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Progress NC Action still questioning Heather Losurdo's resume

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Progress NC Action still insists that Wake County school board candidate Heather Losurdo hasn't proven that she was an account manager overseeing more than $2 billion worth of small business loans in the Carolinas for First Union Bank.

In a press release this evening, the liberal advocacy group notes that Losurdo's newly released employment records list her job title as small business banking division risk management servicing specialist. Progress NC Action says that shows she had an administrative and not managerial job.

Donald Senior, Losurdo's former supervisor at First Union, said Losurdo could have been considered an account manager.

The group also says that Losurdo didn't approve the loans and only serviced them so she can't say she was overseeing them. Senior says overseeing is an accurate description.

Here's their press release:

For Immediate Release
November 4, 2011

Losurdo PC Confirms Nothing But Her Attempts to Mislead Voters

RALEIGH -- Wake School Board candidate Heather Losurdo's last minute attempts to appease voters skeptical of her resume have proven empty. Her press conference tonight did nothing to prove she "oversaw" or was "in charge" of ALL small business loans in two states with a portfolio of over $2 billion.

According to employment records, Losurdo's official title was "Small Business Bank Division Risk Management Servicing Specialist." That confirms our assumption that Losurdo served in an administrative capacity, not as a manager.  

Losurdo’s supervisor, Don Senior, lists his occupation as “Small Business Loan Approver II” according to campaign finance reports with the NC State Board of Elections.

“If Mr. Senior approved loans and Ms. Losurdo only serviced debtors, that confirms that she was not “in charge” of anything,” said Gerrick Brenner, Executive Director of Progress NC ACTION.

“Losurdo has campaigned on her banking experience by misleading voters into thinking she had managerial responsibilities for $2 billion worth of assets. That is simply not true and tonight’s press conference confirms it.”


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Consider This

"Donald Senior, Losurdo's former supervisor at First Union, said Losurdo could have been considered an account manager."


"Could have been considered?"  Such as an educational expert one day and a political bigot the next?

The blue text is pretty.

The blue text is pretty.

The blue text is pretty.

Thanks.  It was a hard decision between blue and red.

A Dell support guy..

I talked to in India - his title was Senior Account Executive. And he oversaw about 3 billion dollars in accounts. Because he answered calls from Dell's largest customers and answered his phone within 2 rings.

Of course Progress NC is

Of course Progress NC is still questioning. Duh. It is what they do. The truth is not even a consideration with them. It is all about a full-out assault on their opponents... and lies, innuendo and deception are all in play all the time. Garrick Ashenbrenner is a political gutter-dweller.  He does such despicable things that the people who fund him do not even want the public to know who they are.

What is shocking is that Hill allows has allowed these filthy tactics to continue. If he had any honor at all, he'd demand an end to it, but all he says is that he has nothing to do with it. Yeah, sure, just like he now claims to be for the new student assignment plan, yet voted agaisnt it. His actions speak much louder than his words.


That would like saying tedesco should tell you to shut up. You would not do it. And your acts would not be on Tedesco's honor.

Garrick Aschenbrenner & his gang of gutter-dwelling attack rats

No it isn't. People are contributing large sums of money to elect Kevin Hill and big chunks of it are being diverted to Garrick Aschenbrenner and his gang of gutter-dwelling attack rats. Whose money? We don't know, they want to keep it secret.  Why do you suppose that is?

Campaign funds diverted

Are you suggesting campaign funds are being spent improperly?  Do tell Woodsie - whatever do you mean by "diverted"?  Please provide proof.  Not Losurdo style proof please - REAL proof, to back your statement.


I think it not good time for Heather Losurdo

this language

is certainly more precise than the language used in Mrs. Losurdo's material.  If she had used this language from the beginning she would have avoided any questions.  I do believe her when she says she had the job she listed.  I just don't think she sees a difference.  I, for one, do see a difference.  If I'm a garbage collector I could call it municipal engineering expert, but I wouldn't be totally honest.  We need someone who's going to know how to be accurate and honest with taxpayers.

If we need someone to be accurate and honest

we sure as hell didn't get that with Evans or Martin did we!

Because Evans and Martin


Oh wait, they're not even in yet.

So...just so I have this correct...you've been following their exploits for a long time? 

And you know exactly what they will and won't do once in office?

You don't like someone's track record, fine.

But don't confuse your bias with objective analysis of what a person's real resume shows, and how (along with how much they're willing to discuss about their goals) qualified they are for our school board.

Dude, get real. We all know

Dude, get real. We all know that Crazy-eyed Susan and the Nutty Professor have provided plenty of video clips and public statements that attest to their profound arrogance and far-left inclinations. You can judge future performance by past performance. They both have a track record of being insulting know-it-alls, so there should be no expectation they will change once they are sworn into office. You know it, I know it, we ALL know it. This is who these people are... just ask the folks who are forced to endure to Martin at NC State.

So you do not expect people

So you do not expect people who have advanced degrees or who are highly educated to decide to run for school board.....

You seem to expect bi-partisan party affiliation to dominate school board races and winner take all and losers tough sh___

That does not jive with the philosophy of public schools.

Take your partisan stance to another game.

You are not enhancing the outcome of all of our children.


I get the feeling that Martin thinks he was elected to be superintendent.

Did you watch this?



Just watched the targets of

Just watched the targets of your side's collective wrath on that clip.

Didn't experience any of the horrors you did.

Believe it or not, I like some of the Democratic-leaners more than others, just as I prefer conversing with the conservatives on this blog more than the reactionaries.

That said, I prefer my own take on things to anyone else's. 

This makes me just like most people in general, although not that many have the guts to admit it.

What continues to be smug, presumptious, and odius, is your side's inclination to interpret your right-wing impressions of the various players as some sort of factual, objective, unbiased insight you need to share like it was the gospel.

Whether or not it's intentional, it's obnoxious.

Think, believe, say whatever floats your boat.

All that ultimately matters are the opinions of those who take action in a certain voting district about to have a run-off election.

Having watched the clip, I

Having watched the clip, I find it a little smug that in order to conduct or evaluate research, one needs a PhD.

Even I have issues with the

Even I have issues with the attitude that anyone gets after so many years of tremendously hard work to get a PhD.

 Doctors, lawyers, and a lot of other types who basically kill themselves to get to a certain point have lots of scars, and feel they have a right to lofty opinions of their opinions.  I know - there are many PhDs in our family. 

I realize Martin's message can be hard to take, but is does make a lot of sense - and seen as a counterbalance to some loud folks who think it's Opposite Day when looking for qualifications, I can live with it.

That's nearly unwatchable.

That's nearly unwatchable. He may be the most egotistical, arrogant and unlikeable person I have ever encountered... and that includes Rev. Barber. And to think people actually voted for that man. I bet Tata is just thrilled to have him on the board.


...as HELL DIDN'T get it with Margiotta and Tedesco! That's why one of them is gone, and the other one is definitely going!

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