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Lunch break II

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  The school board is now on a lunch break until 1 p.m.

They've finished the elementary schools. They'll see how far they can get with the middle schools and high schools this afternoon.


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Wood Valley

Any discussion on Wood Valley & Leesville Middle?

Not yet. Still on the Es.

Not yet. Still on the Es.

if you can ask a question

We are specifically watching for a change to the YR option for WV middle school from Durant to Leesville middle.  It seems to be an error, all the nodes around WV have Leesville middle as the YR option.  I sent this in as a question, but never got a response.

Enough Seats at AMS?

Was there any discussion about Apex Middle School (top of the alphabet!) having enough "calendar option seats" for the folks from Baucom base nodes that will want them to keep their children on the same calendar? [Note to readers: Baucom is going BACK to traditional next year, but the nodes that go to Baucom are assigned to YR middle schools ...] The folks in Apex are concerned that there won't be enough seats during the "application window" and people will be stuck.

That's nothing new

Uh....Apex parents have been stuck for years. Many nodes have been assigned to Olive Chapel (MYR) and Apex Middle (tradt'l) as well as Turner Creek (MYR) and Apex Middle. Some of those nodes have been changed to Lufkin (YR) in this reassignment plan.  While that might be good for some (elem/middle school split), it is not good for others (middle/high split).


Nothing New But Ya Gotta Speak Up

As an Apex parent, I am very aware of how totally screwed up our entire situation is ... OCE/BE/SE/PRE/AE --> AM/SMS/LRMS --> AHS, PCHS, HSHS ... I know.  And we've got to keep speaking up, showing up, etc.  I KNOW it is like banging your head against a wall ... but if we don't, then they'll assume we're fine with all this junk.  I am one for speaking up.

And when you,

send your kids to school for make-up days on Saturdays, send them on holidays, such as Memorial Day, allow bonds to pass continuously ...

you ALSO send the message that "you're fine with this junk"!

A little discussion but no

A little discussion but no changes.


Discussion is good -- ya gotta start somewhere.   Thanks for the feedback.

Discussion is a joke!

Discussing issues with THIS board is a joke!  That is the beginning of the end!!

Pony up and drive this train home folks. 

All aboard!

Keung--You mentioned that

Keung--You mentioned that yesterday they discussed Fox Road and asked if the F&R was really rising or not. I think you said that they might be discussing changes to Fox Road today. Anything happen on that front?

Thanks, Keung for updating all of us. I wish they would broadcast these meetings.

They're making a few

They're making a few changes. It won't really drop Fox Road's F&R but it's  supposed to keep it from getting worse. There was a lengthy discussion about the problems Fox Road is having getting the middle income housing near the school to attend.

The changes agreed to by the board today are not to reassign nodes 588.1, 588.2 and 588.3 from Fox Road Elementary
to Wakefield Elementary. They'll replace them with nodes 234.1 and 234.5 going to Wakefield. This means fewer kids will leave Fox Road, but the new nodes they'll send are a higher-needs node than the ones they were orginally to move.

Mr Hui

Amplify what you mean by "higher needs"....i.e. Are they lower performing or higher F&R%?

Higher F&R

Higher F&R

Anything new? Any middle

Anything new? Any middle school changes?

You're going to need to be

You're going to need to be more specific.

Node 447.1 involving Timber Drive to Adams (YR)

Any word on changes to the original staff proposal? We submitted a proposal to move 447.1 to Middle Creek and keeping 447.1 middle schoolers at West Lake MS - we gave them a different node to move to Adams and East Cary. Has Dr. McLaurin brought this up?


No changes from the staff

No changes from the staff plan for 447.1. They just finished up East Cary Middle, where they dropped nodes 657.1 and 657.2 at Patti Head's urging.


Preston wins again!  Way to go you guys, you get to once again stay in your local community area and travel no futher than 1.5 miles from ES to MS to HS..WOWWOWOWOW!

I wish we at Carpenter could fair as well as you guys even thou we are scheduled to go to Panther Creek HS, we still will be shipped to ECMS 8 miles away and in even in the feeder pattern..just makes no sense:(

How in the world do you always get Patti H. to listen to you guys and then get her to get the BOE to change their minds???  Please help us with your adivse to we can try again next year, because we will still fight!

Keung, Is there anyway to


Is there anyway to get notes on the detailed specifics on why the board justified the changes they are making?  Can we also get notes on the specifics as to why they are not making the changes asked for by parents?  That might be eye opening and I think we all have a right to know the nitty gritty details.  


I'm not really sure there's

I'm not really sure there's an easy way at it. The work sessions are recorded. The minutes, whenever they're done, will likely not be too specific.

Thank you for the update!

Although you bore terrible news for us, I really appreciate your updates and your blog!  They are making next to impossible to attend year-round now, so I guess it's back to a traditional calendar for us after 10 years!

Lou Ann Goodnight

Ann Goodnight?

Are you kidding me??

Jim's wife?  The lady who says "just work with them, pass their bonds, pat them on the rump and they'll work with you"???

If you're not good ole boy Jim's wife, change your name on this blog because Ann Goodnight is as much a pain in our rumps as Chuck Dulaney and Patti Head!

Jim's wife won't find a friend anywhere near here!  As the matter of fact ...

Hey g88ky07 - knock that chip off your shoulder!

Do you really think that my husband and I would send our kids through the WCPSS if he had built Cary Academy? There are other Goodnights around. My husband (the DOT's Jim Goodnight and I (LOU Ann) have been in this area for 25 years. Incidentally, Jim and Ann Goodnight have done a lot for the community and it's sad to see such strong ill will toward them.

Don't let it land

on you if I do!

Jim and Ann Goodnight have also been a detriment to public education in Wake County!

When you support bonds with LIES and then disappear into the wind after you barely eke a win by who exactly are you doing good?

Bet she doesn't eke one by next time!  ;c )

My condolences

 We went back to traditional calendar this year for the same reason. I must admit now that I have experienced both, I like traditional more than year-round.

It's so frustrating that while they are forcing people who want traditional into MYR, they take others that want YR and give them such an odious YR option that they opt to go back to traditional.

Does she want to send them

Does she want to send them to Leesville?  More of her mission to overcrowd the middle school.

Are they moving through

Are they moving through middle schools rapidly or slowly? Close to Leesville Middle? Wakefield Middle?

It's slow. No middle school

It's slow. No middle school changes yet but they're at Daniels Middle School after one hour.

I may  have been

I may  have been censored.  Is it safe to a ssume that the board will stick it out as long as it takes to get through all middle and high schools?

Banks Road

Keung, you mentioned yesterday that Banks Road Elementary would be revisited today. Were there any more changes to Banks (beyond removal of node 448.1)? Thanks.

Minor changes today. They're

Minor changes today. They're redrawing the node boundaries for one of the Wilow Springs nodes that's going to Banks Road. The new lines only affect two students.


I have heard conflicting reports about the data that is being used. Does anyone know if the data is accurate on the WCPSS site...it seems like there has be mention of the fact that there are different sets of data.


It will be interesting to see how they address Wakefield Middle and High schools.

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