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Sex education in schools

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Is it time to revisit the sex education policy in both Wake and the state?

As noted in today's article by Tommy Goldsmith, the fact that GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter is reigniting the controversy over sex education in schools. Wake, like most of North Carolina's 115 school districts, follows the state's abstinence-until-marriage curriculum.

As longtime Wake residents know, sex education can be as controversial as student reassignment and year-round conversion. It's become a third rail that Wake school board members try to avoid.

Back in 2002, a proposal to revise Wake's sex education curriculum from the state's abstinence standard drew more than 600 people to a public hearing.

The board was split between those who wanted to keep the abstinence-only theme and those who wanted full comprehensive sex education. What emerged was a compromise.

The November 2002 compromise, which still only netted a 5-4 vote, saw the board agreeing to give more lessons about contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases and tolerance for gays and lesbians in grades seven through nine. Abstinence was still the standard in those grades.

The board also voted 5-4 to include comprehensive sex education in a new high school elective in grades 10-12.

But soon after the 2003 elections, then-board member Bill Fletcher, who was running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, pushed for the issue to be revisited. Fletcher was taking advantage of the fact that Ron Margiotta, a critic of the changes, had just defeated Jeff York, who had supported the revisions.

In January 2004, the board voted 5-3 to eliminate the 2002 revisions and strictly follow the state's curriculum. The board also voted to kill the new high school elective.

In a measure of how worn out they were, the board actually voted then to not revisit the issue for at least six months. They've since avoided the issue although it has been brought up by candidates during elections.

The board membership has changed since 2004. Even though it appears a majority of board members would back making sex revisions, they haven't made it an agenda topic.


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Also what is taught?

In the UK they have a Comprehensive Sex Education program me in schools. I Believe this starts when the children are ten years old. Yet the UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe. In The Netherlands they also have a comprehensive Sex Ed program in schools and they have the lowest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe.
You should have Sex Education Programs in Schools only if what is being taught is going to be of benefit to the kids. It’s no use saying a Comprehensive Sex Education program is needed without considering previous studies on what knowledge benefits the children and what does not. In the UAE they have no Sex Education Policy for schools and yet you hardly hear of any teenage pregnancies. The traditional Idea in this country is that the men wan to marry virgins. So until they marry they have sexual relations with more experienced women or use the services of Dubai Escorts. I think that what helps more than sex education on the female side is the knowledge that “God help me!” if you are not a virgin on your wedding night.

We need better education

Planned parenthood does a booming business here in Scottsdale and offers Walk-in services: Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy Testing, Birth Control Refills
All other services require an appointment.
If you need emergency contraception (morning after pill), you can walk in any time the health center is open. If we had better sex education, maybe we wouldn't need these places and would have so many Scottsdale escorts here in Arizona. I was surprised they even offer the following service: Pills Now Pay Later® is available at this health center — a service that allows you to visit us for one appointment and walk out the door with up to a year’s supply of birth control and a convenient, low, monthly payment plan.
Pills by Mail is available at this health center — a service that delivers birth control pills to your home each month. Patients with a current prescription for some of the birth control pills that we offer at our health center can order Pills by Mail.

I believe some education

I believe some education classes are used as scare tatics so they disagree on sex.
webcam sex women

We need a Comprehensive Sex Ed Programme

I think the lack of a comprehensive sex education programme is present not just in the US but most countries worldwide. Even in the UK there is a girth of Sex Education programmes which are comprehensive and all encompassing. Its important to build the programme in a way which really helps in imparting correct information to youngsters in a responsible and serious manner. With more and more youngsters experimenting with sex at an early age due to the exposure and influences Movies, Magazines, Fashion, TV, Commercials, London Escorts Adverts and other such easily visible material has on the young minds we need to lay the emphasis on making these very young minds understand the responsibility that comes with practicing sex and the only way to do it is through a comprehensive sex ed programme unfortunately like in the USA, the UK also faces many obstacles and hurdles including some directly connected to politicians and politics.

Sex education should stay

Sex education should stay option not forced for the children. Children being forced to see the graphic nature of what could happen to you if you have sex could be detrimental to their mind. It might scar them more then expected. I believe some education classes are used as scare tatics so they disagree on sex. If you are using the right procautions and teaching in a sensible way, then the class will in fact turn out to be affective.

Here's a plan Wake County

IF a child AT ANY AGE ends up pregnant she AND the boy should be removed from public school FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Let them get educated somewhere else! Not on my dime!!

what about those poor kids

what about those poor kids who its NOT their fault?

Disagree Completely

You punish the baby, and society in general. Education is the only way to help these kids out of their dilemma. I have no problem with alternative schools to help these mothers and their babies if they want that type of help; and yes at taxpayer's dimes.

Fully Disagree

Hmm.... Teenage parent, probably unwed, without a high school education.  That's not exactly a recipe for success in life, for either the parents or the child.  It seems to me that the money spent NOW when there's a chance that they'll stay in school is far less than the money spent later, when they're on welfare and food stamps and conisdering various crimes.


