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New school board campaign ad attacks Western Wake

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Cathy Truitt is taking on her District 2 school board opponents and school board member Ron Margiotta in her new newspaper ad.

In an ad that ran Tuesday in weekly newspapers in Fuquay-Varina and Garner, Truitt stresses her experience as a retired Johnston County educator. She also calls herself an "independent voice" as she blasts incumbent Horace Tart, challenger John Tedesco, western Wake and even Margiotta.

"If you want the status quo then vote for Horace Tart," Truitt said in the ad. "If you want a political pawn of Ron Margiotta and Western Wake County vote for John Tedesco. If you want an independent voice who will stand up and fight for better schools for Garner and Fuquay, then I ask for your support and vote.”

While you guys may dispute it, there is a perception that the Wake Schools Community Alliance and Margiotta, who isn't on the ballot this year, only represent the voice of western Wake. That message could work with voters who are concerned about what happens in District 2.

Click here to view the ad.

Truitt has raised $10,670 so far. She's hired Brad Crone, a Democratic political strategist who has worked in the past both for and against Wake school bond referendums.

Crone said Truitt will be running a series of newspaper ads during the rest of this month.


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Carlene Lucas continuing in D2

Carlene Lucas is continuing her campaign. She had stopped actively campaigning because of a lack of financial contributions, however after making the announcement she was contacted by several people asking her to continue her campaign. Most of her support is in communities where families are unable to financially support a campaign because they have greater concerns such as putting food on the table. I truly believe Carlene is what the school board needs and she will be a voice for all. Please help her campaign by donating online at https://www.completecampaigns.com/FR/contribute.asp?campaignid=TogetherWeCan and check out her website www.carlenelucas.com.

From WhalerCane (aka Perry):

From WhalerCane (aka Perry): "They would love to stop continual reassignment. That was the hope of the three year reassignment effort. Despite protestations otherwise, re-assignments have overwhelmingly been a factor of growth."

That statement is simply incorrect. First, the three-year reassignment effort accomplished nothing positive. At first it was believed that students would be stable for at least a 3-year period. However, may students were assigned to one school the first year and another the other two. That is NOT stability and it is not what parents have been demanding. Second, growth is a factor, but not a major factor in all the reassignments and long bus rides. There are empty seats as some schools in high growth areas (why!) and students are bused away from their communities to make room for other kids bused out of their communities. It makes no sense. It is one giant cluster....you know what.

"Second, growth is a

"Second, growth is a factor, but not a major factor in all the reassignments and long bus rides. "

We gain about 5,000 new kids a year which is two high schools or 5-10 ES coming on line every year ... coming from a place where we had one new school built in the 20 years I lived there, growth here is out of control ... I agree that they managed the growth poorly causing kids to "slosh" back and forth across the county to fill schools.  I agree to keep sibling, etc. (grandfathering) together they have kids going every which direction to fill all the seats.  But diversity is not the cause for the disruption unplanned growth is ...  If there had been zero growth in the last ten years there would have been few reassignments.

growth not the factor

I also got involved after last November's reassignment plan was published.  We found a node being reassigned from Daniels to Leesville Middle.  The node was very close to Daniels.  We wanted to stay at Leesville Middle, so asked about not reassigning that node so we both could stay closer to home.  When we asked Mr. Dulaney about the node - paraphrasing, but he said not to worry about that node, they'll never know they were reassigned, it's all apartments.  That was an eye opener for me... it's all about scores for the schools, never mind how kids and families are affected.  The growth excuse is a red herring.  Time for this crew to go, and time for a board that will manage Mr. Dulaney, not the other way around.

When we asked Mr. Dulaney

When we asked Mr. Dulaney about the node - paraphrasing, but he said
not to worry about that node, they'll never know they were reassigned,
it's all apartments.


You don't happen to have that on tape do you?   I think we need to start a "Chuck Watch" to report on the assinine, insensitive and elitist things he says.  There are plenty.


  "Time for this crew to go, and
time for a board that will manage Mr. Dulaney, not the other way around."  Time for a new crew AND time to get rid of Mr. Dulaney. 

What was the one about odious traditional seat schools?

What was the one about odious traditional seat schools?


as "undesirable" a location

as "undesirable" a location as possible

User, Your example of


Your example of 5000 new students equaling two high schools is not relevent. New students would not be concentrated in 10th-12th grades, they would be more equally distributed from K-12. There are about 160 schools in Wake County, plus numerous private school options. That means there would be an increase of no more than 31 students per school...not even one per classroom. With new schools coming on-line periodically to accommodate even more students, the per school growth is much less than that; 5000 new students hardly warrants the extreme measures too many students and parents are forced to endure.

