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Tim Tyson mocks John Tedesco, Art Pope and Bob Luddy

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Historian and author Tim Tyson lit into Wake County school board member John Tedesco and conservative businessmen Art Pope and Bob Luddy at Monday night's NAACP rally.

Tyson argued throughout his talk that the move toward neighborhood schools in Wake can be traced to efforts to resist school integration. He repeatedly belittled Tedesco in his comments.

"How did I get on there," Tyson said about first mentioning Tedesco. "I was thinking of idiotic bureaucrats. God bless him. He doesn’t know what he thinks until they give them his talking points.

Tyson moved on to Luddy and Pope, who he called "money bags" for their donations during the school elections, He said they used the terms neighborhood schools and forced busing to win the election.

Despite the talk about ending "forced busing," Tyson said the school board will still have to run buses and assign students to schools they don't want to attend.

“It’s only forced busing if the school you get to at the end of the line is a diverse school," Tyson said.

Tyson said you can trace the term neighborhood schools to a 1964 speech by Alabama Governor George Wallace. Tyson said the speech was written by white supremacist Asa Carter.

"Do I think John Tedesco is like Asa Carter or George Wallace?" Tyson said. "No, no. I think Mr. Tedesco is perfectly nice."

"I have no animus to him," Tyson added. "He just sticks to his line. The problem is his lines stick to him."

Tyson mocked Tedesco and the new school board majority's "secret plan,” which he called "a magical plan that segregates while it integrates and integrates while it segregates."

Tyson again complained about how Tedesco has brought up the Brown v. Board decision to criticize the old diversity policy.

"We have to congratulate Mr. Luddy and Mr. Pope," Tyson said. "They are really getting their money’s worth."

The rest of Tyson's talk was a history lesson about the integration of Raleigh schools.


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This is for Heung Hui,

I agree with Agentpierce "

Because Keung Hui considers Tim Tyson "a historian and author" he gets to publish Tyson's inflammatory and abusive comments about the various public figures that Tyson despises.

But if I say similar comments about Tyson here, they are considered "inflammatory and abusive" and are deleted.

I fail to see the difference between Tyson's right to be abusive  .... and mine relative to the N&O.  That the N&O agrees with Tyson, and not me, is apparently the difference"

This has been brought to the N&O's attention before, this comment was left on Facebook by Timothy B.Tyson on February 8, 2010 at 10:19 pm.

"I personally voted to hang the mfers. The jury foreman lied."

Why don't you tell the whole truth about Tyson Mr. Hui?

Is Tim Tyson in the inner

Is Tim Tyson in the inner circle of the God Squad?  If so, those weren't very "christian" comments on his part. 

Let me clarify that I respect religious beliefs but am disgusted when individuals use religion as a weapon and license to treat others in a demeaning or devaluing manner.



Hey, Keung .........

Did Tyson really "mak[e] reference to John Todesco being gay or at least effeminate?" as pack_mike77 posted in another thread?

If so, did anyone in that holy accepting assemblage bat an eyelash at the gross intolerance being shown by throwing that out as an accusation? 

I've traded off blog e-mails

I've traded off blog e-mails with that particular poster. I've told him I didn't see Tyson's actions as trying to insinuate that Tedesco is gay or effeminate. For what it's worth, Tyson also denies he was doing that. He was clearly trashing Tedesco but not apparently along those lines that were alleged. I should also add, for what it's worth, that Tedesco was married and has a girlfriend.

BTW, I will post a Tedesco response in the morning. With all the other stuff taking place today, I wound up holding off on running it until then.

I wasn't there, but I can't

I wasn't there, but I can't imagine Tyson making insinuations like that since Petty is openly gay.  What actions or words did the poster interpret that way?

