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Uncertain state furlough impact on teachers

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If you're wondering how schools will deal with teachers taking 10 hours of time off as part of Gov. Perdue's latest budget order, you're definitely not alone.

As noted in today's article by Rob Christensen and Mark Johnson, Perdue ordered that all state employees take a pay a cut of one half of 1 percent of their annual salary for the rest of this fiscal year. In return, state employees will be given 10 hours of flexible time off, which they may take between June 1 and Dec. 31.

Right now, neither the state Department of Public Instruction or local school districts know quite how this will play out at the local level. DPI is working on what guidance to give to districts.

The guess is that teachers will try to use the leave on teacher workdays. Most teachers are state employees.

The furlough is especially annoying for teachers because most are 10-month employees whose last paycheck of this fiscal year will come next month. This means they'll absorb the cut all at once while other state employees will feel the pain spread out over two months of paychecks.

We're talking about a cut of between $150 and $250 for many teachers.

The N.C. Association of Educators has a pretty helpful explanation of how it will affect teachers. Click here for the link.


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Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

So far, Bev Perdue..(The worst governor in my lifetime) has been handed billions of dollars in stimulus money but still can't afford to return my state tax refund, even though she manages to create and fund new high paying jobs to do the work we have elected officials to do (June Atkinson). So now....she takes $150.00 of my wife's salary from teaching this month and will take another $150.00 next month. Pretty soon, maybe she'll take enough of my wife's salary, that she'll be able to return my overpaid state income tax. What a shell game from a first rate county fair con artist. Pat McCrory looks more and more like the beam of sunlight we let slip away in order to continue the old NC democrat machine politics.

Teacher Appreciation Week

And all this news just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week when we get a nice poem and a Hershey's kiss in our mailbox. I'm on top of the world...no job next year, a pay cut this year, 10 hours of "flexible time" that I don't know when I'll get to use...but hey I get my Hershey's hug and kiss next week! That will make it all better...

This may be a case of 'tough love'

Nobody respects teachers more than I do.  I am at school volunteering any time I can, and have for about 12 years.  They do more than you can imagine for very little pay, and I do understand that they feel like they can't just stand up for their rights and walk out as a group because they care too much for the children. 

I am thinking that maybe BECAUSE they love our children may be the best reason for them to band together and walk out!  Maybe it will take something so drastic to make everyone see how bad things are.  Like it was said earlier, it would get great media coverage that might expose the waste and stupidity that is in abundance within our county and state!

 You know the saying that when you hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go but up?  Maybe we're there.

momof2goodboys....thank you

momof2goodboys....thank you for that!

I have and many of my friends have said the same thing.  As you put it...something drastic needs to happen to wake up the idiots that are in "control".  I would love to know where to start to do somethign like this.  I doubt many parents would argue this with anyone, if it would help the teachers and the students and of course the parents....a "walk out" or a "lock the door" event would MAKE our "leaders" and I use that term leaders with as much sarcasim as I can, wake up and notice...things are not good in the little red school houses across teh county and state, nor country for that matter.

You are so welcome!

You are so welcome!

We ARE there!

And I think you have refined the concept further, it is BECAUSE teachers care about our children SO much that they SHOULD march to central office and throw a chair through the window to get their attention and tell them you have had enough!

You teachers do that and I will personally call Larry King and all the others to tell them what is happening!

Wouldn't that be a sight to see!

Larry King would love to get hold of that story!  In reality, I know what I said is easy to say, but hard to do.  It is just so infuriating to know how bad the teachers are treated, and how it will affect everyone involved if we let things keep spiralling out of control.  I wish all the teachers could feel our support!

if we could "help" the

if we could "help" the teachers and let them know they would have SUPPORT in showing their displeasure, I'm sure it would go a long way!

If I thought it would help/convince/show support, *I* would lead the march out of our schools.  I fully support our staff @ Leesville, volunteer ALL my time and efforts and think it is despicible that the all un-knowing BoE takes as much advantage of their people (teachers and staff) as they do of their CUSTOMERS (the families that attend WCPSS)

and it's time to STOP IT! 


