.0% 69.2% 81.8% 65.2%
Grade 5 Female 84.9% 46.4% 42.6% 68.1% 84.3% 68.7%
Grade 5 Male 77.9% 38.2% 38.1% 61.3% 78.7% 62.8%
Grade 6 Female 91.0% 49.8% 49.3% 74.2% 86.4% 72.0%
Grade 6 Male 84.4% 38.4% 42.7% 65.8% 82.3% 65.0%
Grade 7 Female 81.4% 38.4% 39.0% 65.9% 79.5% 63.8%
Grade 7 Male 76.9% 31.2% 33.1% 56.2% 76.5% 58.5%
Grade 8 Female 79.8% 41.6% 38.7% 67.7% 82.9% 65.8%
Grade 8 Male 75.8% 36.9% 37.3% 67.6% 80.6% 63.6%
Math Asian Black Hispanic Multi-  racial White All Students
Grade 3 Female 92.1% 59.6% 64.0% 81.7% 91.6% 79.3%
Grade 3 Male 93.6% 55.8% 66.2% 79.3% 91.0% 78.4%
Grade 4 Female 93.9% 62.9% 65.7% 83.0% 91.0% 80.8%
Grade 4 Male 93.6% 57.4% 69.4% 79.4% 91.4% 79.9%
Grade 5 Female ≥95% 58.8% 62.2% 77.0% 90.3% 78.3%
Grade 5 Male 90.7% 54.4% 62.6% 76.2% 90.4% 77.3%
Grade 6 Female ≥95% 54.2% 62.0% 70.5% 89.5% 76.3%
Grade 6 Male 92.9% 51.4% 58.2% 77.3% 89.7% 75.1%
Grade 7 Female 92.1% 51.4% 55.8% 76.0% 88.3% 74.7%
Grade 7 Male 94.3% 45.5% 53.0% 66.8% 88.4% 72.1%
Grade 8 Female 92.1% 53.0% 57.9% 69.4% 89.7% 75.2%
Grade 8 Male 92.7% 47.1% 56.7% 76.0% 88.2% 73.5%

Another question, Mr. Hui

Are there stats available as to what percentage of students have historically attended the Saturday make-up days?

What historic mae-up days?

You mean this has been going on here for years????

What do you people do when you aren't in school???

At least two years

We missed our first Saturday make-up day two years ago, because I was not aware that was when YR schools made up days (info was sent home with my K student Friday, but I didn't look in the backpack until Sunday). We missed the second because we already had plans. Of course, we'd also missed an entire week of YR school in August because we'd made summer beach vacation plans in February with another family not knowing we would be going to a YR school starting in July. We will miss a week this year because we made joint plans with 18 extended family members last winter for this May, assuming we would still be YR, but now (due to reassignment) we are on traditional. So it goes in Wake County.

See tomorrow's post.

See tomorrow's post.

another Saturday dilemna

Wake County Public Schools will be closed on Wednsday, January 21th, due to anticipated hazardous road conditions.

WCPSS Communications Department Notification Service

State of Emergency? Change of Plan?

I see that the Gov has declared a state of emergency. Would this possibly negate the need to make up the school day? At least, that's how it was in two other states where I taught . . . Just wondering.

I forgot that the General

I forgot that the General Assembly also allowed school districts to not have to make up up to three days in 2003 when the state was blitzed with snow storms. But that was done because there were a serious of snow storms that year that were already forcing school districts to use up all their planned make-up days.

The state of emergency won't

The state of emergency won't have any impact. They'll need to make up the day. The only time the state has waived the need ot make up the days was after Hurricane Floyd when so many days were lost, especially in Eastern NC, that it was impractical to do so. A brief storm like this one wouldn't come close.

Oh, well

It was worth a shot.  I was kind of wondering about the state of emergency declaration, because it doesn't seem all that bad, but it is the first time it's snowed since we moved here . . .

