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Tony Tata meeting with NC HEAT on Thursday

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Wake County Superintendent Tony Tata could face his roughest grilling yet when he meets Thursday night with the teenagers from NC HEAT.

Tata had agreed to meet with NC HEAT when several members protested outside his appearance at the Wake County Taxpayers Association meeting in January. NC HEAT has been hardcore in its protests against the end of the diversity policy, with some of its members being arrested at board meetings.

"It was disappointing to us that Mr. Tata decided his first visit with the community would be with the Wake County Taxpayers Association, we felt this sent a very unfortunate and partisan message," said Monserrat Alvarez, co-chair of NC HEAT, in a press release posted today by Bob Geary on his blog for the Independent. "We asked Tata to meet with us as well, and he agreed so we are looking forward to hearing his responses to our concerns, not just the concerns of the wealthy members of our community."

NC HEAT is co-sponsoring the "Education Justice" forum with the Parent Advocacy Work Group (PAWG), formed by the YWCA of the Greater Triangle. The public forum will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 E. Martin St. in Raleigh.

Click here for a flier on Thursday's event.

One of the claims that NC HEAT has frequently made is that conservative businessman Art Pope is directing the strings of the school board majority.   Just two days after the meeting with Tata, NC HEAT will protest at noon Saturday outside Pope's Maxway store on 1905 Poole Street in Raleigh.

The flier for the protest calls Pope "evil" and a "villain." Pope has repeatedly denied he's directing the school board's actions.


Fliers promoting Saturday's NC HEAT protest are being handed out by audience members at Tuesday's school board meeting.


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No I am not! I have said,

No I am not! I have said, over and over, that I do not condone their behavior.  Are you making excuses for the board? 

For the board?

What do you mean exactly? Excuses for what behavior that justifies the NC Heat response... I really would like examples.

Sure, the board has pulled some political shenanigans early on to push Del out, etc. I can see where some may not have liked that but its no different than any other political drama. They may have said things to each other offline and undoubtedly inappropriately. How is that different than any other politician treating another politician? That was political 'mano a mano', if you will. "All's fair in love and war" etc.

That still is far, FAR different than the venue of the board meetings, where they meet the public. What I have seen is an attempt at courtly respect for the speakers - as best as they can manage based on the speaker's own behavior. 

Please give me an example where the board has been openly disrespectful to the speakers from NC Heat specifically in a board meeting. That was the 1:1 comparison that I think you needed to back up your defense of how these children have behaved. 

It could be out there. I just have not seen it myself. 

Go Back and Look At My Comments....

I called JT out for the comments he made to Deborah Goldman and I have stated I haven't always agreed with this board.    I never once tried to make an excuse for their bad behavior and yes there has been some.  As far as the board writing comments, looking at their notes, etc....that just being petty in my mind.   You have no idea what they are looking at or writing so get over it.  Mr. Margiotta apologized for the animal in their cages comments (which he didn't say directly to anyone) so in my mind apology accepted.  Have the youth of NC Heat apologized?  I don't think so.   They feel their behavior is justified like many adults on your side of the fence. 

You said:  "So you are a

You said:  "So you are a "Do as I say, not as I do" parent?  That might work when they are in elementary school, but when the kids become teenagers it loses its effects. You need to give respect to get respect."

Sounds a lot like making excuses for their behavior, ie the kids don't need to give respect if they don't get respect.

You stepped right into this

You stepped right into this one, and you can't cite any examples of board members being rude or disrupting nccheat's meetings.  You are saying that it is fine for those kids to act disrespectfully if they don't like the board's decisions.


Are you serious?  Making comments under their breath (but within earshot of the microphone) about animals in their cages is not disrespectful?  Whispering to each other and playing with their cell phones, passing notes and ignoring the public speakers is not disrespectful? I have watched videos of the COW where JT and CM and others are constantly chatting amongst themselves and ignoring whatever is being presented - the microphones pick up a lot.  They can't even show respect to each other.

I did not say that it is fine for those kids to act they way they did, and I do not condone their actions. Personally, I would like to see some respect from all of them, including the board members.

Are you serious?  Making

Are you serious?  Making comments under their breath (but within earshot of the microphone) about animals in their cages is not disrespectful

You are obviously very confused, the "animals" comment was in defense of a man -- a black man fyi -- attempting to carry out his freedom of speech and who was jeered and ridiculed  in the process. It had nothing whatsoever to do with NCHeat and everything thing to do with respect for the right of everyone to have their say. Also, it was in no way disrespectful to people worthy of respect. By the way, some of the more offensive remarks vomited out by the more emotionally  unstable speakers -- like Sherron, Bader and Martin -- deserve to be ignored.

I have no idea what you are

I have no idea what you are talking about.  I have watched these people step up to the podium and heap verbal abuse on board members, accusing them of being racist, puppets of Art Pope, and being outright rude and condescending. 

You may not agree with the [sometimes] board majority, but I haven't seen them calling people names, accusing people of letting themselves be used, or speaking in such a rude and condescending tone.  Or do you think disagreement with board decisions is an excuse for the kind of behavior exhibited by these kids?

No mention of Jim Goodmon ??

TK TK TK ..... you take the opportunity to get in your usual "Art Pope is Evil" digs via a quote from that whozit kid; but you forgot to mention his opposite "Mr Big" from The Left - Jim Goodmon.    So I'll do it for you.   :>)

I wonder if Monserrat

I wonder if Monserrat Alvarez, co-chair of NC HEAT, understands he belongs to a partisan extreme left-wing organization? Probably not. I find Tata meeting with him and his fellow radicals to be "unfortunate."

Oh trust me, she's well

Oh trust me, she's well aware.

While I don't think much constructive will come out of it, I respect Tata for taking his time to meet with them, if not for a good cause, at least as a gesture.

FYI-Monserrat Alvarez is a

FYI-Monserrat Alvarez is a female, I think She knows NC Heat is a left-wing organization. 

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