That's a separate issue

I could not disagree more.

How about this.... if

How about this.... if students are caught engaging in sexual activity in the bathrooms  (or in cars in parking lots, or on lunch hours at parks) at school they are expelled and can't come back and must go be schooled on someone elses dime!


I have heard, from more sources than I can count on two hands, of teachers, other students, SRO's walking into bathrooms to find this behavior occuring.  


What's with that?!  I didn't ask if they were usuing condoms or not. :)

ack!!!  in bathrooms?! 

ack!!!  in bathrooms?!  and that many times?!  what schools?  or all the same?

Middle Creek High School was

Middle Creek High School was one of the ones a teacher told me about

Think about this

Even  prison inmates are offered job training and education. Why wouldn't you offer it to these children who just cannot control their hormones. Sure suspend them and punish them for breaking the rules, but don't crucify them.

Bit too forgiving

I do not believe that their hormones drive them to have sex in a school bathroom.  I also suspect that it's fairly rare.   But, those that do are exhibiting a deliberate and severe disrespect for the rules and for the authority of those in charge.  If that's going on, then it indicates a far greater breakdown in that school.  Making examples of them might serve to turn that around a bit.


Too Forgiving

It doesn't happen on a daily basis.....but its's not unusual.  When it occurrs, they are not thinking about "breaking rules".  Making examples of them would likely make the problem worse.  I am aware of students who would take pride in their "reputation".

You are correct; it does indicate a far greater problem.  One that the system refuses to recognize.  The mind set is, If a problem is not recognized, it does not exist. 




I didin't realize NC was an abstinence only state. Wow! Glad its working well for them...not!

Hmm..just like those Catholics that are NOT supposed to be using birth control...ha ha! Sinners!

That's nice

and what is the name of your faultless club?

LOL - I hope you had a good Pop-Up Blocker Dadof3

I'll bail you out... I am sure you hovered over the link and saw the website.   :^)


NP, no embarrassments...

VoR -- I use OpenDNS at home, so I keep the bottom-dwelling scum-crude off my home net. It's a safe way to see if an URL stinks or not, too. And, I'd be lying if I told you I was immune to distraction -- OpenDNS keeps me on task. As you said elsewhere, OpenDNS is an awesome DNS server for any parent to run.

What a scumbag that spammer is.

It's not

It's an "abstinence is the best approach" state.  Look at the curriculum.  It definitely discusses contraception.


This is hardly a good

This is hardly a good approach a friend of mine who grew up in the UK said they told them about sex early on and considering how often they encounter ads pictures etc even for london escorts they know the kids should learn this stuff early. Why hide it from them here.

Not quite right


This is hardly a good

is hardly a good approach a friend of mine who grew up in the UK said
they told them about sex early on and considering how often they
encounter ads pictures etc even for london escorts they know the kids should learn this stuff early. Why hide it from them here.


I have to disagree with you concerning your last statement. Such things like sex should be hidden from children to prevent their mentality to be harmed. According to psychologists, if a person learns about sex in his early childhood it can become a reason of mental disorders in adult life.

Cute spam attempt

Keung, this smells like spam to me. There is no need to link to a site that OpenDNS has flagged as "pornography, nudity"

Lack of Sex Ed in London

On the contrary to what you have mentioned, like in the USA , there is a lack of proper sex education in schools even in the United Kingdom, I think your friend may have been an exceptional case of having had the privelage of being guided early. Yes the London Escorts Adverts are definitely a bother.

Just curious, but.....

Just curious, but how many of the Wake's High Schools and middle-schools now have day-care centers for students baby's?

there is at least one in

there is at least one in South East Raleigh, right?  Heck, there was a pregnant 7th grader at our middle school last year.....

Comment to...there is at least one in South East Raleigh, right?

No, there is not one at Southeast Raleigh, however, there is one at Athens Drive and has been there since the school started in the late 70's. 

Comment to...there is at least one in South East Raleigh, right?

No, there is not one at Southeast Raleigh, however, there is one at Athens Drive and has been there since the school started in the late 70's. 

Really?? seems to me this says SE Raleigh



Just visit the nursery and day care at Mary E. Phillips High School in Southeast Raleigh, where a dozen or so of the alternative school's 125 students are pregnant or are new mothers.

Really?? seems to me this says SE Raleigh

The name of the high school IS Southeast Raleigh. 

Also, Mary E. Phillips High School serves all of Wake County not just mothers from Southeast Raleigh. 

OT- Gardners Poolgate


Election time is getting interesting!

OT: Man Bites Dog

Really! http://uk.reuters.com/article/oddlyEnoughNews/idUKDEL8428320071214?feedType=RSS&feedName=oddlyEnoughNews

You all are missing the big picture

You all are missing the big picture. First, I am sure Palin took her daughter to church, dicussed the issue with her fully, and said their family believes in abstaining until married like many parents do.

