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Truitt to "make major statement" on campaign

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Below is the media advisory from Cathy Truitt's campaign about the press conference she'll hold tomorrow to announce if she's dropping out of the school board race.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

TO: Triangle News Editors, Political Reporters, Assignment Desks

FROM: Brad Crone, Campaign Connections


RALEIGH - - Dr. Cathy Truitt, Wake County Board of Education District 2 candidate, will hold a news conference in the Grand Marquis Ballroom at 205 New Fidelity Court, Garner, on Monday, October 19th at 10:30 a.m.

Dr. Truitt will make a major statement regarding her campaign for the Wake Board of Education.


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You are not going to believe this.... Per the board of elections, Truitt's name remains on the ballot. If Truitt gets more votes than Tedesco, then the board of elections declares the seat 'vacant' and the School Board gets to pick the new board member.

This smacks of a desperation stunt to put Tedesco's campaign to sleep and home that the muni elections bring enough Truitt votes for that scenario to play out. If it does, she will present herself as the best alternative to both sides. Machiavelli would be proud.

Net: We have to redouble our efforts and get John a strong majority of the vote. The fact that we have to do this while Ms. Truitt sits back and relaxes should anger people.

I totally smell a rat.....

First, the story this morning from the N&O about opposing name calling even though they knew she was conceding today.  This is a total ruse.  They know the only way to keep Tedesco supporters at home is for them to be tricked into thinking the election was over and there was no run-off taking place....man that is slimy!!!!  Hey District 2...shout it on the rooftops to your neighbors you still need to get out to vote....Cathy Truitt is trying to weasel her way in the back door.....it is the only way should could get herself on the board!  I just bet also if the seat were to be declared "vacant" it would be rushed to be filled by the current board before the new board was sworn in. 

You've got to be really

You've got to be really paranoid to think that the N&O was part of some conspiracy to sneak Truitt into office. We had off-the-record sources saying she was going to withdraw but nothing on the record we could use for either of this weekend's stories.

"N&O part of some conspiracy"

no wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Your kidding me right?   I am not calling you out on anything...but I put nothing past your bosses.  It was amazing that NBC 17 and WTVD both had and released the story and all you guys could come up with was to repeat the insult of "resegregationist" toward Tedesco.  I call total bunk on that! It is not paranoia it is par for the course for Wake County, the current school board and for NC in general.  How much fraud, corruption, political trickery do we see every day in NC...and our school board.  If the shoe fits.....wear it!

Brad Crone refused to

Brad Crone refused to confirm it on the record yesterday. He evidently changed his mind last night with NBC. By the time he was willing to do a general confirmation today the story had already come out.

You complained that she

You complained that she didn;t withdraw. Now you are worried that she did??

ROFL  at your hysteria.   If he is such a slam dunk, get your people to the polls and settle it for good.   End of story

Its so clearly a tactic

Head to head, in a clean race John would beat Cathy hands down. We would have no problem with that. 

But now, with voters placated - they hope - there is still a chance, a slim chance, that either Cathy could be seated, or that a 'vote for busing' could be seated before December. Who knows who got to Cathy in the end. All the gnashing of teeth over the crash and burn of the diversity policy? And you expect the to go quietly into that night? They're so desperate they might just be willing to see if this can fly.

Here's how it could play out: Get out the vote for Cathy to see if they can get the seat declared vacant, then place someone sympathetic with the current board and its policies. Its just wild enough to be real.  

People are busy and often

People are busy and often don't show up if they think it's settled already.  Honestly, I'm not sure I would. 

This runoff is high stakes.  Truitt has displayed some "questionable" behavior during the campaign so I think people have a right to be skeptical (not hysterical).  Could be a Trojan horse?  I hope the election officials would clarify the meaning in advance and then STILL get everyone there to vote.  Just for the exclamation point if nothing else.


From the article:

"Wake County Board of Elections Director Cherie Poucher said it’s too
late to remove Truitt’s name from the Nov. 3 ballot. But she says that
receipt of Truitt’s concession letter would mean any votes she receives
will not count."

If her votes don't count, how could she win? Wouldn't Tedesco just need one vote?


Post from another thread: "I

Post from another thread:

"I just bet also if the seat were to be declared "vacant" it would be rushed to be filled by the current board before the new board was sworn in. "

After all the gnashing of teeth over the end of busing, do we really believe that the die-hard status quo supporters would go quietly into the night? Who knows who got to Cathy in the end. If there is even a thread of a possibility that they could pull one over they would. 

Here is how the potential scenario could play out - however slim, they are hopinig: Tedesco voters go complacent because they believe he has won. Bring out enough Cathy supporters to have her win, declaring the seat vacant. Place a vote for the status quo before December. 

its just wild enough to be frighteningly real. 

it would seem so, but should

it would seem so, but should we REALLY trust that "theory"? 

I am confused...

Does he still have to hit that 50% number on November 3 to win the seat? Is it 50% of the people that show up on November 3 or the additional 43 votes he needed on October 6.  I am very confused about the process?  Any takers on answering that?

I have a question. I think

I have a question. I think I read here on this site that some spokesperson from the Board of Elections said that its too late to remove their names from the ballots. So is the race officially over or is it possible this is a ruse? What happens if Cathy supporters turn out at the voting booths and she wins because Tedesco supporters thought it was over already? Just trying to cover all bases here. Knowing the work of Brad Crone, I wouldn't put it past him. Winning at all costs.