Agree.  I also volunteer

Agree.  I also volunteer and see what teachers and TA's are put through.  Believe me, no corporate Milano wearing exec. would put up with the crap teachers put up with!  Yes, teachers, need jobs, and they will do what they have to, but some of the stuff I see that they are made to do makes me want to scream for them, but they tell me, "well, I need my job, so I just push through it."

Although, these days, I am seeing a lot of patience worn thin... so maybe the real last nerve has been struck.


How many at your school,

or any other school you might be aware of, are as fed up as you sound like you are?

What needs to be done is a

What needs to be done is a "poll" to show how teachers really feel.  HONESTY will show the true colors of the hard working teacher.  Then this poll should be published in ever paper and covered by ever news media.  The public NEEDS to know!!!!

for my school....I would say...85%...are fed up!

the rest...do everything to please the boss.


Didn't you all just do a

Didn't you all just do a "poll" on line like last year or something?  Didn't the State Bd of Ed sponsor some "state of your school" poll?

There were results published, and the schools my children attend, everyone was so "happy.".......



So, will the 85%

be organizing to take a stand for THEIR rights and concerns or will they be like the 15% and just keep saying yes we can?

You guys and gals deserve a WHOLE lot more and unfortunately only teachers can fight from that angle!

How about all the teachers at MYR schools where tracks and classes have folded up because there just aren't enough kids to keep all of you around, where do you/they stand on all the extra load that will placed on the ones that are lucky enough to have a job next year?

Don't forget the burden of

Don't forget the burden of the placement of the kids with various special educational and emotional needs into the mainstream over crowded classrooms... with teachers who don't have special education background and training. Couple that with overstuffed classrooms and the release of teachers.

POWDER KEG people... Powder keg and I do believe Bev Perdue lit the fuse this week. 

This is the icing on the cake!

HB 223 is needed now more than ever! How anyone, especially the Wake Co. School board, can even THINK about any type of Graduation Project next year or the next is beyond comprehension! Talk about adding insult to injury! Teachers salaries are being cut, insurance being reduced, etc...- they should not be asked next year or any year to take on the added burden of implementing the GP! They are required to be advisors and judges to the jrs. and srs. This is time over and beyond what they were being paid for, and now their pay is being cut on top of that!

PLEASE contact your representative, and anyone else in the House that you can to let them know how you feel about this injustice! Only our common sense can help now, since obviously the board has lost any they ever had.


Representatives to contact about stopping the GP


 Please contact some of these and let them know that the GP is not a good idea for budget reasons, teacher moral, and increased drop out rates due to amount of extra work and frustration of students who don't intend to go to a major college!  Even for some who do!!  Your rep. or just pick a few.  I honestly don't think some of these people have any idea of the real picture for the teachers or the students.  I think our input is very helpful for them.  I believe that they appreciate our opinions and ideas- unlike some groups we know!  Rep. Love and Bryant are the sponsors.


Hear hear mon ami! As a

Hear Hear mon ami! As a veteran teacher from both the college and high school levels, the salary has never been the primary motivation for my choice of careers. I teach because I love my field, respect my students and live for the magic that occurs from time to time in the classroom. Although this pay cut has come as a sucker punch and kick in the gut, I would gladly relinquish that portion of my salary if "Dr." Burns voluntarily agreed to a salary cut to the level of the Governor of North Carolina. That he continues to retain a salary above 300k demonstrates that the man knows no shame and that his rhetoric regarding the improvement of education in Wake County is a bankrupt facade.

It's obscene that the

It's obscene that the superintendent makes more than the governor. 

I think there's a lot of dead weight over at Wake Forest Road that could be cut.  

If I hear that our school board members are going to Albuquerque (again) to "learn" about rapidly growing school districts, I'm going to be mad!


How about teachers march on his office

and demand that very thing?????

