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Forming the new student assignment committee

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The new Wake County school board majority will begin holding committee meetings this week, but it will take a little longer for the student assignment committee to get going.

School board member John Tedesci said he's in the process of getting nominations from the other board members for which members of the public should be on the new committee. Tedesco, the chairman of the new committee, hopes the group will begin meeting next month.

Tedesco explained that he's asking all the board members to suggest three names. He's working with Carolyn Morrison, vice chairwoman of the committee, to pick one community member from each board district.

Once the nine names are chosen, they'll go to the full board for a vote.

Tedesco said he's looking at getting a broad range of people on the committee.

For instance, Tedesco is weighing whether Anne Sherron should be the District 6 representative on the student assignment committee. Sherron was one of the three people nominated by Morrison.

Sherron is chairwoman of the District 6 Board Advisory Council and a member of Asst. Supt. Chuck Dulaney's student assignment committee. While Sherron has a lot of experience reviewing student assignment plans, she's a strong supporter of the diversity policy and a critic of the new board.

At the Dec. 1 board meeting, Sherron accused the new majority of acting "like a bull in a china shop" with all the new resolutions that were added at the board table.

The nine community members will help the board members first review the 2010-11 assignment plan for any changes before beginning work on the new community-based assignment plan.


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My views

So - I get my 15 minutes of fame! I find these comments very interesting, especially since no poster here has ever asked me what my views on Student Assignment are, therefore - I blog. #1 - There is no Diversity Policy. There are multiple criteria in 6200, one of which is (was) diversity. Overcrowding has been overwhelmingly the main reason students have been moved for years. I do not care for a crowded school, but I dislike moving a student even more. Stability is what I hear parents say. That's what I want. #2 - I was put on the SAAC by Bill McNeal, who saw my discontent and tenacity for the student assignment process. I was put there to understand the process better and make suggestions for change. I had this idea, that if more students could go to school closer to home ..... and today they do, vs when I came to the table. All of us on the team encourage that. #3 - I do not care for Mandatory Year Round. Never have. Surprised? #3.5 - I was one of the parents who lead the fight against Carroll Middle being converted to year round against their will years ago. #4 - I think 18% of our students in trailers is embarrassing at the County Commissioner level, but at least there has been progress made in the last 10 years. Let's keep our eye on the growth ball. #5 - I have yet to rubber stamp an assignment plan. I am one of the most outspoken and critical at the table. Ask Diana Bader and Roxie Cash - especially Roxie - we go toe to toe every year and still walk out friends. There is a consequence for making the plan better - and that is moving a student from a school they know to a school they don't know. Obstructionist? Hardly not. Concensus builder, more like it, and willing to listen. Critic of the new board? I'd like to be more specific there. I was a harsh critic of the tactics used Dec 1, but respectful, asking them to slow down, as there is a delicate balance in the student assignment process, and one decision could have what the board has now started calling "unintended consequences" - so I "called it' day 1. I explained the learning curve I experienced on SAAC to them. Actually, there are some ideas Mr Tedesco has that I can relate to and we have talked about those, and Mrs. Goldman and I have found much common ground recently. I have yet to converse with Mr Malone or Mrs Prickett, but I hope to soon. Chairman Margiotta respects me enough to have asked me to go over the 3 year plan last year with him. Unfortunately, my father was in Hospice then and I could not spare the time. Mrs. Bonham and I have had great conversations, as well as other parents of like and differing views across the county. I am especially happy I found a Holly Springs resident that I went to High School 100 miles away and 100 years ago with who is sharing with me that area's perspective. I want to hear everyone's view, as each part of the county has its own specific issues.

Thank you

Mr. Sherron for your work and objective approach to this problem.  With the exception of one legitimate question, I see the Board has suddenly become silent. 

Interesting how some of the anonymous bashers on here have nothing to say when a real person gives a honest and objective assessment of the situation instead of perceived rumors and their own made up slanted opinions. 

Thank you.



Did you attend the meeting tonite? I'm wondering how it went.



