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Kevin Hill says "it's time to move forward"

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Wake County school board member Kevin Hill says "we need an experienced educator focused on student achievement" in this campaign mailer sent last week.

In the mailer, Hill says "it's time to move forward." Just below those words are a picture of a young boy setting the time on a clock.

The mailer lists Hill's education and board experience. It says he supports "ensuring stability: once in a school, a child finishes at that school," "expanding academic opportunities," "protecting school accreditation," "maximizing school utilization" and "keeping money in the classroom."

"As we move forward and address the challenges of growth, we must keep what has made Wake County such a desirable place to live," the mailer says. "Kevin has always put students first — he understands that we get one chance to get it right for every child."


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Here's the problem

If Kevin always does what he think is necessary to "put students first," then why did he support transferring Bedford kids from WHS to the new HHS while supporting having students closer to HHS go to WHS?  Why did he "stonewall" Bedford parents?

In what way did that help "the greatest number of students" (as VirginiaDare likes to say)?

There were plenty of us in

There were plenty of us in Bedford who totally supported our transfer to HHS. WE liked the principle there (who was from WHS) and all of the WHS teachers he brought there. Plus it is only about 3 miles further from WHS and with the new bridge it is an easy drive. I personally regret that our HOA saw fit to get involved in the debate. If you look at the vote count from last month, Bedford has about as many Hill supporters as it does Losurdo supporters. I know  a lot of us wanted HHS.

Hill needs to play the Losurdo "wildcard"...

and have a press conference early Monday morning, as the news goes live, declaring that he was not just a principal but both a high school and elementary principal and provide the name of his supervisor for the media to confirm this...seems that will qualify as breaking news based on Losurdo's latest wildcard effort to appear credible (her telling us she worked at a bank, oh and a strip club before that apparently, while supplying the name of her manager)!

Paula, "Independent, Fair & Speaking Up for MY Kids."

Hill needs to have a press conference alright

and tell us that for the good of our schools and children that he has FAILED for the last 4 years he has decided to quit.

FS, "Here to help the stupid people to the door."

...love the new tag line. LOL

...love the new tag line. LOL


After 35 years, Kevin Hill thinks it's time for move forward?

"He understands we get one

"He understands we get one chance to get it right for every child"

He knows this but he is asking for a second chance for him to get it right?

Hill is right. "It is time to more forward"... WITHOUT him.

Hill is right. "It is time to more forward"... WITHOUT him.

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