Tyson started waving his

Tyson started waving his left hand. The poster interpreted it to mean that it was a limp wrist gesture designed to indicate that Tyson was trying to intimate that Tedesco was gay. But Tyson had been waving his hand at one point to mock what he called Tedesco's "magic wand" to keep schools integrated without using socioeconomic diversity.

from ABC11  Tyson says he

from ABC11

 Tyson says he was not suggesting Tedesco is gay.

"I was referring to John Tedesco being an intellectual lightweight. I was in no way attacking Mr. Tedesco's sexuality. I don't have any knowledge or thoughts about his sexuality," he said. 

So little Timmy Tyson must

So little Timmy Tyson must consider himself to be an intellectual heavyweight? Too funny. Those who must make that claim, aren't.

Ah.  Thanks for the

Ah.  Thanks for the explanation.  I just saw a teaser for it on the ABC11 news.  I guess I'll see what they have to say on there.

I think Tim Tyson is a

I think Tim Tyson is a history professor and has had a book published.  That makes him a historian and author, no matter what you think.

It also makes him a public figure, which means his comments are news.

Until I see a book published by AgentPierce on Amazon.com, I will assume that you're not a public figure, so your comments are rightly moderated, as are mine (if I ever say anything inflammatory....I don't).

Shaquille O'Neal did a freestyle rap a couple of years ago asking Kobe Bryant a question.  That was news.  If one of the new board supporters asked the same question, I suspect it would be deleted rather quickly.

of course you don't danofnc

I can't imagine you even thinking anything inflammatory danofnc.  Much less saying it.  I can't judge if you are as fine a human being as Tim Tyson but probably pretty darn close.

I'm honored you even read my humble comments, what with me not being a "public figure" and all.  .... ;>)

If I say such .....

Because Keung Hui considers Tim Tyson "a historian and author" he gets to publish Tyson's inflammatory and abusive comments about the various public figures that Tyson despises.

But if I say similar comments about Tyson here, they are considered "inflammatory and abusive" and are deleted.

I fail to see the difference between Tyson's right to be abusive  .... and mine relative to the N&O.  That the N&O agrees with Tyson, and not me, is apparently the difference.

This goes to show you can't

This goes to show you can't please everyone. What about the person, also a supporter of the board majority, who claimed I was trying to cover it up by not printing what Tyson said?

I don't think you addressed

I don't think you addressed the issue. This issue is the N&O prints every inflammatory, offensive and insulting word Tyson, Barber, Petty et al care to utter, yet bloggers who respond in kind, are supposedly breaking some rule.

You realize that I'm

You realize that I'm probably more flexible about comments here than on the other blogs. In four years, I think I've deleted four comments, two at the request of the person who posted them.

I was just pointing out what

I was just pointing out what the writer was asking. You are indeed fair, tolerant and respectful. It is just unfortunate that you must bear the association with a newspaper that is anything but.

"can't please everybody ...."

You're to be commended for that tolerant attitude, Keung. 

As far as the "can't please everybody" gambit, there will always be someone on each extreme of every issue to balance out the far extreme.

There were Edwards' supporters who BLAMED Rob for "picking on John".  I'm sure there is someone sad soul out there who thinks the N&O was in cahoots with Sen Helms all those years.  So lets eliminate the far extremes in assessing where your "reporter's balance" actually does rest.

All you have to do is please your editor.  You apparently are doing that.  Of course that was the case for N&O reporters during Duke Lacrosse too .... and what a mess that turned out to be.

talking points ...

Where do left-winger Tyson, Nancy Petty, Barber & the rest of the mindless drones get their talking points?

George Soros.  Somehow it's all right if multi-billionaire Soros & his extravagantly wealthy sons fund the Open Society Institute, to the tune of almost half a billion dollars, which then funds countless left-wing org's, such as the NAACP's Legal & Educational funds, etc.  Soros, who will make even more billions, thanks to the Obama admin. approving billions in loans from the Export-Import Bank to a Soros-controlled Brazil firm which is engaged in oil drilling, off the coast of Brazil, so that Americans will be forced to purchase oil from Brazilian shores.  Brilliant.

