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Tedesco and Truitt exchange words at diversity press conference

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District 2 school board candidates John Tedesco and Cathy Truitt got into some verbal fisticuffs at today's "Friends of Diversity" press conference.

Here's what happened, according to N&O reporter Kristin Collins. Truitt was among 25 to 30 people who stood up behind the podium with the organizers of the press conference.

Tedesco and the other candidates endorsed by the Wake Schools Community Alliance stood in the audience.

After the press conference ended, Truitt walked over near Tedesco and he mentioned that it looked as if she supported Wake's diversity policy. She fired back that she does not support the diversity policy, but she does support diversity.

"I'm not for segregation, which is what you're for," Truitt said to Tedesco.


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Keung -

Apparently they are Tart signs. Someone at the Southeast Library on Seventh in Garner says there are three there. And there has been a fight over sign stealing - someone trying to steal Tedesco signs again.

I guess this would explain why both Truitt AND Tedesco were misspelled.

at least he was ekitible.

at least he was ekitible.

Now I've heard yet another story

From a John volunteer. Apparently when Keung showed up to take photos the Truitt volunteer literally hightailed it out of there and sat in her car until Keung left. When the woman returned, in discussion she shared that she had heard that John had found who had done it and it was someone who owns a business? The person volunteering for John suggests it might be the same folks who ran the ads and are looking for a runnoff. According to this person the overwhelming response is 'this is the most negative thing I've ever seen' and everyone coming to the poll assumes Cathy Truitt did it and state that therefore they will not vote for her. What a mystery. Maybe Keung can unravel it for us.

Gee doggie, this IS better than a soap opera.  

Maybe we should go confront

the Truitt folks at the polls and ask them what they think!


I attended two parades in Garner this weekend. John had a very family friendly truck, with balloons for the kids, kids in the truck throwing candy. The theme from Rocky blasting. It was very entertaining. In contrast, Cathy sat hermetically sealed on the backseat of a polished red convertible, waving like a homecoming queen to the crowd.

Next day, next parade, Cathy had rented some kids who also threw candy from her car. John is genuinely in tune with families and children. Cathy is just a poser.

Cathy Truitt Must Go

Not only has her team of thugs destroyed Tedesco and Tart signs throughout Fuquay and Garner. Now she is attacking Tedesco for being divorced. Well newsflash. Cathy Truitt was divorced once too. Shame on you Cathy.

Was she REALLY??

Oh, now THAT is unbelievable, yet at the same time, hardly surprising. Thanks for sharing.

Carlene Lucas is the only

Carlene Lucas is the only candidate to not go negative or seek the endorsements of political groups in District 2. She WILL put our children first. Remember this as you vote today.

Ms. Truitt will never

Ms. Truitt will never understand why so many people are against her. I am not a fan of Horace Tart, and I may argue with his effectiveness, but I don't attack him personally. Same goes for Rakestraw, Nixon and Simon. I believe their agenda is flawed, but their true interest is to serve.

Ms. Truitt is a different matter. Every group who has met her has come away convinced that she is running for school board as a capstone to her career. She has a different message for every different audience. She has attacked school board members, thereby marginalizing her effectiveness in the remote possibility that she got elected to the school board. She lied on WPTF, while further alienating a school board member and his constituents. Now she attacks the front-runner because he is divorced. This man embraces a low-paying career helping children, while she is off on a lucrative career as an educational consultant.

With the exception of Ms. Truitt, I respect all of the candidates from both sides. Their hearts are in the right place.

You give Rakestraw and Simon

You give Rakestraw and Simon way more credit than I do. I respect candidates that have a command of the facts and presents them to the public with honesty and integrity. I have not seem that from those two. It is clear that Truitt is more mean-spirited, but incompetence is nothing to respect.


Maybe holier-than-thou Cathy thinks that she will fit right in with the arrogant 'we know what's best' WCPSS status quo crowd, but I wonder, I just wonder how this will really play in Garner. I mean how many folks are divorced now? 50%? And how many families are single parent for whatever reason? Doesn't this come off as being just a TAD - uh well - JUDGEMENTAL? How will she treat divorced and single parent families if she is (GOD FORBID) ever in a position of authority? Does she look down on them? Sure sounds like it to me.

What it says is that she has

What it says is that she has no issues to stand on, probably because she doesn't know which subgroup might read her signs, so all she has left is to attack him on his marital status.

I stand corrected, Truitt actually CAN go lower

Truitt campaign signs being posted tonight around Garner read:

Dr. Cathy Truitt
Married, 5 children

Horace Tart
Married, 4 children

John Tedesco
Divorced, no children

Who's YOUR choice for School Board?

Evidently Ms. Truitt also knows she is behind, and like the others will stoop to new lows to win votes.

Even status quo candidates didn't stoop this low

Can someone near one of these signs get a picture and post it so it can be shared with the media and voters overnight and all day tomorrow?



Well that sign certainly isn't in the spirit of diversity is it?