Furlough, I am out of here

I am a college professor (make less than 48 thou with 114,000 in student loans) and after this decision was made I immediately accepted a job in a neighboring state I was considering at a private university with much more stability. Good bye NC. Your decision was simple, cut some jobs, have your big wigs on capital hill take some major pay cuts, and move on. The negative feedback from this furlough decision will LAST FOR YEARS. A state once labeled as "one of the places to work" for higher ed is now at the bottom of the list. Maybe it has something to do with the fact we allow illegals from Mexico to work almost tax free to tax free for 2 years with no legal ramifications at all and not so much with poor faculty. Why do you anger your faculty? These are the people teaching your next generation! GOOD BYE NC, YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED. Sometimes I think G.W. took over NC.

All due respect, the

All due respect, the Democratic party owns North Carolina and has for years.  Governor Easley, Marc Basnight and the rest of their party have dictated every important decision made in NC for eight years.  I'm no GW fan, but the "Change" we elected in NC is really just more of the same.

Let's not forget Ms. Perdue herself

who was Lt. Gov for those years. Then there is Jim Black and too many unethical knuckleheads of the NC Dem party to even begin to list them all. The elitism and lack of ethics - ugh, double ugh.

My heart goes out to any and

My heart goes out to any and all of the teachers affected by this. You are not paid what you're worth to begin with, this just adds insult to injury.

I'd level some criticism at Del Burns. The man makes over $300K and he has wasted more money in budgets than the state will save with these measures.

At the state level, when I consider how much money is still being wasted on other projects when they are cutting teacher pay it makes me sick.

I, too, feel so bad for our

I, too, feel so bad for our teachers. I am in contact with many during my day as a volat different schools and just yesterday is the first time I saw the armour shed and their real feelings are spewing out. One told me they were told to "put on their happy faces" and deal with it. One teacher was nearly in tears, wondering how she was going to feed her kids and pay her bills. Many times we think of teachers as single, young women, fresh faced out of college who can get by on Lean Cuisine meals and a glass of wine (as needed...which is probably everyday if you are a teacher...lol). In all seriousnes,, we forget that a lot of teachers are the primary bread winners in their families, and here in NC making $40,000 after decades of service is not exactly a salary to raise a couple of kids on.. heck, one kid on!

I know it's not WCPSS's fault the economy is in the toilet, but it is their fault for mismanaging and wasting money that could have put them in a better position they are in now.

I agree, Dr. Burns needs to go, the board (Er) has to go, and parents have to some how get our really great teachers to stay and not pack it all in and go.


Maybe that's it!

If teachers have truly had enough of being the
last to know, the first to go and on the short end of every wcpss stick, MAYBE
they should band together and walk out with the demand that until Dddddd Del and Chuck are
gone they aren't coming back!

The system doesn't have the reserves on the bench
to replace them and it's past time teachers get the media attention they

Can't you just see the egg on Ddddd Del and
Chuck's plans when all their teachers take a hike and the national media comes
storming in to cover the story!

This is Larry King Live and we're
coming from the great Utopian Wake County where they USED to have one the best
school systems in the country.  But, now because of personal agendas, asinine
decisions, deceit, fraud, lawsuits and rogue school board members who no longer
have a spine to continue their ignorant agendas, coupled with clueless County Commissioners such as Stan Norwalk
and Harold Webb, it is now a system where the teachers have had enough and the
entire county is on strike. They are DEMANDING the removal of those who are at fault for
running off our best educators, forcing parents into schedules they did not want
or need through lies and more deceit, running off families to seek a better
life, creating waiting lists at area private schools 2 miles long and if all
this wasn't enough,

they wait to see IF the State Supreme Court has
the spine to issue a ruling tomorrow that could help start turning things around
for ALL who seek equality and quality education once again in Wake County,


The teachers won't walk out

The teachers won't walk out because they care too much about our kids.

That's understandable & respectable but,

they can't expect things to change all on our backs!

And neither can we!

I don't think protecting

I don't think protecting teacher salaries and benefits is on our backs.  Parents have been rebelling all over the county about many issues, but teacher rights have not been among them.