But then all liberals/progressives are, in the end, hypocrites.

No?  So I'll just hold my breath & wait for Tyson to sell his expensive home & move to inner-city, gang-infested Durham, to IN FACT socio-economically diversify HIS OWN COMMUNITY.

I don't really understand

I don't really understand the logic that says you have to live in a Section 8 house to think balanced schools are a good idea.

"The rest of Tyson's talk

"The rest of Tyson's talk was a history lesson about the integration of Raleigh schools."

There would have been a great value in Tedesco, Malone, Goldman, Prickett and Margiotta hearing that history lesson, but only if they would LISTEN.

No one needs a damn history

No one needs a damn history lesson. Raleigh and Wake County are not unique in terms of integration. In fact, we are behind the times. The rest of the country discovered the fallacy of forced busing years ago. Wake up, it's the 21st Century.

The problem is that they are

The problem is that they are stuck in the past.  Yes, it's important to know the history but Tyson & Barber repeating it over and over isn't going to change anything.  This is no longer the Raleigh or Wake County of 40 years ago.  It looks a lot different than it did even 20 years ago. 

Barber, Tyson and Petty are bringing nothing new to the table.  They are looking at the situation through a 40 year old lens. 

You have to know the history

You have to know the history of the past in order to avoid repeating it.  Looks like this board is bound and determined to go back, if not to de jure segregation, definitely to de facto segregation, which is exactly what will happen.

Just because the new members

Just because the new members aren't listening in awe to Tyson and Barber pontificate, doesn't mean that they don't know the history of the school system and segregation.

No you don't

I suspect that none of the board members know the history of the Norman Conquest, yet we're not concerned about that being repeated.  Why not?  Because it's irrelevant, just as the history of a very different school system populated by very different people in a very different time is irrelevant.  The only thing that's similar between what Tyson talked about and today is physical geography -- that different school system happened to sit within the same geographic boundaries as today's. 

Most people in Wake County didn't live here 40 year ago.  Their parents didn't live here.  The history Tyson talks about isn't their history -- it's somebody else's.

I would have thought Tyson would have learned humility after the lacrosse fiasco in which he also jumped to conclusions to condemn people. 

The re-segregation of the

The re-segregation of the nation's schools is very relevant today.  The school systems that the people who live here now came from were, for the most part, even more segregated than the school systems in the South.  They were never required by law to integrate. In NJ and other northern and mid-western states the poor and minority students are failing in big-city high-poverty schools, and the wealthy, white students go to schools in tiny little enclaves that were built to keep "the other" out.  Merger and a focus on balanced schools prevented that from happening here.  If the new board does indeed know the history of segregation in Wake County, then they are intentionally going back to the days of de facto segregation.   There is no way that won't happen if they set up their contiguous zones, because of housing patterns created by decades of discrimination.  And they don't care.

That is exactly right

That is exactly right virginia. The school system I grew up in up North held on the neighborhood schools at any cost. We were in a fairly fast growing urban area. Each neighborhood had its own elementary school. The elementary school in my neighborhood ended up abandoned after maybe 15-20 years of operation as the neighborhood aged out. The Jr High I went to got so crowded that it had to go to "split shifts." Half the school went to class from 6am to 12 and the other half went from 1-7pm. This is what they figured was an efficient use of facilities I guess.

When we moved down here as adults and saw how the magnet systems worked it seemed like a very smart idea that solved multiple problems. Underutilized buildings in older neighborhoods were kept in service while it helped offset the creation of very high poverty schools. We stayed in Wake county after our internships partly due to the quality of the school system.

Yeh...How The Voters Weren't Heard!

My understanding is the voter's voted against the integration of the Raleigh schools 2 to 1, but the powers that be went ahead with iT anyway through back office politics, etc.  Quite a lesson huh!    I guess we need to throw out democracy even though that is what this nation was built upon! 


