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Land for new northwest Raleigh elementary school

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The recession is helping the school system find land for a new elementary school in northwest Raleigh.

The school board voted Tuesday to pay $2.54 million for 30.834 acres at the intersection of Baileywick and Strickland roads. Wake is buying the site from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is the receiver for the parcel.

According to a 2008 Triangle Business Journal article, a subdivision had been planned there. But the bank foreclosed on the Raleigh real estate investment firm that owned the land.

This new site replaces the one that Wake walked away from in the watershed at Shooting Club and Creedmoor roads.

The new site is also in the Falls Lake watershed. But school board member  Patti Head said that it has access to municipal water and sewer service.

Head said another benefit of this new site is that it will allow Wake to build a small middle school on the Leesville Church Road site.

If county commissioners sign off on the deal, funding to build the school would come from a future bond issue.


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Why do we need a 'small'

Why do we need a 'small' middle school two miles from LRMS (Leesville Church Road)? My major concern is that a small middle school would not have enough resources to fund orchestra, sports and other specials.

perhaps it could become a YR

perhaps it could become a YR middle?

Perhaps... But popularity of

Perhaps... But popularity of YR middle schools is greatly overestimated. Most of the parents choose LRMS, Salem and Lufkin because they like the school, not the schedule. I am not sure we will be even able to fill up the new school without busing application students.

I bet  the middle school

I bet  the middle school students from Brier Creek who are assigned to Daniels MS, (ITB) will love the opportunity to go to the Leesville schools.

My guess is that they would

My guess is that they would prefer a MS built closer to them.

Leesville MS is less that 5

Leesville MS is less that 5 miles from Brier Creek. It is far and away the closest MS. No one living in Brier Creek would likely complain about their children being assigned to Leesville.

I agree, and if it didn't

I agree, and if it didn't fill up with applicants desirous of a YR calandar, it would help bring an end to the argument that people are demanding it. I believe only a very small percentage of families want it. Currently, the YR schools are a financial drain to the system.

there was also talk about

there was also talk about this location being a 6th grade center..

I remember that... But,

I remember that... But, again, will we have enough resouces to fund specials? Do we even need another MS in the area if application students are not bused in ?

Good idea. A 100%

Good idea. A 100% application school for those who want a YR schedule.


duplicate post

Brier Creek?

Seems like they should be focusing on Brier Creek area - according to Raleigh's growth plan, this is a major population center, yet only 1 elementary school is there.

The Brier Creek area ...

The Brier Creek area is in desperate need of a middle and high school. This area is quickly growing into a major urban center and its school needs have been ignored for too long.


Unfortunately, there's not a lot of land in that area.  It's hemmed in by Durham, the Airport & Umstead.  It's a shame that the district didn't have the foresight to buy land there when it was available.

 There's plenty of good land right across the border in Durham County, but then the district would have to pay Durham property taxes. 

It did not take an

It did not take an incredible amount of foresight to see that area was going to grow, the powers that be just did not have their eye in the ball. However, there are realities in play that will require that something be done. There is a solution, it just will cost more now because of poor planning.

oh they were warned....

Published: Feb 26, 2006 12:30 AM

Wake leaders balked at early fast-growth

Don't blame Karan Bunn. She saw them


As a school planner in 1992, Bunn warned

county and school leaders that the

number of Wake students would break the

100,000 mark in 2000 and reach 118,000

by 2005.

Her projections were met with disbelief,

and her job was eliminated a year later.

"They didn't want to hear that at the time,"

said Bunn, who still lives and works in

Raleigh. "They just said shoot the


Growth has stopped and we

Growth has stopped and we don't need anymore schools ... don't be sucked into the madness and believe the WCPSS growth figures. We have more than enough open seats now and should not invest a single dime building anything new.

Why do you even make the

Why do you even make the effort to post anything? You are like a gnat, you're barely apparent, but nonetheless unwelcome.

Brier Creek is mostly in

Brier Creek is mostly in Durham.  They should go there. 

Troll post

Please do not feed the troll

S you  live in Brier Creek

So you  live in Brier Creek and want me to pay for your school .... no wonder you want to silence us.  Get a job and pay taxes ... we don't want  / need anymore schools, debt, bonds or taxes ....

Troll Post

Please do not fee the troll.

High School is more urgent.

High School is more urgent. Then Middle School. Who is making these decisions?

Is there enough land for a middle school?

There really doesn't seem to be a need for an elementary school in that area, but a huge need for a middle school.  Although I do think we need to continue building for the future, it really doesn't make sense to me.

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