Many of these teachers make $40K or less, some of them supporting a family.  Keep in mind, that means many of our own teachers' children would qualify for partial F&R.

The Teachers Union does not have collective bargaining rights, and there is no union 'rainy day' fund to cover salaries in the event of a walkout.  How would these people pay their bills if they just walked off the job?  And how many parents would turn on them, saying "things are tough all over, just suck it up?"  The teachers are in a no-win situation. 

We have already seen a mass exodus of quality students from our schools.  Unfortunately, our state and county government is now encouraging a mass exodus of quality teachers. 

We should be standing up for the teachers, because they are not in a position to stand up for themselves.  We all should be filling the inboxes of Bev Purdue, Del Burns and the rest.  Remember, WCPSS just added two district superintendent jobs last year that pay six-figure salaries!

teachers shammed again

I have given up my longevity, taken a cut in insurance, now my check is being tapped and being told to take a furlough during a time I am not employed anyway. Oh yea I forgot, I was notified that I will not have a teaching position next year due to cuts. What else is going to happen. I have lost 2 part time jobs due to MANDITORY meetings at school. long hours with no compensation. Teachers need to revolt and demand changes in state government to allow us a union like other states have. I dont mind doing my share, but why should we shoulder the shortage while NON-state and welfare people do not. Another slap in the face once again.

interesting bills coming up





2009-2010 SESSION

You are hereby notified that the Committee on Education will meet as follows:

DAY & DATE: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

TIME: 11:00 am


The following bills will be considered:


HB 223
No High School Graduation Proj. Required.
Representative Love

Representative Bryant

HB 661
City Managers on School Boards.
Representative R. Warren

HB 804
Amend Law Re: Personal Education Plans.
Representative Cotham

Representative Jackson

Representative Lucas

Representative Parmon

HB 971
Legislative Study of Alternative Schools.
Representative Lucas

Representative Bryant

HB 1031
Bldg. Stds./Pre-K Classes in Public Schools.
Representative Folwell

Representative Carney

Representative Goforth

Representative Dollar

HB 1038
Econ. Dev. Thru Innovative Schools/Comm.

Representative Glazier

Representative Parmon

Representative McLawhorn

Representative Yongue

HB 1225
UNC Bd. of Governors Study Trimesters.

Representative Haire

Representative Stewart

Representative Rapp

Representative Tolson


Representative Bell, Chair

Representative Lucas, Chair

I hereby certify this notice was filed by the committee assistant at the following offices at

5:30 P.M. on April 29, 2009.


How is the furlough saving money?

If the teachers take their 10 hours off during a school day, aren't we paying for a substitute?

Rumor mill has it that what

Rumor mill has it that what the schools will do is take that teachers class and split them up amongst the other classrooms.......no money for subs.


Maybe in WC they can take

Maybe in WC they can take their 10 hours during those 1/2 Wednesdays and hour early release wednesdays when they are supposed to be in the Kool Aide meetings about how to teach our kids new and great stuff... .like how Trailblazers was supposed to be so amazing and "cutting edge."  LOL  Talk about another WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WCPSS teachers are losing the entire amount from the May 31 paycheck, their last paycheck until the end of August. Great timing. Why is NC paying a state superintendent AND a CEO of public schools? That position certainly was not needed. The kicker will be if teachers take the 10 hours and also have to pay for the substitute to cover their classes.

I hope they all take their

I hope they all take their 10 hours during EOGs.  While the school board wastes money on unnecessary YR conversions and busing kids all over the county, and Gov Perdue spends 6 figures on an education CEO.....  I think the teachers have a right to be disgusted.

What happens to those on terminating contracts?

What happens in regard to the 10 furlough days with those on terminating contracts that will not have a job from June 1 - December 31? Are the supposed to take them the first 10 days of June?

I don't understand NC, teachers are already underpaid. Couldn't they have done a sliding scale, the more you made the higher percentage cut. For example, Dr. Burns should miss 1.5% of his salary less than a teacher will miss 1/2% of their salary.

