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Questioning the value of speaking at the reassignment public hearings

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Wake County school officials have locked down today the dates and locations for the five public hearings on the 2011-12 student reassignment plan.

Hearings will be held Jan. 10 at Cary High, Jan. 11 at Millbrook High in North Raleigh, Jan. 13 at Heritage High in Wake Forest, Jan. 19 at Southeast Raleigh High and Jan. 20 at Garner High. The hearings will begin at 6 p.m.

The question is whether it's worth it for the public to go. For at least some school board members, the answer is no.

During Tuesday's school board work session, board member Deborah Prickett expressed her anger and frustration over vice chairwoman Debra Goldman joining with the "minority" members to block consideration of the moves proposed at the Nov. 30 student assignment committee meeting.

Prickett said that excluding those moves from consideration means she didn't "see a need or a purpose for those parents (in those nodes) to attend these meetings." "Why bother," she added.

"What's the purpose of anybody coming?" Prickett said.

Board member Keith Sutton responded "that's not for us to determine."

Board member Anne McLaurin added "that's for them to decide."

Prickett didn't let the issue die there.

"If you even advocate for your neighborhood if your in one of these nodes you know that it's not going to be even considered," Prickett said. "That's what we said. We've just taken away the rights of many people in Wake County just a minute ago. The rights are gone of those individuals."

Board member Carolyn Morrison responded "they can still come."

"They can come but what use is it?" Prickett said. "Their voice is not going to be heard. Every inch of the county's voice is not going to be heard as you've just requested and you voted no along with some other board members."

Prickett made those last few remarks as she looked directly at Goldman.

Board chairman Ron Margiotta added that "we have a board that's unwilling to listen."

To keep the argument from continuing to degenerate, Margiotta proceeded to ask staff to continue the presentation on the assignment plan.


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I want to be sure I follow the logic here so I can understand exactly what Deborah "Mama" Prickett is so steamed about.

This woman gleefully took office a year ago as part of a Republican majority (and yes, I AM using their party, because THAT'S whom they're admittedly working for and got them elected) that immediately tried to adopt a sneaky 8-point agenda they told no one about, amid ignored cries from the public there to work together.

She has routinely put her considerable nose in the air and voted against virtually every recommendation made by the Democratic minority, not because those ideas lacked merit, but simply because they came from Democrats, thus denying their constituents a voice.

And Ms. Prickett -  bless her cold, cold heart - clearly was part of the scheme to back only Republican-offered node reassignment lists at the recent work sessions. If she truly cared about ALL parents having a voice, she would have insisted that all board members and their citizen reps on the Student Assignment Committee be formally notified IN WRITING that those lists were due by the end of November, so that they could ALL be presented and considered at the December work sessions.

She didn't. She only cared about her own. Her crocodile tears impress no one.

So Mama Prickett has no standing to cry the blues about parents being denied a voice in their children's reassignment future. 

That would "never" happen under Mama Grizz....I mean Prickett, would it? 

So they were going to

So they were going to arbitrarily move SE nodes in the night to help JT purify his Garner nodes and DG wanted some public input and stopped the process to hear  from people and now that they will hear from the public and DP said what is the use since DG voted to stall the process .... that does not make sense .... if the public comes out in favor of lots of moving, I am sure the BOE will support that public sentiment ..

Ironically, when I read the

Ironically, when I read the headline, I thought it would be about how those who support diversity felt they were not being heard, therefore, why attend? Time and one changed vote seem to make all the difference in the world.

Hyung, thank you

For returning to "minority" and "majority" descriptors of board members and abandoning the terrible "Republican" and "Democratic" tags. I appreciate your effort to avoid those easy, but misleading, descriptors. I know it is harder to write stories without them, and I acknowledge the effort you are making.

As The Onion newspaper puts it, "Stereotypes save so much time!"


Ironically, Goldman blathered on and on about how she wanted to include many of the staff recommendation moves so she could hear from those parents yet she voted to exclude any of the SE Raleigh nodes who continue to have long distance/non-community assignments.

And her friend's MacGregor nodes are still on the list. Imagine that.



 Like most

 Like most people—especially people who don’t have children—he was blissfully unaware of the many practices, mechanisms and laws that keep schools under-performing and budgets bloated .



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