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NAACP and Great Schools in Wake Coalition holding "community mass meeting" on Wake County's new student assignment plan

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The state NAACP and Great Schools in Wake Coalition are teaming up to host a "community mass meeting" on Thursday to discuss Wake County's new student assignment plan.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday at Martin Street Baptist Church, 1001 E. Martin St. in Raleigh. It comes after both groups had unsuccessfully urged the school board to delay implementation of the new plan by a year.

The meeting also comes after GSIW released a new fact sheet on feeder patterns on Thursday that levels several complaints about the new plan. Among the complaints is the charge that the plan's use of feeder patterns "are creating segregated schools."

"Middle schools including, Carnage and Durant Road, will likely become more segregated, poorer, and overall proficiency will decline dramatically," says the GSIW fact sheet. "Where there is concentrated poverty, recruiting and retaining teachers is difficult, and schools are costly to run. Racial segregation undermines student achievement and will not allow WCPSS to apply for federal funding for magnet and other programs, as we have in the past."

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I'm just shocked that Carnage Middle is mentioned specifically --- not. Smells like Jim Martin.

With both the Raleigh Chamber and WEP supporting the new assignment plan, the NAACP and GSIW have an uphill battle. This should be good to watch.

As if the magnet lottery

As if the magnet lottery winners didn't have enough. Not only did their children have the best of Wake County's resources, they also had the freedom to return at any time to their base. How do they know why there were fewer magnet application? I'm with Jenman, we ordinary 'base' parents now have a shot at the same stability the magnet parents have enjoyed. Something has to give in order to provide a stable assignment path. What the magnet parents don't get is it means they can't have both - winning the lottery and the base fallback. I hope they have a nice meeting. Maybe they should invite someone from staff to explain the process once again.

Okay fine...for new applicants

"What the magnet parents don't get is it means they can't have both - winning the lottery and the base fallback."

If the system wants to change the rules for new people applying to the magnet system and let them make the fully informed choice that they may never get the chance to come back to school with their neighbors, then so be it.  But to impose undesirable forced magnet feeders on those that entered the magnet system under the old plan and were marketed the magnet schools with the assurance of being able to return ath the time they made their choice is not fair.  


Read more here: http://blogs.newsobserver.com/comment/reply/45962/251358#storylink=cpy


I understand the frustation of magnet parents -- they didn't get what they were expecting.  But, everybody should have known that the "return to base" promise goes out the window if the underlying assignment plan changed.  The fact that previous boards made promises to magnet students doesn't mean that they have some vested right to always have a specific base school hanging around for when they wanted to get out of the magnet plan.

Let's wait and see how bad the damage actually is before we all start with the 'sky is falling' complaints.  In a few weeks, we'll know *exactly* how many people got their 1st, 2nd, 3rd &c choices.

I agree with the 'wait and

I agree with the 'wait and see' approach.  I have a lot of apprehensions about this plan but we really have no idea how many seats are actually going to be available at all of the schools. 

I'm in the same boat as the OP--wanting to get back to what would normally be our 'base' school.  They say there are 'less than 5' seats available for 9th grade and there are 70 1st choice apps so far.  It will be interesting, to say the least.

In WCPSS, we've all made

In WCPSS, we've all made decisions based on a set of assumptions that then changed.  Your point?

While I agree with your premise, I think it is still wrong.

Yes, WCPSS has long made assurances and broken them. Foreign language in elementary school? Not unless you are a magnet or theme. Calendar choice? Hard if you live ITB. Well advertised magnet lottery? Until a couple of years ago, it was like Orwell's Animal Farm, with some kids being more equal than others. do you think the parents at Hilburn knew WCPSS would reassign half the student body in a year?

So yes, I agree with the comment that no one should be suprised by this, BUT, that doesn't make it right. We should be seeking reasonable solutions, not playing gotcha with the magnet kids. I agree that there should be a path for magnet students who came in under the old plan to return to base, or to the school formerly known as base (I dub such a plan the "Prince" plan since I don't have a key for that weird symbol he uses now). And I'm not a magnet parent.

OT: it is 10:30 at night and a 1st grader just called my house to speak with my son, who has been asleep for two hours. Who are these people who let their six year olds stay up til 10:30 and then USE THE PHONE?!

Fear Mongering, it's what they does best

So their meeting is to scare people or gather and pray that the plan crashes and burns?

Someone please tell these cry babies they are done. This is their board. They campaigned for them, they supported them, they elected them and now they need to deal with them and THEIR plan.


Didn't "their" candidates win office in November?

The GSIW fact sheet raises

The GSIW fact sheet raises some questions for me--don't we only get fed funding money for magnet startup costs for the first 3 years.  Carnage, Ligon, etc. have been around longer than three years--what fed money would be jeopardized in their case (is it not all local WCPSS district-funded?)  It would seem that the Group 1/2/3 magnet/base seat numbers would be target goals with some range of variance around the seats from year to year--is WCPSS growth mgmt. expected to nail those seat numbers down to the exact percent stated?  (With the sibling priority grandfathering guidelines I would expect to get close but maybe not exactly on.)   

I only saw this reference to

I only saw this reference to magnets: Racial segregation undermines student
achievement and will not allow WCPSS to apply for federal funding for magnet and other programs, as we have in the past.

I'm not sure exactly what they mean by "will not allow" us to apply for the programs.  We already have segregated schools and it hasn't stopped us from applying for magnets in the past.  What do they mean by a 'segregated school'?  Like most things put out by this group, they bring up some valid points but the half-truths and scare tactics overshadow the facts.

Half Truths?

How about lies. These folks will use anybody and promote race hating  to anyone who is vulnerable to this type of crap... What a shame.

yeah, I was being kind. 

yeah, I was being kind. 

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