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Film accuses Koch brothers of resegregating Wake County schools

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A new video from a liberal group is accusing the conservative Koch brothers of having bought the Wake County school board elections in 2009 in an attempt to resegregate the school system.

The 11-minute video, released today by Brave New Films founded by Robert Greenwald, is part of a series of films attacking the Koch brothers. For this film, a variety of local supporters of the old diversity policy go on to blame the Koch brothers for the 2009 election results and ignore the notion that there was any large grassroots support for the changes.

"In 2009, the Koch brothers tried to destroy the Wake County Public School system," says a blurb flashed on the screen.

The connection to the Koch brothers is made through their support of the conservative Americans for Prosperity. During the film, Bob Geary of the liberal Independent weekly says "Americans for Prosperity put hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of effort into helping the school board candidates first get organized and then nominated and elected."

Quoted throughout the video are 2009 school board candidates Rita Rakestraw and Karen Simon, who blame the Koch brothers for their defeat. The video says they "lost against Koch supported candidates."

Rakestraw complains they were fighting opponents backed by billionaires.

Simon contends that the Koch brothers were like the Wizard of Oz pulling the levers behind the scenes in 2009.

"We went to a gun fight with knives," Simon said.

The video intersperses clips of state AFP President Dallas Woodhouse and then-candidates Chris Malone, Deborah Prickett and John Tedesco talking about neighborhood schools and forced busing with the same words being used in the 1970s by segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace.

"Forced busing is absolutely a code word," Geary said.

The video also shows scenes at magnet schools, including white and black students interacting together and praising the old diversity policy.

Speakers warn that ending the diversity policy will have negative consequences.

"I think the Koch brothers and Americans for Prosperity will end up creating resegregated schools and harming us economically in the long run," said campaign strategist Perry Woods, who worked for some of the losing school board candidates in 2009.

The video includes comments from Quinton White, who was among the students reassigned from Garner High to Southeast Raleigh High for the 2010-11 school year. The video describes these students as  "among the first phase to be resegregated."

The video also shows scenes of the various protests that have taken place with Sue Sturgis of the liberal Institute for Southern Studies, saying that "what happened here really woke people up."

"In response to the protests the Wake County school board put a temporary halt to the resegregation plan" according to a blurb on the screen.

Looking ahead into this fall's elections, Gerald Wright of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children says "we can definitely win but we have to go back to where we started." That means, he said, taking on the Koch brothers.

"Wake County is now attuned to the fact that the Koch brothers' influence is here dismantling the public schools and I'm hopeful that we're going to stop that," Geary said.

"To the Koch brothers, why don't you just leave, leave us alone so that we can continue to grow and prosper," Simon adds. "Leave our children alone."

The new film has been picked up on several liberal websites, including this article in The Huffington Post. One likely result is that it will increase outside donations for Democratic school board candidates.


Dallas Woodhouse, state AFP president for North Carolina, called the accusations in the video about the group's involvement in the 2009 school board elections "bald-faced lies."

Woodhouse said they did not spend any money in 2009 to support school board candidates. He added that they didn't send any mailers or make phone calls to support candidates then.

Woodhouse said AFP's legal team has contacted Brave New Films and The Huffington Post to demand retractions.

Click here for this blog post for a longer response from Woodhouse.\

Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films was promoting the video on the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC on Monday. Click here to view the interview.


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How Times Do Not Change

I remember well 1959 or so when people were picketing outside the bank on Fayetteville Street to get jobs at the bank, they were denied on racial grounds as they saw it.

The same year NCState had a joint original play festival inviting even "colored" universities (as they were then called) to participate. Two did.

Guess that made NCState a nest of leftwing liberal communists. 

Anyway, reflecting over 50 years later, I am reminded of the school segregation decision made by SCOTUS in Brown versus School Board in 1954, and Lyndon's Great Society.

We haven't come very far with a view to the opinion voiced in great dominance here to the anti-Koch film reviewed by the blogger on Wake Ed.

Koch and his Wall Street associates seem to know very well where people have their hearts, at least in the Raleigh area.

America's students' achievements on international tests show we are about 34th in mathematics,  about one step ahead of Malta.

What does that prove?  Well our children are less prepared to meet the challenges of adult life.

And our ability to create and innovate are hampered, making it harder to compete internationally.

Not that you're interested, but the top test results in  math came from Finland.