Based on $150 and $250 per teacher, isn't between 1,000 and 1,650 teacher's pay cuts combined the equivalent to the cost of converting LMS?

Sure would be nice if all the money Mary Easley spent on her trip to Russia was still in the state coffers. How much was that linen blazer or shirt her staff member charged -- somewhere around $150 to $250 wasn't it?

yes indeedy, LRMS will cost

yes indeedy, LRMS will cost $250,000+ to convert!  nice, eh?  accountable?  fiscally responsible?  doing all the "cost savings they possibly can" are they?  BAH!

Furlough + No Longevity

When they get through cutting my pay, not paying my longevity, and reducing my medical benefits they will have taken about $3000. Most don't realize that the proposed "freeze" on longevity from a few months ago that is still being debated is not a freeze as in "no increase" but a freeze as in "no check".

Uncertain state furlough impact on teachers

Why not fire all the overpaid UNC coaches and use the
money to pay teachers?

Sports More Important than Learning

Why not fire all the overpaid UNC coaches and use the
money to pay teachers?


I'll answer that.  Like the Romans, the circus is more important than learning. 

I can't believe I'm agreeing with supportWCPSS

Sports is a moneymaker and is important in a school.

Get rid of tenure, I'm OK with that.


I hate UNC as much as the next person but this argument holds no water.  The highly paid sports programs more then cover there costs and then some.  Plus I'm pretty sure they can't just take money from the university system and start paying teachers.  The UNC basketball program alone made 16 Million in profit last year.  I think Roy's 2 million contract is worth the investment.

Exactly. Almost exactly

Exactly. Almost exactly because I do like UNC. When revenue sports cover their expenses 8 fold you don't knock the revenue generators. Wasting $$ on MYR and in turn taking $$ from teachers is lunacy.

One more way to show the

One more way to show the lack of respect for teachers. There is a lot of fat to trim, but taking it from the lean teacher salaries is not the place. We do not teach just for the money, but we should still be compensated fairly.

You have my respect for what

You have my respect for what you do. It is a crime to treat our valuable educators so poorly.


I agree with most comments made. I don't understand why the GOVENOR and STAFF and ELECTED OFFICIALS don't take a pay cut also. For those state employees that are already struggling to make ends meet, it will be a hard road but hey, you voted for her- not me.

Oh but Bev is taking the cut!

The cut of 1/2 of 1 percent!  What a joke.  She didn't get my vote because I've never heard her say anything that made me think she actually knows anything!

I smell a teacher revolt coming and it may not be much longer before our finest teachers say they've had enough.  Enough of being devalued by NOT being included in decisions that TOTALLY affect them.  The Wednesday meetings, collapsing tracks, shifting grades w/o choice, larger class sizes, pay cuts, insurance cuts ...

I see a lot of new names on this blog of late and my guess is many are teachers trying to figure out who to scream at and kick in the shins!

Start with your ignorant leaders!

A revolt is needed

A revolt is needed badly. However you will never get enough teachers to do it...all due to FEAR!! 

I'd walk out in a minute and support everyone that walks out wiht me, JUST to prove a point!   I'd never leave my kids and leaving them hanging in the wind.  HOWEVER, the "crap" can't be piled so high , until it crumbles and falls over.  I will tell you....the teachers I work with, along with many friends that teach, ARE BURNED out and tired of this mess.  Parents, you have our total support and we hear your pain as well!  WCPSS has got a little to big, and needs to be brought down a few "notches".   The things I see, ARE NOT and WILL NOT help student achievement.  It just looks good on paper.  Most of this, and I will always believe this, is that the leaders don't care and all they are doing is BULLYING, and they are set out on REVENGE.  I know this is true, because this is what humans do, when the lies and the "real workings" are being exposed and questioning.  KEEP up the pressure guys....I do believe better days are coming.

The respect is mutual.Thank

The respect is mutual.Thank you for your commitment to teaching. Parents and teachers standing together is critical. Too bad WCPSS despises parents and disrespects their employees. October '09 will bring the change we all deserve.

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