Well welcome! You missed

Well welcome! You missed the great "flurry" shut down when kids had to sleep at schools because all the roads froze over.

Yeah, anything "frozen" here ... it's an emergency.


I'm still kinda surprised they closed schools with 2-3 inches.  The bank is also closed today!  Sheesh, the roads are clear, I was just out.  Man up, people!

Really? You are really

Really? You are really surprised? Seriously?  LOL.

If they call for flurries, seriously, a "dusting" ... schools are closed down. Anything that "sticks" they shut down.

Also, be prepared for Thursday. If ANY side streets in the county... no matter where.. can't get buses down it... schools with either be closed or delayed.

 IF that does not speak to having this massive district broken down, I don't know what does. At least kids in the areas that are clear can go to school! But, no.  Does not work that way. 

The sun will have to work mighty hard tomorrow to get all the roadways and parking areas at all the school clear tomorrow for a smooth opening on Thursday.  Stay tuned for that .... 



Make up days for Trad. calendar

We used to build in "extra" workdays to serve as snow days. However, the changes by the legislature a few years ago limited the time period set for the school year and we lost those "extra" workdays. Unfortunately, the school system is bound by the last day of school being June 10. So, if we miss tomorrow we will lose one day of spring break. Personally, I would rather go Saturday so we can avoid that. The workdays that are still on the calendar are protected and they won't take those.

ANd you know there's no way

ANd you know there's no way school will be open tomorrow (Wed) this mush is all going to freeze overnight. Not ONE road is cleared in my subdivision, or on some of the secondary arteries here. There is NO WAY a bus is coming through until that temp goes up and stays up even over night. I have not looked at the weather, but if this all freezes over again on Wed night, count on a dely on Thursday.

What a NIGHTMARE for the high schoolers and their exams. And then all those folks tracking out... you will have two or three Saturdays to go to school. Or no spring break, whatever.
At this point, does it all really matter anymore?

I would like to see how full

I would like to see how full the buses are on Saturdays. I am sure they will be empty, thus wasting all that money on fuel.

Wit ya'!

I'm with ya' brother, I hope they are ALL empty!

That would be great for the

That would be great for the teachers who could probably use the day for paperwork. 

question, Mr. Hui

what hours constitute a Saturday make-up day, meaning from what time until what time do they attend, bus schedules, etc? cannot find any reference on the website, thanks!

Based on past practice,

Based on past practice, it's treated like a half day. Kids start school at the same time as they would if it was a weekday. There's no lunch and they get out early. Bus service is the same in the morning and you get them back early in the afternoon.

Wake needs to hold the day to meet the requirement for 180 days of instruction.  But the state is really forgiving about what consitutes a day of school as long as a district is still meeting the 1,000 instructional hour requirement. For instance, when school was dismissed only a half hour after starting a few years ago due to snow it was still counted as a full day by DPI.



Seems to me......

Seems to me it would be just as easy to have the non-MYR schools have the make-up day on Saturday as well. That way the "entire" system is functioning as well. Either way, parents are going to complain whatever is done, but I would rather do Saturday then screw up long-term plans for Spring break.

Too much logic!

Doing that would make too much sense.

Something Chuck's gang know's ZERO about!

How dare they...

How dare they schedule a makeup day on Feb 16 - President's day. The audacity of WCPSS. How can I celebrate President's day and go on my ski trip.

The travesty.

The travesty!

Break a leg now!

You must be one of those

You must be one of those rich folk that can afford to go on vacations. Wow.  Lucky you.

I think that was sacasm

I may be wrong. :)




Many districts schedule 183 school days to avoid exactly this problem.  But, this is about par for WCPSS -- when they switched to year-round schools, families only got a couple of months notice of their new track, far too late to change summer vacation plans.  They've also scheduled class on Memorial day this year.  

All I know is because of this snow day we get a family day

It is nice - my Track 4 MYR and my traditional high schooler do not get many days like this. All the kids in the neighborhood playing out in the snow - just like the old days before MYR. Miss it. Me staying home from work - it is a nice day.


