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Today's education meetings

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You guys have a couple of different choices today if you want to hear about school issues.

At noon, the Wake Education Partnership will hold a meeting on interlocal agreements and school funding. At 6 p.m, the Wake Schools Community Alliance will meet with a different perspective on the issues.

The Wake Ed Partnership Regional Education Roundtable will run from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Morrisvllle Chamber of Commerce, 260 Town Hall Drive. Last month's roundtable in Fuquay-Varina was cancelled due to lack of registrants for the event.

In the past, the Partnership has registered people at the door. You may want to call 821-7609 to make sure about today.

You won't have to worry about registering to attend tonight's WSCA meeting.

The group is billing it as an attempt to welcome Northern Wake citizens to the cause. The group says attendees will include Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams, Rolesville Mayor Frank Eagles and Wake County Commissioner Joe Bryan.

The meeting is at the Forks Cafeteria, 339 S. Brooks Street in Wake Forest.


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Re: Today's education meeting

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Folks that perhaps realizing

Folks that perhaps realizing that "change" is possible, at least at local level in spite of the "power elites" of "inside the beltline" and their supporters. here has been very little optimism regarding the CC / BoE partnership proposal. It was agreed that schools need to improve, and should receive more funding. I do not think the word "family" was once in the conversation. Nor did the ideas for new educational models.

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Many Thanks, CaryCurmudgen

CC -- from your input above (or below) I gather:

WEP -- same old all tired message from the NEA crowd; spend more, get less and maintain the "status quo" at all cost.

WSCA -- real people, with real ideas, working on real solutions, and not just whining. Folks that perhaps realize that "change" is possible, at least at a local level in spite of the "power elites" from "inside-the-beltline" and their supporters.

I always get a kick out of that "world class school system" BS. How can a U.S. school system be "world class" when by most accounts, the U.S. education system (thank you NEA) ranks about 13-18th in the world rankings depending on who's stats you are using. Then having North Carolina fall in the 44th worse state for education, well, I guess if you are comparing WCPSS to a school system in mexiko or Haiti, maybe it is "world class."

Another GREAT WSCA meeting

Another GREAT WSCA meeting tonight in Wake Forest. Not an empty seat to be found.

Attending both the WEP and WSCA meetings in the same day provided me with a fresh opportunity to contrast the two groups.

The WEP meeting was low-key (maybe by design?). One minute they talked about how Wake has "World class" schools, the next they mentioned that Wake County needs $222M just to get up to average for state of NC, which by the way ranks 44th in the nation. There was very little optimism regarding their CC/BoE partnership proposal. There was agreement that schools need to improve, and that they should be receiving more funding. I do not believe the word "Family" came up once in the conversation. Nor did any ideas for new educational models.

The WSCA was filled with energetic and enthusiastic participants. And they were not just parents with kids in
WCPSS -- All different age groups, races and economic groups were represented. There was passionate discussion about specific issues, creative solutions, and the role parents play in determining the educational success of their children. A lot of discussion on how to improve parental involvement. The ranks of WSCA supporters have swelled to just under 1,000 since launching six weeks ago. The next meeting is in Garner. It is important for us to sit at the table with people in that community and understand what unique issues they have.

The only thing missing from tonight's meeting was G88, I had my brick ready to go.

He was passionate discussion

He was passionate discussion on specific topics, creative solutions, and play the role of parents in determining the academic success of their children. Much discussion on how to improve parental involvement.

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Thanks for the recap CC

although my head is hurting just thinking about the brick.

Or is that from something else?

Over 1000 members!

That is fantastic growth for a grass roots group.  Sounds like a lot of momentum is building.  Can't wait until October and an election to turn the tide.

No need to choose between

No need to choose between them. I hit the WEP meeting at lunch and will be at WSCA after work. I took notes from the WEP meeting, if anyone is interested I can post them here once I have them compiled.

Thanks I would like

Thanks I would like that.

I heard Stan was his usual confused self. How could anyone meet that guy and vote for him?  I am  a Liberal Independent and could never vote for him even if I knew he was just a tool.

Freudian slip?


"North Carolina's school leadership structure is so confusing that even Gov. Beverly Perdue stumbles over it.
At a bill signing Wednesday morning, Perdue introduced her choice to be the new public school CEO as "Bill Atkinson."

State's new education leader

State's new education leader takes charge

WSCA good, WEP bad

The WEP indoctrination sessions are all the same - sit down, shut up and leave your opinions outside the door. A waste of time.

The WSCA session will likely be well attended. The NE corner of the county has tasted the benefits of school choice for years with the wildly popular Franklin Academy K-12 charter schools (waiting list of 2,000 students) and more recently Thales Academies (< one year old also with waiting lists) in Wake Forest, thanks to local industrialist/philanthropist Bob Luddy. People up there have taken things into their own hand, something we can all learn from.

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