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Rita Rakestraw questions Chris Malone's lack of Eastern Wake donations

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School board candidate Rita Rakestraw is firing back at Chris Malone's criticism of her campaign donations by questioning both his math and his lack of money from Eastern Wake.

Yesterday afternoon, Malone sent out a press release attacking Rakestraw for having 25 percent of her individual contributions from "DC based labor unions and other like minded organizations." But in a press release today, Perry Woods, Rakestraw's campaign consultant, said Malone "had failed basic math" because the figure is only 6 percent.

Here's the source of the dispute.

Malone gets his 25 percent figure based on the D.C. share of the $5,260 in individual contributions from the latest reporting period in Rakestraw's latest report

Rakestraw gets 6 percent by looking at the D.C. contributions as a share of the more than $21,000 she's raised during the campaign.

In addition to questioning his math, Rakestraw says that a $100 donation from a person in Zebulon is the only one from Eastern Wake in Malone's reports.

"Perhaps that is why he supports policies that will further stress schools in Eastern Wake County," Rakestraw says in the press release.

You guys can see for yourself. Click here, here and here for Rakestraw's campaign reports. Click here, here and here for Malone's reports.

Click here to read Rakestraw's press release.


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Perry, You still haven't

You still haven't explained how its a 'fact' that EW percentages will rise if Malone is elected. I also don't recall any of our candidates pledging to follow Ron or where Ron has negative plans EW county. More importantly, I still haven't heard any arguments for how Rita will make things better for EWake. Actually, I'm not sure I've heard her talk too much about the fact that EW gets the shaft in the first place. It all seems to be about preserving the diversity policy in order to keep our schools' status as an economic tool.

No need to worry about my engagement. I've already been engaged for at least 3 years already and it didn't stem from my own kids being negatively impacted. So I'm not going anywhere.

take it from a District 1 parent

There is no way I'd vote for Rita -

Her campaign seemed hokey from the start. From those who initially backed her, convinced her to run, and to started throwing money at her.

Has anyone walked in one of the Eastern Wake Schools? I have - my kids have - and can't say I see a lot of "diversity" going on. Classrooms my child was in did not "look" socio-economically diverse at all - did my child receive a good education - was I happy with what she got out of her school - Yes...then guess what - the school up the road must have needed whatever "socio-economic status" (by the way Caucasion-nonF&R) she was - because we got re-assigned 2 miles up the road. Now, while it isn't much further of a commute...the re-assignment was still just plain nonsense. What was the purpose??? All I know is she gets use to a school, starts to feel comfortable there, knows faculty and staff, has friends she's grown close to - then BAM - she's told she has to go to another school. And when she asks why - "socio-economic' reasons just don't compute with her. Add to that that I wasn't too thrilled since I finally get use to a school - feeling confident about where she is and who is teaching her...and now something new? Any parent knows consistency is a really important aspect when rearing a child.

I could go on - I don't have fancy numbers to quote - I'm just a PARENT wanting the best for my child...and it just astounds me - how so many college educated people just can't see commonsense when it comes to taking care of the kids in our county.

And btw, this Eastern Wake County - District 1 Parent - can't say she's spoken to ONE person (Parent or otherwise) that wants to see Rita in that seat. Status quo is NOT working for our students.....

Change is coming.

Thank you for helping us get-out-the vote tomorrow!

So what?

Even if it's only 6%, you gotta wonder why DC labor unions are contributing at all.

I Think You're Well Aware

..that Rakestraw claims the 6% is from family friends in DC.    Unless you have some evidence that that is not so then your insinuation that the contributions are coming from labor unions is something you should immediately retract and apologize for since.

The"so what" is that Malone is a liar and not fit to serve on the school board. That ad intentionally tries to deceive the viewer into thinking a quarter of her money came from DC and that is clearly a lie.

Unite Here

From one of the WakeEd's previous posts:

"A national labor union has stepped into the Wake County school board elections to endorse candidates and fling barbs at State Employees Association head Dana Cope.

UNITE HERE, which represents hospitality and textile workers, issued a press release today endorsing Rita Rakestraw in District 1 ..."

And so, is that Aunt Unite Here or Uncle Unite Here? Because this being the name of a major organization its hard to tell if this relative of Rita's is male or female.  

Unite here endoresed

Unite here endoresed because of Dana Cope of SEANC's  personal involvement.  They have not sent a contribution.

Rita has gotton lots of contributions from Wake Forest while Mr. Malone has gotten one identified contribution from Eastern Wake, and he was woefully inaccurate in his math witch is ironic for someone running for BoE.

Fair question

Are you being paid by any of the candidates you advise to post on this board? 


Speaking of Irony....

Let me get this straight.... you attack Malone's intelligence on math error, but then you propose Rita Rakestraw as the solution??  

