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Speculating what Southeast Raleigh families will do in a choice plan

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When it comes time to make a decision, will Southeast Raleigh families still continue to go to suburban schools or opt to stay in their neighborhoods?

As noted in today's article, the Southeast Raleigh families have traditionally been silent when it comes to participating in Wake County's student assignment process. That was shown again Thursday at Southeast Raleigh High when only 30 people showed up at the latest student assignment public meeting.

A lot could depend on what Southeast Raleigh families think about the old diversity policy.

For instance, former school board candidate Rita Rakestraw said at Tuesday's public comment session that she had heard the school board members seem to be worried about the ride times for Southeast Raleigh students.

Rakestraw proceeded to say that former school board member Lori Millberg told her that she hadn't received a single phone call during her time on the board from a Southeast Raleigh parent complaining about being bused to the suburbs.

“Many of these parents are happy with their children being bused out there because they’re getting out of drug-infested neighborhoods with gangs,” Rakestraw said to board members.

Rakestraw said the diversity policy made it possible for Southeast Raleigh students to attend high-achieving schools.

Rakestraw questioned who would choose under the new choice plan to go to high-poverty schools such as Barwell Road Elementary and Hodge Road Elementary. She said the schools would lead to teacher and principal burnout and low parental participation.

On the flip side, critics of the old diversity policy have argued it hurt Southeast Raleigh families because it made it hard for them to go to their children's schools.

The answer of who is right could come in a few months, assuming the new choice-based plan is adopted, when Southeast Raleigh families make their choices.


Click here for a post today from Joey Stansbury of the conservative Wake Community Network in which he calls Rakestraw's remarks "offensive."


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Why speculate in the first place

How about finishing this mess up and let's find out what people will really do when the time comes to make the decision. Until then this all nothing but a waste of time.

the voices of SE Raleigh parents?

There were 30 people in attendance.  Why didn't you interview any of them?  Were they all former board candidates and protective magnet parents?

get real people. this is

get real people.

this is part of the reason why the diversity program was in place in the first place.   The simple fact is that many of these kids "parents" are simply not involved in their kids lives and don't really care, understand, or appreciate the value of education.   a large majority of them don't have a high school education themselves.  Yes, there will always be exceptions to this generalization but we all know these are 'exceptions'.

The idiots on the school board majority will spin the 'lack of vocal opposition' to the change as "how these parents want 'neighborhood' schools which is an absolute crock.


It won't matter then if the children of these uninvolved, uncaring uneducated parents are bused 15 minues or two hours?

"Neighborhood" schools have a MUCH better chance of parental participation than suburban or school locales that are so far removed from access to the abhorrent transportation system we have in Raleigh/Triangle.

I betcha a good principal and caring teachers/support staff at these "neigborhood" schools COULD very well engage all these uncaring, uneducated and uninvolved parents.

BTW; many Southeast Raleigh parents do favor community schools.


A large majority of them don't have a high school education themselves.

Do you have any evidence whatsoever to back up this absurd statement?  Or is it simply your personal prejudices about the poor?

So Bob...

statistically how many adults in SE Raleigh are college educated versus Cary or Apex? No prejudice intended...I'm just curious.

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

I don't know...

I was actually trying to find that information at the census website, but I didn't have much luck.

In any case, JoeTarheel was saying that a "Large Majority" (which I read as being 75+%) of parents of Walnut Creek parents never graduated from High School. That just didn't pass the smell test.

Wow, do you really think

Wow, do you really think insulting people by saying they "don't really understand" and do not care about their children is a message that will appeal to folks? You'd be wise to to be very careful who you call idiots with asinine comments like that. Unfortunately, Keith Sutton and the other race-hustling sheep herders in SE spew the same insulting message. That is just so sad.

Dear Woodstock...

You my friend are the one that "spews insults" and posts repeated nonsense straight from Tea Party pep rallies in this forum...subsequently treating us (readers) or thinking that we are merely "sheep to be herded". As usual Woodstock you need to take a timeout and reflect on your own words and pent up frustration or strong dislike of anyone that does not think like you. :)

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

Two things: 1. I am not your

Two things:

1. I am not your friend.

2. You seem to have a very hard time remembering that I have never been to a Tea Party event or even know what goes on at one.

Okay, three things:

3. Are you one of the sheep? From your posts, I believe you may be, but only you can decide that for sure.    

reading between the lines

In other words, if you say those parents don't care or don't understand or are irresponsible or any of the other terms throw about, you can't then turn around and say "they know what's best for their children"  when it comes to a choice plan.  And it throws a wrench into Ron's methodology. They one where he can claim "they know what's best for their childrn and we gave them an opportunity to send Johnny to a high-performing school but they chose the local school...so it's not our fault that the result in high-poverty racially isolated schools...it's theirs.."

I Could Be Wrong...

but the only people I hear talk about 'parents that don't care or parents that aren't involved' are the people that are all for the F&R busing we've had in the past.  In fact I heard Chuck Dulaney utter that comment once.  I know a handful of parents in SE Raleigh and I have to say that catergorization doesn't fit them at all.  They are very involved as much as their schedule allows and they have extended family (grandparents, etc) that are involved as well.  What frustrates me is labeling an entire population of parents as being uncaring and uninvolved.  I know there are parents in SE Raleigh that probably do fit that category, but I can also tell you I also know a family that lives in a 800K house that doesn't know where their 11 daughter is half the time.  There are good and parents that don't care in all income levels.   

"Sheep Herders"

The above post related to the use of the term "sheep herder" which Woodstock has used repeatedly in various threads.    By his own admission, he defines the people in southeast Raleigh as lacking in independent thought.   In further discussion, he specified: 

"Bzzzzzt. Wrong. There are sheep herders. And it is not just in SE Raleigh, it is true in many black communities across the country. That is why 98% of blacks voted for Obama. 98%!! Diversity of thought is nearly non-existent. You cannot get 98% of people to even agree the sky is blue. It is a follower mentality that is not duplicated anywhere... except perhaps among cult members or in North Korea."

Reference:   blogs.newsobserver.com/wakeed/venita-peyton-has-only-raised-730-for-school-board-run#ixzz1XkXcazMh

I don't think Woodstock could remotely be labeled "people that are all for the F&R busing we've had in the past." nor has anyone but a few current BoE supporters put forth or mentioned arguments which seem to label individuals residing in Southeast Raleigh as "sheep" or "lacking in independent thought", much less uncaring parents.

low attendance

is not surprising given the timing of these sessions.  Many schools had parent back-to-school nights on the same date and at the same time.  It's almost as if the school doesn't really want input.  If they really did, they would give more notice and set dates for when it is more likely people can attend.

We would know a little bit

We would know a little bit of information if the results by node of the "test drive" were actually released to give a bit of insight here.   Additionally, it would be interesting to see what the final decision on where to send students with parents that don't make a decision.    

Another question with regard to phone calls complaining about bus ride times.  It seems like these communications would be public record and the schools should be releasing volume of calls of complaints and reason for the complaint by node.

Certainly seems like not a lot of people are going to any of the sessions since there really isn't any new information to discuss since nothing has been released and won't until early Oct. 

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