Also, growth does not explain why any child is forced to attend a school 15-20 miles away from their home or why siblings are assigned to different tracks or even different schools.

There is a tremendous amount of politics at play in student reassignments. Until this is acknowledged and changed, students and families in Wake County will continue to suffer through the idiotic social-engineering policies the current BoE seems so enamored of. 

Look At The Reassignments

I always hear the growth argument, but there was much more going on with the 3 year plan. Remember the term....logical progression!  That's what happened to us! The sad part is my son will not go to school with any of his peers since they are all being shipped the other direction.  We are in a base school that doesn't really make sense for where we are located.  We are only there because they need our 'numbers'!  

I also remember some of the odd details in the plan that I reviewed.  One in particular that I recall had 74 kids being moved out of Durant Middle School (YR) to Leesville Middle (YR).  These kids were in close proximity to Durant.  They had 75 from Leesville Middle School being moved to Durant Middle.  They were in close proximity to Leesville.   I looked at the demographics and they were the same.  The only thing I could  possibly think they were doing with that move was trying to improve test scores at the school!  That is the kind of insanity that got me involved with these elections. 

For those wanting to submit questions to candidates


Time is running out to send in your questions for the 2009 Cary Community Candidate Forum. Submit your questions by Tuesday, September 8 via e-mail to cary@ncvotered.com, by phone at (919) 783-8811 or by fax at (919) 783-8855. New this year, you can post a video submission of your question on youtube.com, and e-mail the link to cary@ncvotered.com. This year’s forum will include candidates running for Cary Town Council seats in districts A and C. Wake County School Board seats that represent Cary will also be included: districts 2, 7 and 9. The forum manager will review, select, and read the questions to candidates for the first time during the forum. The forum will be recorded and played throughout Western Wake County daily on the Town’s government access channel—Cary TV 11—and available on the Town’s web site September 18 until Election Day. For more, visit Cary Community Candidate Forum at http://townofcary.org/council/forum .

My prediction...

...on the "wacky Wednesday" issue (discussed earlier in this post). I think they will go back to a regular Wednesday schedule, BUT keep the ten extra minutes tagged on to every school day. Longer school days (and years) has been a huge "agenda" for many years. I've been following the articles and research on it for probably 4 years, and have lots of info. on the subject, both local and nationally.


Louise, we finally agree on something.  Given how poorly we compete with the rest of the world I think the more time we can spend in the classroom (within reason) is a great idea.

Awww...but here's the

Awww...but here's the rub....

is the "extra" 10 minutes a day really being used for instructional time, or is it just more time for busy morning work, putting away back packs, (elem. middle) time for high schoolers to ponder great thoughts like if the (chick in the back row is really diggin' me ) - you know, all that scholarly stuff.

Seriously, from what I am seeing ,the extra 10 minutes is allowing more time for bathroom trips for the 30+ kids in the class, a few extra minutes for everyone to shove their stuff in to their lockers or cubbies (since they are more than likely being shared), time for the teacher to review who has their homework, luch money, or has "major issues" that need to be addressed.

Yeah, 10 extra mintues + 10 extra kids per class this year = no gain in "learning time."

Yet again, it's another WCPSS smoke screen.

 And how about the bus debacle.  Here are some kids getting to school ten minutes earlier, and having to wait up to a half hour later to get on a bus that gets them home up to an hour later each day all because someone in the Great Oz forgot, oh, yeah, the buses are tired and if one school is getting out ten minutes later and that's the bus that's supposed to go get the kids who are getting out ten minutes earlier at the other school... oh shoot, maybe those cluless good for nothing parents will not notice.

Believe me...

I am not in favor of a longer school day - or a longer school year.


Because your precious summer and teacher work days are more important then competing with the rest of the world.

Do you go through every day

Do you go through every day angry and frustrated? I feel sorry for you. What a sad existence.

As for "competing with the rest of the world," the U.S. is one of the few super powers and is a world leader in quality of life, technology, innovation, healthcare, etc. I think we compete just fine and will continue to do so. In Wake County, however, our BoE has priorities other than education, which is hindering educational success for many students. This has to change. Quite simply, the STATUS QUO IS NOT WORKING! This is clear, yet there are forces working for it to continue. Why is that? 


