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Student assignment meeting added at Millbrook High

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Wake County school officials announced today that an additional meeting on the student assignment plan has been scheduled for Monday at Millbrook High School.

No reason was given for the Millbrook meeting. But the revised feeder patterns released on Monday made a pretty substantial change to Millbrook's feeder pattern.

Before Monday, staff had proposed that Douglas, Fox Road, Joyner, Millbrook and North Ridge elementary schools feed into Millbrook High.

But following parental complaints, the base students from Douglas and Joyner were dropped from the recommendation. Staff replaced them by adding Baileywick and Brassfield elementary schools to the feeder pattern.


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Not a fan of the meetings

I did attend one of the meetings but did not find it useful.  I could only ask a question by filling out a comment card which was brought up to the front.  They then decided which ones they would answer -- my questions were not selected.  Of course my questions were different with the prior feeder patterns.  Now if I attend another meeting my questions will be completely different given the recent changes.  The primary question would be who did the Millbrook parents complain to -- I would like to have the same opportunity.  My guess is that that question would not be selected as one that they would answer.  This whole process (or lack thereof) is really beginning to smell fishy!

so go right to you rep.

so go right to you rep. Kevin Hill

or better yet go right to Tata...betcha magnet parents have.


This plan is getting ridiculous.  I have one child at Brassfield and the feeder pattern was supposed to go to Wakefield High School.  That is the school that we are closest to and that my boys also go to.  Now because some parents complain at Millbrook that the feeder pattern suddenly changes to Millbrook High. How are we supposed to find out about these changes and who can we complain to get this changed? This is not right and the process is as bad as the previous school board. 

The multiple incremental

The multiple incremental releases of changes with a comment period that runs throughout all the changes makes it very difficult to actually figure out which version are being referenced and why.    I would expect trying to figure out comments and the state of the referenced data is as difficult for the wake staff as it is for the people commenting.    And the changes are being made without any real reference to or discussion about the specific changes.   A few comments complaining seems to get things to switch and all those who liked it before that didn't comment now are the opposite side.     It feels like there should be some specific methodology for changes and reasons for change.     Many of the changes feel like the old buddy system that things get done for a few in power. 

The chaos has allowed what people haven't been able to do for years, get their nodes moved to the schools they want independent of a fundamental philosophy guiding the changes.   Many of the changes are moving students futher from their addresses.

email/talk to your district

email/talk to your district BoE rep.  (brassfield-district 3-kevin hill---good luck with that!) or try going to one of the meetings being held.

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