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Reassignment plan approved

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The school board just voted 6-2 to approve the reassignment plan.

Unlike previous years, most board members chose not to speak before casting the vote. Board member Ron Margiotta and Beverley Clark tried to explain their no votes.

Margiotta accused the board of engaging in social engineering.

Clark asked that the board delay the vote a week to see if the state Supreme Court ruled on the year-round case.

The grandfathering vote was done separately and was passed unanimously.


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There's no surprise here!

There's no surprise here! We knew these goons wouldn't have a shot of Jack, or reality, before they showed up today. Time to oust these bums and their diversity utopian dreams. That crap is going to end NOW!!

Wait, what's that I hear???? Why it's a toilet flushing with 4 board members and their legacies going right down the drain!

Come on State Supreme Court judges and flush every single grand plan they have right into thine toilet! We're waiting to see if YOU guys have the guts to start this ball a' rollin'! You ALL know it's the right thing to do, now do it and get 'er done!

Beverley proved to be quite

Beverley proved to be quite the political tactician in this.

She never raised an objection that I've heard to ANY of the proposal/draft. She "went above and beyond" with facts created after her district constituents could be heard to get the opinion of a data expert. Then, a day or two before ludicrously abysmal new test scores were released, she spoke of just knowing that the children in the very node she lived in would be getting a great education.

Now, in a move of parliamentary brilliance - she gets to claim a NO vote. I do at least give her credit for taking her head out of the sand long enough to realize that losing that lawsuit may throw every single grand plan they have right into the trash can.

Right now, I'm just sad that Patti Head has ignored Stough while it withered and has their parents convinced that 26 students will change everything!

And sad there are people like vsheehan that don't seem able to grasp, that even at the worst public motive of protecting OUR children's elementary school education, that we wouldn't put "property values" at the top of our minds.

Oh get a grip no one is

Oh get a grip no one is buying your malackey.  For years ther have been schools dumped on so a few preciouse nodes in NRaleigh could be protected.  Raleigh needs to deal with the consequences of its political actions and not send those consequences out to other cities. You were happy to vote for bond money whileRaleighs low test scores were bused out to other cities but now that your preciouse little neighberhood might have to suffer the consequences of ignoring raleighs LI problem then its time to fight.  You can not shove raleighs mismangment under the rug for ever.


Vsheehan is now telling the parents in our area what we care about and what we don't.  You have a lot to learn, v.  For instance:

It's not the beltway (as you have referenced in so many of your posts).  It's the beltline.  And it matters far more to you than to us.

Lacy's not in North Raleigh.   It's in West Raleigh.  Even back in the days before Raleigh had built out far north it wasn't North Raleigh.

You need to learn more about the area you want to malign.  And if you want to argue over who has more "history" with the Wake Coutny schools, that's not a good idea either.  A lot of us went to Wake County schools and know well the history of this body (pitfalls and praise).

You see, there's a lot you don't know.  And ignorance of the area I can overlook.  Even your complete disdain for Raleigh I can overlook.  But don't ever again question whether our intentions with regard to our children are honorable.  We aren't questioning the motives behind your rants and we deserve the same respect. 

Boy notice how you didn't go

Boy notice how you didn't go after the point I made that your Node is "Special" and that you voted for bond money while the BOE bused low test scores out of Raleigh. The best you can do is to go after word choice ;the sign of a weak argument you don't even believe.


Look - I never said our node was "special".  You're the one who seems to feel that way.  So I'm not sure how to defend what I didn't say.

More importantly, we have formed a PAC for the purpose of helping all schools.  All of them.  Yours and ours.  And we don't believe one to be more important than the other.

As far as bond money goes, why is that a bad thing if our schools need it?  Unquestionably we need better funding for our schools.  The problem is what is being done (or not done) with the money.  Which leads us back again to the need to clean house on the school board and bring bac good old-fashioned common sense.

 And it wasn't your word choice that bothered me, it was your tendency to hold forth at will on the city of Raleigh, our neighborhood, and our PAC's intentions without any knowledge of any of the above and with incorrect information which I found obnoxious.

Your PAC sounds like a good

Your PAC sounds like a good fit with the Alliance.  I hope you all can find common ground and work together.

vshaheen's opinion is a

vshaheen's opinion is a minority one.  The rest of us welcome you to the fight.  IF your neighborhood got preferential treatment in the past, that is the fault of your board member, not you.

Fired Up

This just fires me up to pull out all stops. Please work with me to see that citizens without children understand the true ins and outs of all of this.

.... and the kangaroo court

.... and the kangaroo court has ruled!

Reassignment Changes


Thanks for the update.  Does that mean all of the changes made during the working sessions and posted on the WCPSS site were approved?  Or were there any changes to that listing?  Thanks 


All the changes listed on

All the changes listed on the web site, including the one today for Fox Road-Wakefield, were approved. They voted on them en masse instead of separately. No other changes.

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