Nope. You people bring me much laugher in my day.

Published information shows our current education has fallen behind a dozen other countries.  

"You people"

"You people," such an endearing flourish. 

I agree that we can do so much better to promote better education, and less time lost to navel-gazing social theory, which is why I eagerly await October 6. 

The better we can support Wake County families, the better we can improve education for all of Wake County.

How do Wake County

How do Wake County schools figure into the world perspective? Test scores are falling, ED students graduate at a pitiful 56% rate and only about 1/2 of black males graduate from our high schools. Wake County is not even the best school system in a state ranked in the bottom half nationally. Yet, you support the status quo and refuse to articulate why. That is hardly something to laugh about.

You are on a very good

You are on a very good point, one I hope Wake County citizens understand on October 6th.  Right now, our school system can't even compete within our own state and country.  Our graduation rates for ED students (actually 54%) are below those of the "academic genocide" systems of CMS and Halifax.

Meanwhile, we have Cathy Truitt, Rita Rakestraw, Karen Simon and Lois Nixon all dreaming about a 21st century education which will let us compete with China and India.  While I think that is a noble goal, it should not comprise the majority of substance a candidate has to offer when the current school system has the problems ours does.

Really, now...

What a juvenile comment.

First things first, right

First things first, right now we don't even compete with the rest of the country.



How could this possibly happen in an "unhealthy" school in Wake County? Shocking!

Why do you think the school

Why do you think the school is "unhealthy"  ... it looks like WCPSS is doing all the right things ...

Nice try user12345

You know the reference is because of the "need bussing to create <40% F&R schools as >40% schools cannot be healthy" mantra from the status quo and this school is >40% F&R.

OMG - did the article say good teachers in a >40% F&R school? According to the bussing for <40% F&R healthy schools fans research shows that can't be done/won't happen.

I'm sure their success has nothing to do with the staff's positive attitude that no matter who walks through that door they'll get it done. (sarcasm)

I'm glad to hear Dr. Burns went to visit - maybe he had to see it with his own eyes to believe it can happen.

Maybe this schools would

Maybe this schools would normally be >70% F&R but by bussing they were able to get it down to near 40% which seems to have worked.... seems like a win for diversity and WCPSS ... don't get hung up with 40% vs. 42% vs. 44% ... it is a concept / goal not an absolute line ...

Please don't confuse me with WCPSS

WCPSS is the one that put the 40% F&R bright line in the policy, not me. WCPSS is the one that tauts research has shown >40% stuff. WCPSS GM are the ones that write reassignment plans that say things like reassignment of nodes 123.1 and 444.4 will reduce the F&R rate at ABC school from 42% to 34% and raise the F&R at XYZ school from 10% to 16%, not me.

Quite frankly, IMO they shot themselves in the foot with the need to go over board by needling with the percentages so much and making such a big deal out of them in the first place, not to mention comments like "elitist VYR," "it's about white, black and Hispanic - stop hiding behind your Asian neighbor" and "not the right schools," and especially the "F&R balancing at all costs" attitude (Chuck saying he would eliminate all YR if WCPSS lost the MYR lawsuit because it would mess up F&R balancing as one example).

They could have just included the goal part "creating and maintaining a diverse student body," with which everyone agrees, had a broader appreciation of what defines a diverse student body, spent more time on what can be done to improve student (not school) achievement, and I think things would be different.

My point in the previous post was that a non-defeatist attitude makes a difference.

Lead Mine Demographics

No, this school is in a middle class area.  There may be some low income students in the apartments and smaller homes near the school, but it is primarily surrounded by homes selling for $200,000 and up.  The higher than expected F&R numbers may be because two charter schools nearby have attracted a number of affluent families. 

hmm .. wonder how you get

hmm .. wonder how you get almost half the kids from F&R homes in a middle class area?  Maybe many of the residents are childless and the F&R kids come from the apartments?  Or like you said the charter schools are tearing the neighborhood apart?



“She had to leave the

“She had to leave the area because she couldn't afford an apartment in the new area and she couldn't get to her jobs because of the distance.   … It's not just the wealthy parents that are fleeing WCPSS. 


Was WCPSS supposed to give her free rent or a new car so she would not flee?