Where's that you say?  Not that you're interested.   Go get your gazateer and look. Or try Google otherwise.

You know,  folks only see and hear what supports their own "truths" as they "see" them.

And where does that lead us?  To the devil in a broken down Cadillac.

So keep on my fellow Wake County enlightened folks.  Support the Kochs, and the view that bussing was a broken system.  Maybe it was.

But re-segregation is no alternative.  So strive on as Buddha said in his last words.  Find a better alternative, a better society, a better school system, a true democracy-----not the corporatistic controlled one we have now, with bought off politicians on all levels.

Think about it.

How can you make that statement?

Don't you realize that film was a pack of lies and distortions? If it were true, I would agree with some of what you said. But to say we haven't come a long way in race relations and equal educational opportunities is to deny reality. And if you want to blame something for the terrible state of our educational system, blame the detracting culture and liberal education policies.

Quit blaming the boogie man and look to fix the root cause of the problem. Nobody wants a forced racially segregated school system again.... or do they? Why is it that the same people that scream the most about even the appearance of segregation due to local geographic demographics are the first to scream if any effort is made to abolish all black public universities? Unlike the past, nobody forces anyone to live in a certain area and denies anyone entry to a school based on skin color. These are observations that a factual yet rarely brought up. There are many blacks in this town that live in rich and middle-class neighborhoods and get along fine with the neighbors.

Thanks for a lot of interesting points

You put a lot on the table.  Let me take just one. You took up who wants segregation again, or to use the example you gave of all-black universities, retaining it voluntarily.

I may lose you, but take the eternal conflicts on the best way to help children disadvantaged for some reason, for ex. Down's syndrome, slow learners, somewhere on the autism scale, etc.

The basic conflict is whether to integrate them or to keep them in their own respectively adapted environments. 

Not knowing the answer to those questions, it does give a possible reason that blacks want to retain their all-black institutions.  Solely, since many black students may be so handicapped that they need to be supported (and protected)  by such an environment.

As an aside perhaps, I remember well admiring the restraint exercised by blacks, in the face of severe provocation, day in and day out.

And it's difficult not letting the impulse provoke an unsuitable reaction when a sensitive nerve is touched.  If you reflect, you will see your own sensitivities, some mysterious in origin, which cause you to flare up instantly.

And they have been provoked for hundreds of years.  So there is certain reason for hypersensitivity on their part.

I think you got me wrong

I never said all black universities are bad. In fact I think they are a good thing if they serve a good function where other schools have let the student's down. What I am saying is that some people desire segregation for their own advantage or desire. Some people prefer to live near others of their race, ethnic origin, or economic status even if they have the opportunity not.  Some children do that naturally in schools with diverse populations. In fact most adults do that in the real world, it's called human nature. It's an instinctive tribal mentality, we all have it in us. What is great about this country is you don't have to belong to a tribe. Equal treatment and opportunity is what we need to strive for in our society, not equal outcome. Hard work, taking risks, a bit of luck, and good timing is how you get ahead. Those have more talents and use them do generally come out ahead too... [Blame God on that if you wish]. 

"the film is a pack of lies...."

Could well be.  Haven't seen it.  Since not qualified to judge.

But what I do know, since the law requires it, the Koch brothers have in one year spent over 200,000,000.00 dollars on political organizations and in support of political activities by others, etc.

So feel they are worth keeping an eye on, as their positions are made clear by the things they  support.   Some might make you glad, but not me.

So in essence ...So What !

You don't like the fact that the Koch brothers are putting their money into something they believe in and you don't. Last time I looked that was well inline with their Constitutional rights. I don't see huge personal gain.

AND -I don't like the fact a Billionaire named George Soros has spent his money developing a political network to bring down our country's economy and destroy our constitution. All the while he gets richer and richer doing so. How do you feel about him?


To have been at the heartbeat of the 2009 BOE campaigns and to then see this bastardized conspiracy fantasy appear on MSNBC last night was beyond bizarre. 

The local political establishment could never admit this was a grassroots effort by voters in the middle, but apparently having voters pull the rug out from under a failed direction is so unexpected, so outside the realm of possibilities that it spurred them to fabricate an elaborate defense. They had just enough raw material in the way of out-of-context video to write their own story. Their philosophy is "to heck with the kids", I guess. They've got their game on - very expensive and slick video and well oiled social media networking in play here. I wonder who commissioned it, who came in and did all that scripting and editing. Wow. Deep pockets. We never in a million years could have afforded something like that. This - beyond anything - illustrates to me the shell game played on American voters. Where once we saw our citizen's right to vote for elected bodies, now we see a supreme and professionally directed battle of egos. 