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, the good ole days, when families could actually BE a family!

And so do we..

It's quite a nice day with my family.

This Saturday>>

They don't give us much advance notice...the makeup day is this Saturday.  We already have plans with basketball games, etc.  Wouldn't it be better to schedule a date in the next couple of weeks than to give us this very short notice?


...our basketball games will be cancelled since they are held at the MYR middle school.  Hmm..


In the "big picture" does it

In the "big picture" does it really matter if you child misses "a day of school" (bogus day of school)?  Do you think a future employer will look at their elementary or middle school abs. record?  Uhm.. no.  KEEP EM HOME! Let the teachers have a nice quiet work day for themselves, let WCPSS waste money and contribute to global warming by running the buses. Heck, maybe they will further along the the global warming and prevent any future snow days.  :)

Absolutely not!

Keep the kids home, teachers can go and work and Chuck can fuel and run those diversity buses of his.

The news story next week will be,

"Saturday make-up day a bust, 212 kids show up county wide!"

In the "Big Picture" does it really matter...

If your kid goes to school on Saturday or the first day of Spring Break.  I wish yyou would all jsut admit that this has nothing to do with school on Saturday and everything to do with your hatred of MYR.

Give and inch...

Its called adding insult to injury. You're right, supportwcpss,  in that if the MYR had not been the context the Saturday schedule might not be such an issue. But given the context of the WCPSS infringing by leaps and bounds into family time, I can see where folks would start to get a little sensitive about it. They are intrinsically connected.

Oh, support, make no

  • Oh, support, make no bones...I have TOTAL distain for MYR! TOTAL.   It's miserable for our family, but weighed against the poor "options" we have to get out,  we are stuck and bear with the insane multi schedules that exist in our home.

It is insult to injury that school make up days are Saturdays. Why make up  are not built into the calendar is beyond me. If they don't use them, they get out a few days earlier. 

 We were forced to MYR when we already made plans and put out non refundable money for Saturday activities.  Saturdays and Sundays are precious to our family.  I will never give them up for the WCPSS. Never.  It makes no difference in their "academic careers" anyway.  It only counts in High School.  No one cares about elementary and middle anyway.   So, really, what's the point? I think WCPSS knows that, too. THey have to follow the law and set make up days. Do they really care if kids show up on Saturdays or not?  I doubt it.  They open for four hours, show up or not, no skin off their backs.


I hope you have fun skiing on President's day. Enjoy your family time together. 


Missing the point

Because of the required teacher work days, and the wonderful Save Summers can't go past June 10 day there is no other room for days.  The school systems (as well as the all systems in NC) have no choice.

 Again this has nothing to do with Saturday.  It's another reason for you and others to find a reason to randomly rant.  Enjoy yourselves. 

Why don't YOU

go sit beside your buds Rosa & Patti and YOU can "randomly rant" with them.

You sound JUST as one sided as they are.  But then, all you boe rump kissers are all the same.

Go enjoy finalizing the reassignment plan in your world of socialist ignorance!

Enjoy yourselves!

Save Summers didn't do this

Yes, how horrible that there was a group of elite wealthy people (sarcasm)  who wanted to have summer time together as a family.

If I remember correctly, the reason school gets out early is because of a lobbying effort by folks on the coast who need bodies in their rental homes. 

Missed the point again...

Save the Summers drove the law and the tourism industry put there money behind it.  Don't even go there and tell me it was about summaer with the family.

Again, what I am pointing out is you continue to blame WCPSS and Chuck for EVERYTHING when half of what you are complaining about is completely outside their control and this includes make up days. 

Not clear

Are you saying Louise Lee is a stooge for the law and tourist industries?


I'm saying SOS is responsible for the law because they wanted their summers and the tourist industry is responsible for funding the political win.  I'm not saying the two are in the proverbial bed together but their two different goals happen to coincide.

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