Of Course Not

Of course I didn't expect WCPSS to pay for her apartment, but I saw this woman cry multiple times because she didnt' feel she had any options.  I told her she should go to the BOE and plead her case to stay where she was at.  I even offered to take her.  She had already made her decision and was in the process of moving.  How many other parents out there might think they have no options except to go where they are told.  I know if I complained it would fall on deaf ears with this BOE, but at the same time I don't have the hardship that she had or that a lot of other people may have!   Can you say the word Miramar refugees?  That move still stuns me!  If anyone had a reason to be left where they were at, it was those kids!

I understand .. it is a

I understand .. it is a shame to lose someone who trys so hard and works to hard ...

You missed the point but

You missed the point but maybe you intended to. I think what was being expressed is that its not just wealthy people who want their kids within a reasonable distance form home. Any child is impoverished when their parent can't get to the school to be involved. And the label that Chuck gives low income families as uninvolved parents is unfair. 

Continuing with the Health

Continuing with the Health Care analogy: Like the "Public Option", "Bussing for Diversity" is Lazy goverment. Some folks need health insurance and have trouble paying for it. Some due to economic status, some due to pre-existing conditions, some due to ignorance, some due to all 3. Simple, lazy government solution - create a huge government program to cover them all. Raise taxes, reduce benefits of existing programs, problem solved. Enter unintended consequences. In order to make the public option competitive, the government will mandate certain level of coverage for all. Then, they will use tax payer dollars to suppliment the cost of the public option. The combination will slowly destroy private health care insurance companies who need to make a profit, because, after all, they are a business. Over time, health insurance options will dwendle, limiting competition, therefore increase cost until there is only one option left, the public option. Because the public option was never designed to handle everyone, the cost will sky rocket. Increasing cost will force two option on the government (1) reduce benefits or (2) reduce payments to healthcare providers. Both options will lead to health care shortages and reduced innovation, just as it has in Canada, GB, Germany, on and on.

Lazy government solution = unintended consequences. There are many, many great ideas that while more difficult to design and implement, would actually SOLVE the health care issue in the US instead of creating another one but I haven't the time to spell them all out here on an education blog.

Bussing for diversity is also lazy. Simply shifting kids who have the greatest needs around from school to school hoping they'll get their needs met is a joke. It's embarrassing that anyone believes this will work and its obvious from ALL the data that it hasn't (don't through that "healthy schools", we have no failing schools garbage data at me and waste our time here). The gap is growing, not shrinking. Individual student performance is declining, not increasing or even staying the same, particularly in the ED groups. It also has all sorts of unintended consequences such as destroying our communities and driving dedicated parents, the ones that could make a difference, out of the system. Perry, as a liberal, you're supposed to have an open mind....Open it up, be objective. Beating Durham or CMS is not an accomplishment for the most educated county in the SE United States. Having moved from somewhere else, I can tell you that our curriculum is 1.5 to 2 yrs behind other, truly good (not great, but good) public school systems with similar demographs and cost/student. Acting like we don't have a problem here really hurts your credibility and others who claim that WCPSS deserves any award.

"Bussing for diversity is

"Bussing for diversity is also lazy.” 

 I tend to agree with what you are saying but it really would be so much better coming from the "victims" … many will say poor parents don’t have computers, PACs, or the time / money to protest so organizations like WCSA have to do it for them but I don’t feel comfortable with that logic.   


Personally, I would prefer a transition where the other creative, innovative ideas are tried and proven successful such that there is no longer a need for a diversity policy …. I am talking about where western wake parents are renting apartments and giving false addresses to get into a high ED school because those schools produce the top students.  Or where the tables are turned and ED parents are complaining about WW parents trying to get their kids into their local schools causing overcrowding ….


It is a shame that diversity has become the central point of the election …( plus the MYR and Magnet rejects) …  “non pro-diversity” camps have to tip toe around the issue so as not to seem like racists or elites and need to use code or inflammatory words like “bussing” to energize their base ….your points about increasing the educational performance is the real issue to solve which ALL people agree on not what the family income of the kid next to your is or how far he had to travel to get the best education …


... other creative, innovative ideas are tried and proven successful such that there is no longer a need for a diversity policy …. I am talking about where western wake parents are renting apartments and giving false addresses to get into a high ED school because those schools produce the top students.  Or where the tables are turned and ED parents are complaining about WW parents trying to get their kids into their local schools causing overcrowding ….

But this doesn't make any sense. If Western Wake parents (which I assume from your previous posts means wealthy which is not a fair stereotype) then the high ED schools would become less ED. This would ruin your utopia.