Never heard of the Koch brothers until last night. Will state it again for those who may have missed it the last 600 times. WSCA was a grassroots effort made up of a political mix of voters from around the county. The bulk of our donations came in the form of $20 - $100 donations out of family grocery budgets in a hard economic time. Some people donated more, as they could, but that wasn't the bulk of the money. It was an incredible story that all news channels missed totally. The voters spoke with their family checkbooks, and it wasn't a vote for resegregation. That's a lie. Parents rose up and spoke to replace an machevellian and chaotic 'system' of moving students that had no adademic accountability. Voters chose candidates who would pursue stability and academic accountability - and the story has been hijacked completely. My interpretation of the story is that we were the little bee that woke the sleeping dragon. 

The established political parties - both of them - were caught by surprise. One was delighted and took advantage of it, and one was spitting mad and is trying to revengefully recover in a myriad of ways. I always thought it was sad and locally ridiculous. But this? Holy cow. Now its just bizarre. 

Means to an end

This exemplifies todays liberal mindset of the “ends justify the means”.  There is nothing too low for the liberal left machine.  They so strongly believe in their cause that there is no moral compass strong enough to prevent them doing the most vile and unthinkable evil, nastiness.  Just look at the liberal lefties on this blog try and justify and defend this thing.  It is a sad thing to see.

It may be sad, but it is

It may be sad, but it is revealing. This video is just a shot over the bow. There will be much more to come.

Just posted something about

Just posted something about his in the other thread....

Did you catch that clip the put in there with one of the bothers stating only "free enterprise and capitalism is alive and well"? 

The only thing I can assume from that is they believe their core audience thinks free enterprise and capitalism are bad things.  Now that is revealing.

"...they believe their core

"...they believe their core audience thinks free enterprise and capitalism are bad things.  Now that is revealing."

Exactly! That is how far out they are. They actually believe the very basis of our economy and what has helped make this country the land of opportunity are bad things. It is mind-boggling that we have adults in this country who beleive that.

I guess I'm just still

I guess I'm just still amazed every time that's revealed to me.  I'm like my dog that keeps running after the ball when I didn't actually throw it.  I guess I try to think more of people, then I wake to reality again.  Perhaps I thought it was just their rhetoric, but no, they actually truly believe it!

Koch Brothers the New Boogeyman? Sorry, Art Pope!

Yes, the Koch Brothers are going to spend their money on a county school board election in NC. Forget the Presidential election, or various gubernatorial, Senate, and congressional elections. The Koch brothers are really laser-focused on my Wake County School Board, because they're obsessed with "resegregrating" it.  Are people really so gullible as to believe this fantastic claim?

And "forced busing" is a codeword?  Really, could a conservative Republican say anything that the Left wouldn't consider a "codeword"?

Mr. Hui Question

If I make a film showing the supporters old school board SED policy collaborated with elements of the Communist Party of the USA, will I get the same attention you gave this film?  How about the tentacles of the Unitarian "Church" that were within the WCPSS bureaucracy?    Just Wondering?

Google how many different

Google how many different places have posted about the film today. It's worth noting on the blog. Unlike those other blogs, I took the time to get reaction from AFP.

But Mr. Hui

You did that after you posted the original article and it seems an afterthought. A least you allowed them to comment on the obvious lie. IMHO you should of worked their reaction into the original story before you posted such an obvious lie even on this blog. I usually stick up for you because I think you are fair, but this story gives too much credibility to an obvious lie (especially one you know is a lie). You are correct to report about the film though, I don't hold that against you. That's my opinion, take it for what it's worth.

So, if a lie is

So, if a lie is disseminated far and wide enough -- regardless of its basis in fact --  it's worth reporting without any comment on its accuracy or the motives of its creator? That is BS!

..wow...must be something to

..wow...must be something to this...to see all the Tea-Partiers and GOP'ers getting their knickers all in a wad...

..and as for telling lies and stretching the truth...NOBODY has that market cornered like conservatives....NOBODY!!...

