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Kids voting for Democrats

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It looks like Wake school kids may have some Democratic leanings in them.

The record 68,967 students who took part in Kids Voting last week showed stronger support for Democratic candidates than the adult voters in Wake. Kids backed Democratic candidates in all but two partisan races and a handful of non-partisan judicial races.

State Rep. Nelson Dollar and Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry were the only Republicans backed by the kids in the partisan races where no Democrat was running.

The kids backed several Democrats who couldn't win the adult vote, such as N.C. Senate candidate Chris Mintz and Ronnie Ansley, the candidate for Agriculture Commissioner.

In the presidential race, kids gave 63.7 percent of the vote to Barack Obama. The adults in Wake gave him 56.7 percent.

For U.S. Senate, the kids gave 54.4 percent of the vote to Kay Hagan. She got 56.1 percent from the county's adults.

For governor, Bev Purdue got a plurality of 48 percent from the students. She got 51.2 percent from Wake adults.

Click here for the overall totals.

Click here for Kids Voting's web site for school-by-school totals.


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Brainwashing? Indoctrination?

Seriously -- kids voting is a form of indoctrination? And a democratic bias is an indication of brainwashing?
In many cases, kids (especially younger kids) will vote the same way as their parents.

It's insulting to say they're brainwashed. It means they're paying attention to their parents -- arguably the most influential people in their lives.
It's no more brainwashing than having kids go to the same church / synagogue / whatever as their parents. Or like the same sports teams.

In this case, the democrats had the majority of the actual vote, and it's not surprising that kids voting mirrored that outcome.


Kids all watch TV, and thus were bombarded with three times as many Obama commercials as McCain's.  Teenagers use Facebook -- during the campaign, Facebook users were constantly presented with Obama ads (The McCain camp really missed the mark in this department).

And these are young children.  All things being equal, they will relate better to a man their parents' age than a man their grandparents' age.

They see Chris Rock, Kal Penn and other very knowledgable celebrities endorsing Obama.  Thank God Hannah Montana did not choose to endorse Obama, that might have gotten him 90% of the kids' vote.

Looking at the wrong thing.....

Look at the textbooks your children are bringing home and you will see why. Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao would all be proud of the indoctrination of American youth at the public's expense.
"The hand that rocks the cradle, will rule the world!"

40 years of "leftist" teachings in our public education system got us exactly where we are today. Truth, Integrity, and the American way have been replace with, Equality, Diversity, and the Socialist way. Almost an entire generation ruined. It will only get worse.

OK, I invoke the Congressional Record

Call me Chicken Little, but everybody should read this and ponder how much has happened [The Hearing] -- click to read. I am not a nut, a radical, or a conspiracy kook. I am just a very concerned citizen, a student of history. And yes I read it many times before, years ago.  Let's see:

Goal 17 - Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.


I think the kids vote program is great, and I was impressed with how many voters brought their kids with them on election day.

The Democratic bias among young voters reflects that fact that they are more easily brainwashed than SOME adults. The whole Obama campaign was geared to younger voters.

What really irks me is that the Obama wave overswept the issues that really matter here. Governor Easley's administration was filled with corruption, failure in education and mental health, and fiscal irresponsibility. But the "Four more years of Bush" message trumped the "Four more years of Easley" message.


OK, so the less emotionally and intellectually developed you are, the more likely you'll vote democrat. Like we needed an empirical study for THAT...

(Waits for fish to bite...)

But seriously, folks, I don't mind the program, as long as we don't have teachers like the one in Fayetteville abusing the program, basically intimidating her students (what was it, 3rd grade?) that disagreed with her.

Kids Voting programs are further school indoctrination!

The national Kids Voting program and local folks too have been questioned as to WHY they FAIL to teach the children WHY there are often only 2 party choices on the ballot, especially in NC where parties other than 'demopublicans'
are shut out much as possible? WHY do people gravitate toward the very party that oppresses them in so many ways? Government screwls are simply indoctrination centers that TEACH government dependence!

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