None of our schools are as successful as they could be if WCPSS was willing to move beyond the one trick pony of busing busing busing. Even our 'high achieving schools' really aren't as impressive  if you look at the context of Wake County vs the nation. And, no innovations are allowed for any schools under the current board and staff.

If everyone has a high achieving school near them and they can attend with their friends and neighbors THAT would be my utopia. 

I agree with TrailerParkGirl. I think there is something really obnoxious about this assumption that if you get 'too many' of any 'one kind' of kids/families or neighbors together in one place it is 'bad'. Too many white people are something to be afraid of? Too many poor people are to be avoided? Too many black people must not be allowed to congregate? Too many wealthy people are scary? Poor people cannot achieve/ Wealthy people are selfish and hoard the secrets to their success? Aren't all these assumptions just opposites sides of the same debasing, dehumanizing coin? It ignores so many hopeful and positive examples. 


"but it really would be so

"but it really would be so much better coming from the "victims""

Are you kidding me, I am a victim!  My kids are a victim!  My community has been damaged, my hard earned tax money is being wasted, my kid's education has suffered dramatically since I moved here.  You don't have to be "poor" to be a "victim".  By the way, "victim" is pretty insulting to poor people I imagine.  How many poor people are actually so totally helpless they qualify as "victims".  Victim of what, exactly? 

If you are a victim than

If you are a victim than keep your argument /data to your circumstances …. Your kids traveling 26 miles a day, your kids not graduating, your kid’s SAT falling, etc.  ... not CMS, KIPP, ED, AA BS ...  personally I don't see how diversity has made you a victim ... you don't even have much Econmic diversity where you live and all the reassignments disrupting your life have been due to growth ...

Negative. First, must


First, you must not know where I live as there's plenty of economic diversity.  I've told you several times that the ED/F&R #'s would likely go up at my kid's school if we have community schools. 

My community is a victim because kids in my neighborhood go to multiple ES, among other things.  Not b/c of growth b/c all together they couldn't fill 1/2 of one ES.  They go to the magnet programs, YR options and non-options, private schools and where ever they can just to try and avoid the base school.  Why, because WCPSS could care less about it.  It's below 40% F&R, it does ok on the EOGs each year and its a nice place to shuffle far away kids in and out and each year as necessary.  Its what I call a "rug" school.  You know, one of those places where WCPSS "sweep" some low scoring F&R kids under.  Like most "rug" schools, it could care less about offering foreign languages or AG services.  Clearly, the only goal is to remain "healthy".  I've never once heard the words excellence or acheive associated with the school. 

My kids were even accepted into a magnet but we chose not to go due to the travel distances and lack of connection with our own community, which, as it turns out doesn't really exist (thanks to WCPSS).  We've never been reassigned but know our time could come at any moment.  Every one in WCPSS is a victim.  We're all suffering from these failing policies.   All our kids are not being taught to their potentials, just to the minimum EOG passing score, which is pitiful.    

What do you think?

Obviously, the current 40% isn't working. I agree that if we don't elect some new thinkers to the board, we're in trouble. Most everyone knows now that Garner schools would be thrilled with only 40% F&R but the BOE can't achieve that either. In the past two years, Garner has received some relief in terms of overcrowding and socioeconomics but this relief came at the expense of many Southeast Raleigh families as they were bussed to other areas in the county, often passing schools on the way. When our group went to the school board with specific node changes and ways these students could be reassigned without bussing them all the way to Middle Creek and Westlake, they wouldn't look at our information because by making this change, it would affect too many other students in the reassignment plan. Their idea was to affect as few students as possible; therefore, continuing to bandaid the problems. 

Why won't the Board of Education build schools in Southeast Raleigh?  We've given them proof in numbers that this area has been growing rapidly.  Yet, the BOE keeps trying to come to Garner to build more schools.  If our county changes its approach and goes to neighborhood schools, where do the Southeast Raleigh families attend school when there are very few schools in their neighborhood?

I know that it is not typical for someone on the blog to  ask for someone's opinion but some of the postings this afternoon I've found very informative.  I'd really like to know how you bloggers think this might be addressed (lack of schools in Southeast Raleigh and where these students will attend school with a neighborhood approach to assignment).  Thanks.

Why and what

Just my opinion:

1) Unlike the citizens of Garner, with your town leaders to look out for you, SE Raleigh is just part of Raleigh and the other parts of Raleigh have way more money, power, connections and influence.

2) It won't help business interests and it's not between the airport/RTP and downtown Raleigh.

3) It won't help property values in non-SE Raleigh (see #1).

