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Sticking with transfers before tutoring

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For now at least, Wake will stick with transfer choices as the first option for dealing with Title I schools that fall short under No Child Left Behind

The State Board of Education hopes to hear from the feds this week whether its request to allow failing Title I schools to offer tutoring before transfers will be granted. But Wake wasn't among the 33 school districts that told state officials they'd want to take advantage of that option for the upcoming school year.

Wake school administrators will go ahead and name Aug. 5 the schools it will allow families to request transfers to attend. It will be up to the school board to approve those recommended schools or make changes.

Under No Child Left Behind, the first punishment for failing schools is to allow transfers. The next punishment in future years is to provide paid tutoring services, such as at Sylvan Learning Centers, to students.

But some No Child critics argue that the sanctions should be reversed so that tutoring is offered in the first year with transfers coming afterward.

As a result, the state board has asked for the waiver to reverse the order of sanctions.

If approved, it would apply to schools that are being punished for the first time. A school district could choose to delay the transfers to the second year.

The waiver has some opposition.

"We have heard from our network of parents in the Triangle and beyond, and they are appalled by the State Board's apparent lack of accountability in this regard," said Darrell Allison, president of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, in a press release. "The declining results show that school systems no longer have the luxury to pick and choose which option under No Child Left Behind to offer, but that they need to provide parents in those failing schools every available option."

Since Wake isn't joining in the state's request, it will present the transfer choices next week for nine schools that fell short for the first time. The board approved the choices earlier this month for five other schools that had failed before.


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Bus Incident

"School officials say they are lucky the mix-ups do not happen more often"

OMG - This is all they do, say OOPS !
Two times in two weeks! Is this going to just go away or is something going to be done about it for real. These are young children lives we are talking about. We entrust them with the safety of our kids and this is the result. I am sorry, but the bureacracy I used to be a part of would of suspended Dr. Burns of his duties and fired the head of transportation, then they would have a formal inquiry into why the problem was allowed to happen in the first place. But in this case all we get is "Sorry, we are LUCKY it doesn't happen more often" and life goes on. Who's watching the hen house? Sorry while I go to the toilet and throw up.

Bus incident

The incident in question took place July 9, three weeks ago. It was the child's first day at kindergarten.

OT, another bus mistake another child in distress



Thanks, Wikiangela for the URL. In process QA terms, our increased busing increases "the opportunities for nonconformance" i.e., mistakes. Only these mistakes are not trivial to manage broken product, they're humans.

I would be livid if that were my kid. Let's count the minutes before the BoE-water-carriers tell us how mean we are, that it was only a mistake, that yada yada yada.

Shame, BoE, shame. 'Cept Ron: Go Ron!

You hit the nail !

You are correct Big Winnie on change not happenning quick enough. Perhaps this is why we appear to not listen to people who preach that our BoE is good democracy in action. It is the fact that our children can be hurt with only one year of bad policy, never mind years. The reprecussions of that bad policy cannot be undone easily, if it can be at all. The biggest problem I have with this whole situation is the political makeup of the BoE, and how they are not in touch with the parents. The WCPSS has few checks and balances, so they can continue their ideological disaster until enough people get the real picture. Right now the only picture most get are the meaningless awards and old laurels that WCPSS has gotten in the past.

BTW- can you elaborate on the situation you mentioned?

Voice of Reason, I do not

Voice of Reason,

I do not feel comfortable (yet) elaborating on here, get in touch off line and I can "clue you in"....

Big Winnie WCPSS is only a little fish

[Off Topic Soapbox Alert] At ALL levels of elected office, the ignorance of voters is rampant. Unless the press would do the job they should and be fair i.e. present the facts, check the facts, and quit giving opinions; this country is in trouble. Emotions are human nature and the press plays on that, facts don't lie. What we have today are propaganda machines and political entertainment venues. That being said, a lot of people don't really care and vote the ticket or what their special interest group says no matter what or who they are voting for. Worse, more people care about what Madonna is up to than what is going on in their government. The sad thing today is that so many good people that could run are unwilling to play the silly games of politics. Power, not community service is the main motivator. Yeah I know this is not new, but it is now out of control. I do have hope, but I think it will get worse before it gets better. OK- Off my soapbox

well I must say after our

well I must say after our year of MYR and no end in sight, my hope is waning QUICKLY, and having had my eyes opened just recently to a situation at our school, I am even LESS hopeful.

 I hear you and I (mostly) agree, where i disagree is that it will get better.....not in time for my kids......