I would think/hope...

that the electioin would bear no meaning now.  Since she has conceded, you wouldn't expect John supporters to go to the polls since he has already officially won the race.  There's no way (at least I hope LOL) that any votes would be official; if there's any chance, then he would have to proceed like it was a real race.  I'm sure there's rules that govern the process now.

Read Mudge's post.

We are NOT finished until all of John's votes are cast, as planned. There are some strange loopholes and you can bet that this was all staged. This is not paranoia or hysteria. This comes from people who have learned a lot about the idiosyncrasies of NC campaign rules over the years, and as such, we will take NOTHING for granted.

Not to mention, Ms. Truitt has not proven herself to be consistent or trustworthy up to this point.

Guess I could have said

Guess I could have said ditto but I was busy typing....

Read Mudge's post.

We are NOT finished until all of John's votes are cast, as planned. There are some strange loopholes and you can bet that this was all staged. This is not paranoia or hysteria. This comes from people who have learned a lot about the idiosyncrasies of NC campaign rules over the years, and as such, we will take NOTHING for granted.

Not to mention, Ms. Truitt has not proven herself to be consistent or trustworthy up to this point.

It's definite!!!

She concedes the race. John is the winner!

Wake board candidate leaves race



CONGRATULATIONS, JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock on!!!!!!!!!!

Rock on!!!!!!!!!!


Don't have any details, but confirms that Ms. Truitt did announce she is withdrawing from the runoff.

couldn't find any live news

couldn't find any live news video, anyone know what happened?


Are we all holding our breath?


Interestingly enough, wtvd and wral both have stories about the news conference on their homepage; the n&o does not have one about the conference, only about issues between the candidates.

The story didn't get posted

The story didn't get posted until I had a chance to include some of Truitt's quotes in. I assume you've seen the story now and the various blog posts.

Keung--what's happening?

Pins and needles!

Not news worthy?

I just contacted the news rooms at WRAL and WTVD and neither are planning on streaming or showing it on TV.  They said they will have a story probably by tonight.  Must not be too news worthy?

I keep "scanning" nothing so

I keep "scanning" nothing so far.....

Don't believe it until you

Don't believe it until you see it. Her history shows that she lives her life flip-flopping like a fish out of water. Holding a press conference is fitting for her ego. I envision a Saturday Night Live skit. Possibly premature considering C Truitt's history, but congratulations to J Tedesco. District 2 couldn't be happier.


So, why does she need a news conference? She is so self-important, isn't she?

Sideburns....let's just give

Sideburns....let's just give her, her 15 min. of fame...and then she's outta here!!!!

Truitt To Concede In Wake Co. School Board Election

Dr. Cathy Truitt, candidate for Wake County's Board of Education, will officially announce Monday that she is conceding in the Wake County School Board Election, according to Brad Crone, Truitt's campaign consultant.

Truitt was facing a John Tedesco in a run-off November 3 after Tedesco did not get the 50 percent of the vote required to win outright. Tedesco received 49 percent of the vote while Truitt captured 24 percent.

Sunday afternoon, Crone said Truitt made the best decision by choosing to concede. Crone said since Tedesco is so close to getting the majority, just 40 or so votes away, Truitt felt it was not possible that she could win. Crone said Truitt's platform was very similar to Tadesco in that they both oppose forced busing and reassignment schedules. Truitt also pushed for more diversity in the school system.

Crone said he expects Truitt to still remain engaged in the political process in Wake County schools.

"She has a lot to offer, clearly one of the more experienced candidates for school board here in Wake County," said Crone. "She's a former educator, former school principal, middle school and elementary, has a record of excellent academic performance in her schools in Johnston County."

The news conference will be held Monday in the Grand Marquis Ballroom at 205 New Fidelity Court in Garner at 10:30 a.m.


The best news I've heard since John won with more than double the votes a couple of weeks ago!



It's on another news web already! She's Conceding. SHe's out!

She finally figured out there was NO PLACE AT WCPSS for anyone like her even associated a little with a decade or more of failed Status Quo policies. She's GONE.

Now let's clean out STATUS QUO ADMINISTRATION cause they will continue to undermine anything NEW!
Old is OUT. Students deserve NEW Opportunites - - not things rooted in the past.

Board to discuss SAS EVASS Report Findings Tues 10/20/09

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
1:00 pm Committee of the Whole (open to the public)
3:00pm Board Session (open to the public, public comment at 4pm)
Agenda (Informational Section)
This presentation will provide the Board with information related to the fundamental similarities, differences, and applications between the WCPSS Effectiveness Index and the SAS EVAAS system.
Citizens who signed up to address the board during public comment will be called on in priority order first for items on the agenda and then for items not on the agenda. Each individual speaker will be allowed three minutes for remarks. Issues or concerns involving personnel matters are not appropriate for this public comment setting. After 30 minutes of public comment, any speakers remaining will be recognized at the end of the agenda for their comments.


She is either:

A. Dropping out. 

B. Changing her stance on busing for diversity.

Based on her history, I pick B.



I hope you're wrong. I hope its A.

If A:

Do you want to take bets on whether she is able to resist the plum opportunity to take (how many?) digs at Tedesco on her way out?

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