After seeing her NC-14 interview, I suspect my kid's pet turtle has better math skills.


I have a pet rock

that has better skills!  ;c )


Math witch?

I know it's hard to defend someone as disconnected and clueless as Rita "There are no mandatory year-round assignments in Wake County" Rakestraw but what in the world are you talking about?






Endorsements And Contributions

are very different things. When asked to back up your claim of contributions all you could come up with is an endorsement.   I'll take that as a de facto admission that you were making shit up.

Excuse me?

My grandfather taught me that someone who resorts to foul language is someone who doesn't have the vocabulary or education to defend their position otherwise. He was taught in a one room school house and finished school in the 9th grade. I guess I'll take your post as an example of the kind of character representative of Rita's campaign. 

I Have Nothing To Do With

Rita Rakestraw's campaign.

I guess I'll take your stupidity as a sign of your stupidity.  But apparently you inherited it from your gramdfather if he was dumb enpugh to think the use of the word "shit" invalidates an argument.   

Sounds like you're the one making

$hit up!  Why don't you go have more coffee and whine about it a little more in your mirror!  Johnny come too lately!

Again, why endorsements from out-of-town?

IMHO, Rita should not have accepted an out-of-town endorsement from a group that has absolutely no interest in our children.

The ONLY retraction immediately needed

is the one from the guy that said you weren't clueless, he was wrong!

If you have proof Rita's money isn't coming from places that have no business interfering in a school system they know NOTHING ABOUT and that NONE OF THEIR KIDS ATTEND, then you put it up big boy!  Otherwise go have dinner with Whaler and whine to each other about how unfair you're being treated!

Not to mention the many Eastern Wake contributions via WSCA

Just sayin'... You have to include those numbers, and a high percentage of them do not require addresses, so you will have to take our word that Chris Malone is WELL-supported in his District.

The agregated unidentifed

The agregated unidentifed contributions for Mr. Malone are about $750 of the 16K he has raised. 

The overwhelming majority of WSCA money comes from Western Wake and NW Raleigh.  There is some from Wake Forest.  Check out thier report.  You likely will not find more than one or two contributions from Knightdale, Wendell or Zebulon.

It is a fact that if Mr. Malone is successful, Eastern Wake schools will see the percentage of Economically Disadvantaged students increase significantly. 

It is a fact that if Mr.

It is a fact that if Mr. Malone is successful, Eastern Wake schools
will see the percentage of Economically Disadvantaged students increase


Do you have ANY clue what is happening in Eastern Wake?  If you did, you'd know that there is very little busing in or out of those schools. WCPSS says that they are too far away to bus.  There' no way to increase the percentages there, let alone signficantly. The only solutions that WCPSS has offered so far are:

1) Wait for I-540 to bring higher income residential development to the area.  This was listed in the profiles for those schools in the 2007 reassignment plan.  I suppose that they've been waiting for 20 years for that to happen, huh?  EWschools have been struggling with higher poverty rates for a long time.

2) Further reduce the number of seats available for Eastern Wake students in magnet schools.  Holding these kids hostage in schools with fewer opportunities is ok with you and Rita?

Seriously, district 1 has been screwed over by the current diversity policies time and time again.  Rita is offering nothing new to help this area.  She is a pawn of Raleigh business leaders and politicians who like things just as they are.  Every single school ITB is either a magnet or under 40% F&R.  Half of them are BOTH!  This gives Harvey Schmitt and Mayor Meeker the ability to brag about how great Raleigh's 'urban' schools are while they can ignore Eastern Wake.

Jenman, Altough I do not


Altough I do not agree with you, I do think you offer reasonable and rational posts.  You are correct about one thing.  Eastern Wake is usually who gets left holding the bag, and more must be done to lower F&R levels at those schoools that exceed goal of 40%  That said, if BoE is dominated by those who have pledged to support Ron Margiotta, like Mr. Malone, then East Wake will get shafted even more.

Whoever wins, I do hope you stay engaged, and if Rita wins, I will gladly work to have her meet with you and hear your concerns.




It's so funny when you start sweating the details.

It is a fact that if Ms. Rakestraw is successful, Eastern Wake Schools will see families trapped in their assignments with little or no choice in education.

And if you're not familiar with MYR in Eastern Wake, hold on -- 'cause it's on its way if Rakestraw's in charge.



"Perhaps that is why he supports policies that will further stress schools in Eastern Wake County," Rakestraw says in the press release.


Did Rakestraw say that or Perry? (Don't answer that.)

If Ms. Rakestraw was truly concerned with the stress on Eastern Wake, she would advocate educational solutions. She supports a system that believes students and families should be limited in their educational options to make schools appear better. Look what they just approved for Knightdale High.

Holding families hostage by removing choice is the epitome of stress for families.


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