Of course, as Ms. Truitt is sometimes for the current diversity policy and sometimes not for the current policy, depending how the wind blows that day, I'm not surprised she would show such an utter lack of appreciation that our society has diversity in marital and family status.

Apparently, she's living in the 1960s too. Someone ought to clue her in that there are many divorced people these days and if I were one of them, I would find her sign highly offensive.


i didn't think my opinion of her could go any lower


Oh, she will go lower.

She is going DOWN tomorrow. What a sick, twisted and bitter woman.

Look at the upside, she has

Look at the upside, she has evidently figured out who the front-runner is.


Wow. And his signs have been disappearing systematically. Big signs from the side of his truck disappeared while he was at dinner. Its a good thing he is who he is - tough as nails. 

I wish I had a Bubba down here, I'd ask him to go pick up those signs.  

I'll be your Huckleberry

I'll be your Huckleberry (aka Bubba).


Thanks! Bring them to the victory party and we'll have a bonfire!

She Reminds Me Of Nancy Pelosi....

Enough said..Halloween is around the corner and Nancy Pelosi scares the heck out of me!  Cathy seems to be cut from the same mold!  YIKES!

LOL. Kinda like John

LOL. Kinda like John Kerry... Cathy Truitt was actually against busing before she was for it, or vice versa. She has redefined herself more times than Madonna. I am glad that yet again, today, she gave voters a real good look at what they are dealing with.

Right on, Mudge!

A striking similarity to Sybil.

SAS researchers submitted

SAS researchers submitted the brief to Wake Superintendent Del Burns in June. In it, they suggested that Wake County was lowering its expectations of poor children and not doing as much as other school districts to encourage them to make academic progress.

I have had all I can take

of people using the word "diversity" to directly or indirectly push citizens to vote for certain candidates. I resent the implication, or in some instances, outright accusations, that anyone who speaks the words, "I am against the FORCING of year-round school attendance" really means, "Let's return to the days of segregated schools". That is preposterous!

In my opinion, lower income families and/or minorities have been ignored, pushed around, taken advantage of, and treated as if they can't even think for themselves. The strategy of select fact-sharing has resulted in a skewed idea of what the true picture looks like.

Take, for instance, the WRAL/ News and Observer poll in 2006. When asked about year-round schools, 52% of Blacks (that's the wording of the poll) and 52% of Latinos either opposed YR schools altogether or thought that they should be optional only. Fact ignored.

In the spring of 2007, I attended a press conference that African American leaders held. I prefer to have first-hand accounts before I speak on anything. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage members of the black community to return the required (at that time) year-round consent forms – an excellent idea – and I saw and spoke with several leaders that I know. First thing, all attendees were called onto the stage to stand together in support of the WCPSS and the School Board. Some were hesitant, whispering that they came to get information, but none-the-less felt the pressure to go forward. Though it was heavily implied, only one speaker actually came out and told these citizens that they must check “yes” to year-rounds. My greatest concern, however, was the heavy emphasis on this thought: year-round=diversity, traditional=segregation. It’s one thing to wonder if reassignment plans will negatively affect diversity percentages. But to blatantly put the thought in people’s minds that if they choose traditional for their child, they are leaning towards the days of segregation? I have a real problem with that, and I certainly hope most others do as well. These parents – ALL parents – deserve to know the facts and make an educated decision, on their own, with no hints of coercion.

I could go on and on, but need to stop and call out Spanish words  :^)

Get the word out - VOTE!!!! 

I was standing there and you missed what John said

I saw some reporter hang over their shoulders AFTER John had said what John said - Cathy saw the reporter. She then held onto John's hand like a visegrip and dropped her little gas bomb.

John had said to her - challenging her - something like "I was so surprised to see you stand up there today Cathy. You said before that you were against diversity".

She - the tantamount politician (is that who we want? A cat of many coats? A chamelion?) then issued this very calculated quote.

THAT is how that happened.


That is obviously your spin of it...

I was there and saw something completely different.  But of course your spin supports your side.

Are you the lady who wears

Are you the lady who wears the peace sign necklace and coughs?

Wow, her new sign

leaves me shaking my head.  She took some horrible last minute advice as to attack the leading candidate's personal life the night before the election!  How does a person who supposedly cares for children stoop to that depth?  When does that happen, before they get in the race or as their numbers start going down?  Either way, it's incredibly revealing and just astounding!

"she does not support the

"she does not support the diversity policy, but she does support diversity."
well all those people she was standing with support the POLICY....

silence infers consent Cathy, or didn't you ever know that one? you stand WITH them you must BE with them.....'cause Karen Simon stood there too and SHE'S for the policy....

just wanted some camera time, was that it?

She's shown her vulgar

She's shown her vulgar colors the entire campaign...making accusations and hurling insults...maybe that is why she was welcomed with open arms at the race baiter/status quo press conference today that I heard was a complete and utter fiasco completely overshadowed by more damning evidence of the WCPSS failures in addressing the needs of low-income and minority students. Del Burns and David Holdzkom might be wise to update their resumes. Their days at WCPSS are numbered.

Boy, Truitt is really

Boy, Truitt is really showing her true colors.

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