I was not able to attend tonight due to kid commitments but definitely have the Leesville  CEM on my calendar, and might try to make Green Hope.

But Why

Are so many nodes with children pulled out to attend schools further away then when there are many closer schools to their neighborhood?

Case in Point - Carpenter Village Node (which for some reason, last year became a consolidated node) got pulled to attend East Cary MS, which is further away then every other MS in Cary.  Why would you pull an entire neighborhood to attend a school to the other side of Cary, when East Cary MS will not even feed into our High School of Panther Creek?  Why?  Why would you do this to us, when over 7 years ago when we knew (and led by GM) that a new MS would be built to serve our area (Mills Park), you would still continue to send us to a school over 8 miles away, when Mills Park is 1.2 miles and feeds into Panther Creek?



that is an interesting map for sure. 


Talk about pulling nodes from everywhere and especially when there are sooo many other closer nodes.

Carpenter Village was split between West Cary and East Cary for two years and why they could not leave our node in West Cary until Mills Park was completed is beyond me.

I attended all of the reassignment meetings, geez starting back when Green Hope HS opened and while we excepted the growth and the opening of some new schools, this whole thing just got more insane every year.  Everyone talks about the 22 converted schools, but they need to go back further to 2003-06, when they started opening all new schools as MYR.  One blogger said it all - they kept just picking drafting kids from one school to fill another with no real plan in site.  My kids attended 4 elementary schools in 6 years - it's nuts and we lived off of Morrisville - Carpenter road!

I agree ... it would be

I agree ... it would be interesting to hear what the the assignment folks say about this map ... the only thing I can think of is that after the ECMS's renovation they just assigned any nodes that had too many kids to minimize the reassignments ... otherwise they would have had to reassign all the kids in western Wake yet again.

59 kids

were reassigned from Carpenter Village (this included the re-doing of that node - we gained more kids when they consolidated nodes into Carpenter's) WC to EC - EC was a new MS MYR - the renovation was Cary HS existed there and moved to their new location.

You would not believe the disruptions this WCPSS GM caused our area over the last 10 years, yet we took most if in stride - forced in MYR from a great traditional school in the name of so called growth, but please remember, Carpenter ES was underenrolled for 3 straight years - what growth we then said!!  They have their numbers up this year, at the expense of bussing in nodes.

I am hoping your guess is

I am hoping your guess is correct.  Which might explain why the good folks from Brier Creek are assigned to Daniels MS and Broughton .


Just curious,

 But I have never read  on this blog of anyone from Brier Creek upset for being bussed many miles ITB for middle and high.  Am I missing something or have they been told enough that the "Leesville One Campus " existed before they did?  

There are no schools in

There are no schools in Brier Creek - except for the one elementary school.  There was a huge uproar when the first version of the assignment plan put Brier Creek in Leesville and pushed many of us (in a built out area) east out of Leesville schools.  From the people I've talked to in Brier Creek, they identify more w/ Cary schools than Leesville. (but, I'm not sure which ones)

The worst part is - even though Brier Creek is identified as a high growth corridor, there are no more schools planned there. Unreal. 

Thanks for your informative

Thanks for your informative response!   It seems that there is more "goodwill"  and willingness to understand each other behind the scenes then some would like to believe.


The disrespect A Sherron has

The disrespect A Sherron has shown does not deserve to be rewarded. New blood would be good.

The other BOE members should

The other BOE members should nominate people who are less prone to issuing juvenile statements. Disagreements will abound but an ability to maintain an even keel is important.

guess we want a

broad range of like minded people.

it isnt wise to put Colonel

it isnt wise to put Colonel Saunders in charge of chicken safety..


"For instance, Tedesco is weighing whether Anne Sherron should be the District 6 representative on the student assignment committee."


I hope he's kidding. Sherron has already served for (how many?) years on Dulaney's Super Secret Student Assignment Committee. Time for change.



I have no issue with having a broad range of opinions represented. But, I would suggest that somebody who is likely to be obstructionist not be named. Ms. Sherron is apparently in that camp.

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