The Boards of Education of the Raleigh City and Wake County school districts vote merger into

effect to begin July 1, 1976, despite a non-binding community referendum several years earlier in

which voters of the two school districts voted against the idea of merger by more than a two-to-one margin. 

Votes should matter!

Cities should not be bullied by larger, adjacent cities.  If this is true have any lawsuits been brought to challenge the merger and "unmerge" or split up the schools from a Wake "county" system back into separate city systems?  I never knew that a vote had been held and ignored. 

You may wish to research that time

There is a lot more to the story.   It would most assuredly pay to get all the facts rather than react to Ms. Tango's selected snippet of the history.  There were many dimensions to the decision including the intervening years between the vote as Ms. Tango's note mentions.

So you believe the voters

So you believe the voters should have gotten their way and the schools of Wake County should never have become integrated? 

They're not talking about integration...

they're referring to what used to be separate City of Raleigh and Wake County school systems.

I'm Just Disturbed That Democracy is Bypassed.....

I'm not talking about whether it was needed or not. I wasn't a resident here at that time!  I'm disturbed that it was put out for a vote and they ignored the outcome!  What was the point of voting? 

I don't think that's when

I don't think that's when the schools integrated. 

I think Raleigh had its own system, and the rest was Wake County schools domain.

It would be interesting in today's county to see just how that would work, since Raleigh would basically be a big donut in the middle.

Yes, I meant all the schools

Yes, I meant all the schools of Wake County including the schools in the former Raleigh system.  It took merger to fully integrate. 

City versus county schools

How many here were around when each county had a city and a county school system?  It would pay to get all the facts instead of just selective bits before deciding the decision was in error or against voter wishes.

I grew up in this system...

I remember a huge disagreement between city and county residents.  The merger was forced on the city system, it was not a two way street. 

I've heard it told just the

I've heard it told just the opposite.  That the County folks objected to being overtaken by the city dwellers under a county-wide system feeling that the more populated Raleigh folks would have the power base to determine the future against the outlying areas wishes.

I've heard that neither

I've heard that neither 'side' wanted it, for the reasons both of you mentioned.  It seems like Orange County and Chapel Hill-Carrboro have many of the same arguments against merger now.

It was against the voters'

It was against the voters' wishes.  That is a fact.  Whether or not it was the right decision is up to interpretation.  Personally, I think it was the right decision at the time, but it doesn't change the fact that it was against the voters. 

If you think it was the

If you think it was the right decision at that time to merge the county and city systems to facilitate integration, why do you think it's okay now to move to an assignment plan that will result in segregated, very high poverty schools?

Because we are talking about

Because we are talking about 2 completely different Raleighs/Wake Counties.  The circumstances then are completely different from the circumstances now.  Back then it was 'white flight' out of the city.  That's not what's happening now.  Back then it was pretty much black/white and I imagine that it was pretty delineated where blacks lived and where whites lived.  It's more than black & white now.  The suburban 'county' areas aren't just wealthy and white now.  The landscape has changed a lot--we've got to stop looking at it through a 1970s lens.

"Back then it was 'white

"Back then it was 'white flight' out of the city.  That's not what's happening now." Exactly! Largely due to many of the policies of WCPSS. On the other hand, "white flight" is alive and well in the newly resegregated Charlotte-Mech schools.

I agree Zande!  White

I agree Zande!  White flight is not happening now because of the policies of WCPSS, but it will begin when zones are put into place.  The suburban areas may not be all wealthy and white now, but many areas of SE Raleigh and eastern Wake County are mostly black, and those are the places that will have the resegregated, very high poverty schools.  Middle class neighborhoods near those areas which have been built up into desirable places to live will be destroyed also because of white and middle class flight.

So sometimes the voters make

So sometimes the voters make the morally wrong decision.......

If you look at it that way...

then we are not integrated now either, because it would take a merger between all cities and counties in North Carolina, and then a merger between that system and the others in the United States.  We can integrate within a county or system, but it will never be "fully integrated."

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