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Some bus service possible for grandfathered students

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It looks like a small number of families who take advantage of grandfathering this year will be able to still receive bus service.

School board members signalled support today for a new process that would allow families who would normally be ineligible for bus service to file paperwork to request transportation. This new method would likely be approved next month in time for this year's transfer requests.

Under the process, staff would consider the requests. If rejected, parents could file a student grievance request to the school board.

But staff and board members said they expect relatively few transportation requests to be approved. Factors that would be considered include that it not increase the time of the bus trip, lead to more buses or increase transportation costs.

They say it should be rare that a bus would still run through a grandfathered kid's neighborhood that goes to the old base school.


Click here to view the criteria for considering transportation requests. 


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My fav is #5

Even if, after filling out required paperwork, jumping through hoops, having paperwork pushed across a sufficient number of desks, and clicking your heels three times you can be "bumped." In other words, if you need guaranteed bus transportation, because the family has no wheels, you are still up a creek without a paddle. You run the risk that 10 days into the school year some new eligible kid will show up and you get bumped. So, are they going to inform people -- congrats, you got a ticket to ride but sorry you were the last one accepted, so will be first bumped? That way parents can estimate their odds to help determine whether or not to roll the dice? Score: Paperpushers - 1 Common sense - 0

I wish I could say I was surprised

This board just continues to amaze with its stupidity.

sleeves off the vest

OK - i'll be the first - if you can actually see buses to your kid's school running through your neighborhood, even though your kid is technically ineligible for school transportation, they'll consider 'letting' your child ride the bus.  

Whoopee - how long and how many man-hours were spent drafting this?

 OK - it's late, so I'll try to be positive.  The good news is that grandfathered kids actually have a small chance of riding on the bus that's already going thru the neighborhood to their school - just fill out yet another form, jump thru some hoops, and be grateful to the BOE.   


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