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GSiW mobilizing people to tell Wake legislative delegation not to back school changes

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The Great Schools in Wake Coalition is mobilizing people to show up at Monday's Wake legislative delegation meeting to speak out against the bills that would change school ownership and school board elections.

"Both the Great Schools in Wake coalition and Friends of Dorothea Dix Park have issued alerts asking their members and supporters to show up en masse — and, for the Dix Park crowd, wearing green," writes Bob Geary in this blog post today the liberal Independent Weekly.

GSIW had already mobilized people last month in an unsuccessful bid to persuade the Wake County Board of Commissioners to withdraw their request for the legislation.

GSIW is backing the Wake County school board in opposing legislation that would take away its ownership of schools and change how and when board members are elected.


Due to the large crowd expected, the meeting has been moved to Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building, 300 N. Salisbury St., Raleigh.

The Wake County Democratic Party is also urging people to speak out at the Wake delegation meeting against the school bills and repealing the Dix lease.

"We need you to sign up to speak, show up to demonstrate your concern, speak up so that your legislators hear you, and then stand up for strong schools and smart development in Wake County," says Wake Democratic Party Chairman Dan Blue III in an email this afternoon.

in the email, Democrats call S325, the Wake school board election bill, an attempt to "needlessly rearranges the districts on a nonpartisan school board to create and maintain a Republican majority."

"The Republican-led majority lost in 2011 on the lines that they drew and now they want to redraw the lines... Again," says the Democratic email.

On S236, the bill to give counties ownership of schools, the Democrats say "this is a blatant attempt to take power from the school board to satisfy the Commissioners' need to punish and control."

"If Commissioner Coble or Bryan are negotiating land leases or designing classrooms and auditoriums, we should all be nervous," according to the Democratic email.

Click here for this link to Great Schools in Wake's action alert for the meeting, which includes their talking points for the meeting.


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I could care less who wins

I could care less who wins this juvenile squabble. It's still local money and it's still locally elected politicians. Whoever gets their hand on the checkbook needs to be fiscally prudent and question the need for massive capital expenditures on the scale seen to date.

Don't these people work? Or

Don't these people work? Or are these more paid protesters?


they live in a gated community off of Duraleigh, not normal middle class neighborhoods like us working folks.

I've never even seen a gated

I've never even seen a gated community in WC...honestly. Yet I've been accused by these people of living in a gated community and not wanting to get poor on me. Now you tell me these people actually do live in a gated community?!!!

Interesting information re: gated communities

Your post got me curious, so I googled gated communities in Wake County and ran across an interesting piece of information. It turns out that gated communities are banned by the Town of Cary. Cary even apparently removed the gates from a gated community that it annexed.

I wasn't joking...I've

I wasn't joking...I've seriously never seen one. I've seen several in the Chapel Hill area but not in Wake Co. I'm sure they exists, it's just not where my friends tend to live. That's interesting about the ban in Cary. I'm guessing Colbert wasn't aware of that.



GSiW needs to get the message from the rest of us

Show up in mass to counter their BS and bring your friends, your hymnals, your candles, people to jump on cars and someone to shove a pie in Brannon's face.

I'll bring the pies!

GSiW is irrelevant and it's time they figure that out.

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