Well.. here's the thing.... as parents we are all swimming against the current because the societal norm is IT IS OKAY TO HAVE SEX.. Former presidents do it in the oval office with interns, candidates do it with a dying wife at home... they do it on One Tree Hill .... heck, .go watch a few teen movies. My point, until the media, Hollywood and the advertising companies wake up and decide to help PARENTS (not churches, not school board, not the politicans) BUT PARENTS teach their kids to have respect for themselves and the consequences of sexual behavior (AIDS, pregnancy, the reputation one can get as a slut)... then there is NO WAY any parent, no matter how well they have tried will ever win.. .nope, we are all dead in the water folks. DEAD IN THE WATER!

By your logic of its the

By your logic of its the medias fault there would be no teen pregances during the 50's when Media did have an Abstence Now theme. Hmmm wasn't the 50's when the term "Shotgun Wedding "  wasborn that    How about times when there was no media. Take for example the Purtians(Boston) 70% of women were pregnent before the wedding.

What about Franze and Sweden their media is much more sexualised but both countries have much lower teen pregnancy rates.

What about the drop in teen pregs during the 90's what caused that.  Media was the same, sex ed barley taught, oh thats right an increase in long acting birth control like Depro-Provear.

Just think if Bristol had had her "Vitamin Shot"  she could be heading to a quaint evangelical colloge not a delivery room.

70%? Really?

I knew the Puritans were peculiar, but I missed their record-keeping and demographic analytic prowess. I'd love an attribution, please.

Personally I think we'd all

Personally I think we'd all be better off if most of the school board members went ahead and stepped on the third rail.

The school board can't even accomplish the basic task of balancing classrooms and delivering academics. As a parent, I personally take responsibility for making sure my kids understand this subject -- anyone who trusts WCPSS to instill morals in their children is inviting failure.

Spot on

Yes, Sex Ed is critical in the formation of a child. It is also essentially a moral discussion. Not "moral" as in "good Christian morality;" remember that the word moral can mean many things -- there's not only one kind of morality. Secular morality is different from Christian morality, as Buddhist morality is from Unitarian morality, and so forth. If I have a neighbor, whose morality is that the child should only be encouraged to use prophylactics, (which is counter to our family's morality) I'd still treasure my neighbor's proximity to our family, despite this difference. Unless our kids are dating, it's largely moot. However, if the WCPSS were to authoritatively teach that morality, than we have a profound clash of morals, one which is not the role of public ed.

"But Dadof3, there are many families that don't have that discussion. A discussion with a contrary morality is better than none at all to preventing teen pregnancy" I'd like to see us reduce teen pregnancy, too. However, that, my friends, is social engineering, and not education. There's a lot of grey lines on the perimeter of high school ed, yes. And, yet, if we don't stay careful, we end up with putting rubbers on cucumbers but not how adequately read, write or math.

Again, educate, not indoctrinate, our kids. 

"Educate, don't indoctrinate"

I'm not sure what that means.  There are plenty of places where the curriculum "indoctrinates."  Consider the following goals & objectives from the standard course of study:

 Willingly join others of diverse culture, ethnicity, and gender during physical activity.

The learner will choose not to participate in substance abuse.

Demonstrate how to develop a healthy and well-balanced vegetarian eating plan.

Develop group strategies and personal goals for including persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities in physical activity settings.

Participate in civic life, politics, and /or

Develop, defend, and evaluate positions on
issues regarding diversity in American life

Trace the history and future implications of
educational funding

Respect alternative points of view

Recognize and respect differences in various family configurations


Thanks Bob

You made my point brilliantly.

Good for North Carolina!

During the 60's, we were taught that virginity is a one-time gift. A GIFT(!). Waiting until marriage demonstrated moral integrity, personal responsibility, maturity, and a true love for the other that transcended personal desires. It was only to be shared in a relationship that encouraged both responsibility and commitment: marriage.

We were also taught that people who practiced sex outside of marriage were satisfying personal or mutual physical desires (also known as lust) while neglecting responsibility for the natural outcomes (for lack of responsibility, see abortion figures) and the commitment (for lack of commitment, see divorce figures) that marriage provides.

Encouraging correct understanding and practice of true love expressed sexually, only in marriage, between a woman and a man, as defined by The Creator, builds a stronger family, society, and nation.

Keep it up, North Carolina!

Oh brother

The only thing Sarah Palin ignites is hateful intolerance from the left. As for this old canard -- I was involved in the 02 fight. Dear lord these buffoons won't let parents rest.

Educate, not indoctrinate, our kids.

Well, we're in trouble then!

Once President Palin takes office it will not matter what Rosa and her bunch of goons want, or don't want, it will be banned in ALL schools across the country.

After all, if she doesn't care about what her daughter does, or doesn't do, she certainly won't care about our children!


She doesn't care? What are you talking about?

Not that big

The state standards are here:


Contrary to some opinions, the "abstinence-based" approach also discusses contraceptives, but (rightly, IMO) points out that contraceptives are not always effective at either preventing pregnancy or disease. The main difference between the two approach seems to be that the abstinence-based approach pushes kids to abstain, whereas the "comprehensive" approach does not.

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