4) Schools in SE Raleigh couldn't meet the 40%F&R criteria, so under the current regime some SE Raleigh kids would need to be bussed elsewhere anyway and NED students from outside SE Raleigh would need to be bussed in. See what someone else said about ITB.

5) Garner's bussable and it gets the kids out of Raleigh. (I live on the "bussable Rim")

6) They don't care about what SE Raleigh needs.

7) They don't think SE Raleigh can have healthy schools.

8) My understanding is that SE Raleigh has been asking for attention for a long and not just in education, but gets ignored.

9) With some of the supposed "friends" of the low income, they sure don't need enemies.

I don't know the best way to address in the short-term, but post short-term, I'd like to see a community school done there like the ones that are discussed by John Tedesco and on his website. Other places in the country have done it (I think one place restored an abandoned building) and I think by pulling people together it can be done here. I personally think John Tedesco would be a BOE member who could make that happen.

I grew up in a 45-50% ED community which has always used a community model. Within three blocks there's a ES (partially built with a $6M donation from a single donor), MS, and HS, and a community center/park with tennis and ball fields, a rec center and a pool nicer than any Y here, plus a second park which was one of several locations for FREE, yes FREE summer camp. We took, FREE, yes FREE swim lessons for two weeks of 4th grade (school bus took us from my ES which was not the one by the HS to the pool and back). The area transit authority and the Early Ed school are working out a contract to transport early ed kids. The Knights of Columbus built a nature center at another ES that is open for use by the community. Another ES is next to another community park. The alternative HS is supported by 13 community service organizations.

They make things happen there despite being higher ED than Wake, so IMO Wake really out to be able to get its act together on this too. Of course, there people are just people and not suspicious of one another from different parts of the area, which helps in the pulling together to get things done part.

Forgot to clarify

the FREE, yes FREE lessons applied to all students regardless of income.

Why won't the Board of

Why won't the Board of Education build schools in Southeast Raleigh?  We've given them proof in numbers that this area has been growing rapidly.  Yet, the BOE keeps trying to come to Garner to build more schools


My opinion only.  If the BOE built more schools in SE Raleigh, the children of the wealthy and connected who live ITB would be expected to diversify those schools. 

Bingo!!!!!  As it is now,

Bingo!!!!!  As it is now, the schools they're needed at for their "numbers" are magnets.....

I think it will be a while

I think it will be a while until we have enough money to build new schools given the economic condition.  It may be that Garner has better infurstructure than SE Raleigh which makes it easier to build there.  Also, many of the schools are under capacity now so the prudent financial thing to do is shuffle kids around to an open seat until the economy recovers.  We really can not go to a neighborhood arrangements since some schools would be overcrowded and some would be empty ... I think people are now using the term community school to convey the idea of say five miles radius defining a community. Finally, it would be best for the people and communities in SE to plan and lobby for new schools and not depend on Garner to push the issue for them.

Victims of what, exactly?

The negative stereotypes and defeatism behind the justifications given for the healthy schools policy, which people keep calling the diversity policy, for one.

So, like with health care,

So, like with health care, let's begin with incremental changes in a new direction (not a sweeping, throw the baby out with the bath water approach like a public option) .  That cannot and will not happen with the current BoE types or so called, for lack of a better name, status-quo candidates.   WCPSS is a huge cruise ship and it will take a long-time to turn it around (paraphrasing from Perry, I think) but it will never turn with the current captain(s).  A new approach should be measured and its successes and failures should be tested and documented along the way.  The only guarentees here are that the current strategy will continue to not work, some of the new strategies will not work either and we will not find out what does work unless we try.   

OT--did anybody experience

OT--did anybody experience trouble with school buses being late yesterday? Wakefield HS got out at 1:28 yesterday and when I was there at 2:15, there were hundreds of kids still waiting for the buses to get there. When I left at 2:30, there were still some kids waiting for their buses to arrive to take them home. My son's bus was also late and I asked him what the deal was. He said the bus driver told them that YR schools had early release yesterday (half day) and that caused the buses to be late.

Sounds like WCPSS didn't think through this one hour early thing too well. Trad calendar schools have an early release day in a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how late some of the buses run.

I was expecting to hear about this on the news or in the newspaper but haven't so far. My neighbor said that one of her co-workers was freaking out yesterday because her middle schooler wasn't home from school yet. She ended up getting home really late. I'm guessing the YR early release was the cause of that.

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About the blogger

T. Keung Hui covers Wake schools.