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Publicizing the NCAE campaign donations to school board candidates

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Some school board candidates definitely want it known that they're getting money from the N.C. Association of Educators.

The NCAE's PAC has given $2,000 apiece to Rita Rakestraw, Horace Tart, Karen Simon and Lois Nixon, But the donations weren't listed on the original finance reports filed last week by Rakestraw and Simon.

Both Rakestraw and Simon say they mistakenly left out the the page in their respective reports that would have showed the NCAE donation. It definitely was an accident in Simon's case as she called after Friday's article about campaign donations to question why her NCAE contribution had been omitted.


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Not all members of NCAE support Lanane's Endorsement

Some teachers feel compelled to join NCAE for the liability insurance only. The fee is so high that many new teachers or ones paying daycare can't afford the expense.

Not joining NCAE is like rolling the dice because all it takes is one false accusation from a student or parent and the teacher is presumed guilty resulting in a desperate need of legal representation and support.

Just because there are 5000 Wake County members of NCAE does not mean they ALL support candidates such as Rakestraw and Simon.

Why would teachers blindly support candidates that are ignorant of the issues (when they do speak in public). When they do speak, these candidates sound inarticulate and uneducated.

In addition, many teachers do feel that the constant reassignments and excessive bussing IS harmful to low-income students, so why have teachers never been surveyed about this critical issue that affects their classrooms year after year?

For that matter, parents are not surveyed either. These teachers would love for parents to attend a teacher conference or pick up their child when sick.

Should everyone blindly accept that the N&O, WRAL, WEP, WCPSS BOE, NCAE, the Mayor, Goodman, 15 former school board members and all the transformers from 30 years ago speak for the parties that are TODAY impacted on a daily basis without providing ANY evidence that this 6200 policy is actually helpful to students?

Now that the SAS report surfaces right before the election, nobody from this group wants to discuss the implications. Why is that?

Why is it that all the previously named 30 year supporters haven't figured out how to advocate and implement public transportation going to the schools so that parents can have access to them and their children?

Why is this issue NEVER discussed by those that know better than the rest of us?

Now, another board member writes an editorial (N&O presented many of their views on election day) claiming only good teachers matter rather than parental involvement.

In essence, claiming it doesn't matter how far children are bussed away from home or what calendar they are assigned.

OK, I suggest all the transformers read the SAS report and then actually survey the people (how about asking the children while your at it) that are impacted TODAY by the 6200 policy.

Politicians and School Board members should not be telling their constituents what is good for them and how to vote. The people decide WHO should represent them and vote accordingly.

The year is 2009 and this county is not the Wake County of 30 years ago. Two school sytems are not merging into one. We are already one system with many big towns with different needs.

It's interesting how there are many expensive condos downtown and young families living in remodeled historic homes now, but you wouldn't know that listening to the above parties.

The outcome of the election today will show that policies need to adjust with the changing times and changing needs of the community.

Maybe if the current board had listened and acted upon the needs of the community of ALL neighborhoods, they wouldn't be so afraid of who the voters elect today.

Thank goodness, my money is

Thank goodness, my money IS NOT going into the NCAE fund. I stopped that a few years back. I'll never have my money going into the campaign funds for people that do not represent what I believe in.

MISTAKE?? Rita's report had a MISTAKE in it??

"Both Rakestraw and Simon say they mistakenly left out the the page in their respective reports"

My, my Perry. Your client wants to win so badly that she left an entire PAGE out of her report?

Tsk tsk shame on you.

Membership dues funds status quo

Great blog, this way the minority of teachers who chose to join the NCAE now know what their membership dues is used for.

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