You are Correct Big Winnie

Non-Title I schools can get as bad as they like without penalty. If WCPSS ships nodes with their worse F&R students into non-Title I schools, they can hide their problems and really give these kids nothing but a long bus ride. It is how I believe they are trying to artificially keep Title I schools in somewhat decent shape while "spreading the wealth." Of course this IMHO is nothing short of scandalous.

yes they do and yes they

yes they do and yes they are.....shifting %'s and test scores, that's how they have always managed it, the problem now is that is it all catching up to them with stronger tests, higher demands on test scores, increasing F&R %'s and higher test scorERS flooding out doors to private, charters and/or homeschooling, there is only so long the card game can go on......

Follow the money

Mr Hui - Please feel free to correct me,

The federal government pays a set amount to Title I schools in the county (based on US Census poverty levels), out of that money, 20% is held back for penalties (transfer bussing or tuturing). The ones that get tuturing are low perform F&R students in failing 3X failing schools. Other students aren't eligible. If the demand is greater, the tuturing money must come out of district general funds (or is it other Title I money?). Students still have the choice of transfers or tutoring, but not both.

also, I believe even if I

also, I believe even if I school fails NCLB but ISN'T Title 1, then nothing happens, right? Only Title 1 schools that fail are obligated to tutor or transfer.  other families are failing school are SOL, as usual.

Non Title I schools

A non Title I school that fails No Child Left Behind is supposed to indicate in its improvement plan how it will try to correct the situation. But there are no other consequences. 

School districts decide how to use the Title I money. For instance, some districts use it also for middle schools and high schools. Orange County only uses it at pre-K so as to avoid having any schools face penalties for falling short.  Wake only uses Title I funding at the elementary school level. Wake elementary schools get funding if their F&R percentage is at 35 percent or greater. 

How it is Distributed

Mr. Hui
It should be pointed out the amount of Title I money is fixed and it doesn't matter how many Title I schools WCPSS have. If we spread out the F&R's by diversity busing we get more Title I schools, so less money to the schools that need it. It should also be noted that the Title I money is distributed based on poverty level population in a county, not F&R population (up to 180% of poverty level). That means that the people that falsely report their income to get F&R status to gain admision into magnets or just milk the cash cow are hurting us all. The one's they hurt the most are the truly needy. The evidence is overwhelming that fraud in the F&R program is rampant and nobody cares that can do anything about it. The house of cards is getting more and more unstable. Of course more money is always the problem...right BoE? Why do the voters not care? Where is the NAACP?

F&R lunch?

VoR --

   Are you suggesting that the federal student lunch program comes out of Title I funding?  Eek.


No Bob but they are related

Title I funding is porportionally given to states and distributed proportionally to counties based on the population living at or below the poverty level according to US Census data. Title I schools though are based on F&R % in the schools. You can legally be 180% of the poverty level and be F&R. But it is inrefutable that F&R fraud is widespread and not enforced. If people cheat on F&R status we can have more Title I schools, but funding does not change. This then becomes an issue to the children Title I is suppossed to help. WCPSS makes it worse by busing children and dilluting the Title I money in the schools. Some F&R's gain NOTHING, ZERO, NADA from Title I since they are bused from their local schools.

BL- F&R Fraud hurts

The house will topple

But we need to convince the public or wait until a crisis.

you'd think that the 70%

you'd think that the 70% that DO NOT have children in WCPSS and that DO NOT want their taxes raised and DO NOT want money for new schools would WANT to know about the taxpayer money that is being wasted/shifted/programs fraudulently abused, would want that to stop as well!  that is what I do not understand and I guess I never will, you can lead a horse to water (or provide them with EVERY scrap of detail) and yet.....

What ever it takes....

What ever it takes to make sure there are no neighborhood schools.

Eventually, we'll also need to provide transportation for these children as the tutors will be located at least 15 miles for the children's residence. On the bright side, this will open up new jobs and/or extended hours for bus drivers.


So, let's get this straight.... The solution being offered is to:
(1) Keep the kids in school, but don't teach them and then....
(2) Pay somebody else to teach them at night

Why not just pay somebody else to teach them during the day and be done with it?

This in not surprising

The WCPSS BoE has vast experience at creating non-choice "choices". It is not surprising that they would prefer to offer transfers. They know exactly how to work that in their favor and against the needs of children and their parents.

I know Leesville and Brier

I know Leesville and Brier Creek are year round, but someone said that for the ED kids who have Leesville, that apparently didn't matter along with the ridiculous distance of 22 miles (or thereabouts)

Are any of these schools

Are any of these schools year round? If so, how will they handle the transfers since all four tracks have started for the year?

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