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State Senate committee approves revised school construction bill

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More to come later, but the state Senate Education Committee approved this morning a revised version of Senate 236 Bill, the school construction bill.

The bill, which now goes to the Finance Committee, now only affects nine counties, including Wake County. An amendment from Sen. Josh Stein to drop Wake was rejected.

Stein and school board vice chairwoman Christine Kushner basically raised the points from the school district handout for why the county shouldn't take over schools. They argued the system now works and doesn't need to be changed.

Sen. Neal Hunt argued that commissioners have more business experience than school board members. Joe Bryan, chairman of the board of commissioners, told the committee that the school board had become "a board of construction versus a board of education."


The state Senate is moving quickly today to adopt Senate Bill 236. The Senate Finance Committee added the bill to its agenda and approved the legislation.

It's been added to today's calendar for a vote by the full Senate..


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Works For Who?

I saw a presentation from WCPSS G&P where they stated a need for a high school (H10) in the Leesville area, but there is no land available for a HS. They've been doing a lousy job of keeping up with the growth in some parts of the county like in District 7. The lack of a middle school space in District 7 has been a problem for years.

Well, another reason for CC to be in charge

The CC can condemn land for public purpose, such as a public a school. Something the BoE can't do.

I think that the CC should have control of building

back in the dark ages when Chuck was still head of growth management he came to Baileywick to talk and blamed the need for constant reassignments on growth :) He had some very handy examples that had some merit, he showed the location of some new high density starter homes (lots in the sq feet, not acres) and showed how those families were displacing other families at a local school. I asked why we would allow a builder to build that many homes with no new schools in place and he said that was a great question to ask the CC.
While we all know the extent of Chuck's dishonesty with parents (WCPSS would not allow builders to donate land for schools in exchange for a guarantee that their neighborhood could go there) we should have the same people who oversee growth in the county oversee where schools are built. There is a disconnect and it was a problem during the high growth.
But I personally won't vote for a bond, we have too many under-enrolled schools and too much inequity to support the continuation of the system in its current state. Remove the BOE, hire a chancellor, give the CC financial control, and I will vote yes for the bond.

Joe is only half

Joe is only half right....

It's become of board of construction AND assignment and is NOT a board of "education".

and Transportation

Don't forget transportation. Frankly I don't know why the BOE is reluctant to give construction up. It is thankless and no win. In as much as construction then determines assignment and transportation BOE should be happy to hand this over to the CC. A mass mailing should go out to parents: if you have any issues with school crowding, assignment, or transportation call 1-800-Bryan. Looking forward to the new entertainment over the next couple of years.

That's a good one but I have

That's a good one but I have a better idea...lets get rid of the BOE all together. All we need is a Sup hired by the CC's. Eliminate the BOE and beg Tata to come back...problem solved.

As for overcrowding, you only have the BOE to blame. The are the ones that both cause and continue to exacerbate the fact that there are underenrolled schools all over WCPSS. The current lot beleives they can force people into underenrolled schools with no "carrots". Anyone who can leave will. That is already what is happening! Why do we need to build more schools when that is the case? Not to mention, WCPSS G&P has overestimated growth every year as far back as I can remember. Never once did the underestimate. Why should we trust them now...especially in the age of charter school competition?

When the next bond fails, WCPSS only has themselves and the current BOE to blame. The folks do not trust them to have any more money, schools or anything else. The folks believe they will waste anything they get on goodies for themselves...and they're right! More and more parents will move their kids to charter, private and home schools each year and passing future bonds will become increasingly difficult. I'm personally one step away from having all three of my kids out of WCPSS and when/if that happens...I'll NEVER vote for a bond again. Don't even send your kids to my house with a fundraiser unless its for sports or band or something like that.

Get rid of BOE

Even better - get rid of the CC and let each town manage their own school system including funding their own school bonds.

The over crowding did not just happen. Don't forget the current board just carried forward the plan left by the previous board.

Folks do not trust them with more money - even after the audits that left no doubt the county operated leaner than it should be. One does not win 48th place in education funding by being fat. Your comment is the same old argument not to support wcpss.

Ooops, looks like they hired the wrong lobbyist huh

And they wasted how many tens of thousands of our tax dollars with their delusion?

Thanks C. Kushner, you continue to prove each and every time you speak that you have no clue.

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