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Magnet schools and equity

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It looks like magnet schools won't lose much if anything by the time a new equity and equality policy is developed by the school board.

The board is trying to develop a policy that would help provide "equal access to programs and services and equitable distribution of resources." But during Tuesday's work session discussion, board members stressed that they wanted to protect magnet schools in the new policy.

"if we don't have some differences, we undermine why you'd leave Apex to go to Enloe," said school board member Beverley Clark.

Clark said that treating everyone equally doesn't promote equity.

School board member Lori Millberg agreed that magnet schools should continue offering unique programs. She said magnet schools provide equality because all students can apply to attend them.

Asst. Supt. Chuck Dulaney added that Wake's weighted selection process for filling magnet schools promotes equity across the district. He said randomly filling seats would result in disparities at schools.

Click here for last year's magnet selection criteria. In theory, priority goes to applicants from overcrowded schools in affluent areas.

The school board braindstormed things they'd like to see in the new equity/equality policy. Staff will take the ideas and present a draft policy to the board for consideration.

Click here for the handout that Dulaney presented to the board to get the discussion going.


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“How does one get their

“How does one get their child identified as "exceptional" so they can attend Enloe?”


I don’t know.  We attended one of their open house and I was very impressed with the range and depth of the classes.  Also, most of the top students I know from outside activities attend Enloe especially in the performing arts.   For me it was just too far to drive.


“Also, why did you change your login ID, ncdad1? I noticed the same font issues on your previous posts have cropped up on your new "user1234" posts.”


Computer crashed and I messed up the pw (was auto signon) so I just created a new id.  No conspiracy :-)

Oh Snap!

You got owned, 1234

Holy ****

My worst nightmare.....an ncdad2 in sheep's clothing!

I think...

The theory is that the school board would rather bus kids to fill a school in an underpopulated area than sell that school and build one where the kids live.

I don't buy it though -- No reason that, say, Enloe's base area can't be expanded to the point that base students fill the entire school.


you are on to something

bob you on to something here

ITB--three high schools right?  ALL magnet??  Necessary? Ummmmm

Equality would mean

all applicants have the same chance of being accepted, not just that "all students can apply to attend them". Sorry, but the fact that 50% of applicants from the low F&R school two miles from my node are accepted to magnet schools compared to <10% from the higher F&R school to which my node is assigned hardly seems equitable or equal.

Meet, talk, chew

Sometimes I really think this Board meets and talks simply to meet and talk. Maybe they get a good lunch?

they meet

Sideburns you know they meet because they love each other so so so so much.

Who is paying for that

Who is paying for that lunch?

They should eat the crap they serve up in the cafeterias.  LOL. 

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