The first step of fighting an addiction

Is admitting there is a problem. Most  like you deny the problem and blame it on somebody else.  Or just say other people do it. This video must be called out for what it is (i.e. Propaganda) , the right has sat back and ignored this type of stuff far too long.

BTW- do you want to buy some land I have in Florida?

T Keung is there any ....

T Keung, is there ANY radical left-wing project that you will not promote under the ruse of "news".   The more extreme radical the more enthusiastically you hype them.  That seems a but hypocritical for a "registered unaffiliated" doesn't it ???

Has Bob Geary now joined your Friend of T Keung Club?  Along with Bill Barber and Cash Michaels.

Calla is genuinely concerned

about the opportunity of her children and the kids in her community, there was nothing disingenuous from her in that little movie. But my feeling is that Bob and Perry and some of the others have been manipulating the genuine concerns that the AA community has about segregation. Bob and Perry repeatedly deny the fact that minority children have been denied equal access to education for a decade, they never talk about it, and Bob never writes about it. The yearbook pictures are very nice, but we all know our classrooms are segregated. If they were concerned about segregation why have they not spoken out about math placement???

And just an FYI, when I talked with John this afternoon he told me about this movie, and he pronounced the Koch brother's name as Ed Koch's name is pronounced (former mayor of NYC).  You would think he would at least know their name.


People truly don't know when they are being manipulated and I wouldn't be surprised if Calla believed what she says. You make some good points about the areas that should of been in the forefront long ago like math placement and equal access. I think you might be surprised that even many "evil" conservatives might be agree that's a problem and try to correct it.

FYI - IMHO a lot of damage has been done to race relations in this county due to Barber et al and his theatrics.

I do not beleive for even

I do not beleive for even one second that Calla Wright and her husband are genuinely concerned about their community. If they were, they would not participate in lies and deception, align with the race-baiting Rev. Barber , or isolate themsleves within the confines of the Martin Street Babtist "Church." If they were genuinely concerned they would open theirsleves and her organization up to real discussions and real solutions instead perpetuating the name-calling and race-hustling.

It appears the left is

It appears the left is resorting to to the deceitful tactics they accuse the reps of. Interesting....

It appears the left is

It appears the left is resorting to to the deceitful tactics they accuse the reps of. Interesting....


How can you say Perry and Bob repeatedly deny something and in the same breathe say they haven't written or talked about it?  So how  do you know what they think about this topic?  If silence on the topic somehow makes one guilty of denial maybe we should be asking outselves why Ron has been so quit about this during all the years he's been on the board.

because we all talk

constantly. This is a small fishbowl, and while people may disagree in their stump speeches they talk privately. Bob and I have talked multiple times, he has chosen not to write about our real inequities, as has Steve Ford. They choose not to discuss the issues because they have a set ideology that can't be supported by our reality.

Draw a line from the current inequities in our system ... to the policies that cause them... to the people who support the policies. They are straight lines. The AA community has been misled by these people. I can give you a list of names.

Calla's husband is right about opportunity, if we have a critical mass of children who have been tracked low and disconnected from their education (our real problem) in one school then the children who are capable of high academic achievement won't have opportunity. In Wake, classes are only available when 8 or more kids can take the class. That said, we can continue to have a policy that is based on nothing more than mitigating risk under NCLB (policy 6200, move kids and dilute them so a school does not go into more than 2 years of failing to meet AYP) or we can sit down at the table and work on an assignment model and equity policy that will achieve academic integration. This movie is yet another pathetic attempt to sidestep the real crisis in Wake.

which comes first

This is what I don't understand about your views.  You seem to always bring it around to assignment.  If we have an equity problem lets address it then think about where to assign kids.  If not we may well fall into the trap JT seems content with: create failing schools and then "maybe, just maybe..." the community will be forced to do something about them.  But why aren't we creating a model for how to make those schools work first?  Where are the resources coming from?  Why aren't we working to avoid scenerios that are so we can see are so damaging to students and communities all over the country?

I wish I could believe that the majority really gives a hoot about economically disadvantaged and minority children but at this point I don't think there are many left who believe that. Actions speak louder than words.  And really JT is the only one talking about it.  Ron's already stated that he won't support a plan that holds a few seats open to let ED kids attend schools in the burbs. Thankfully Tata seems to get it and having come from DC should be very familiar with the challenges and hopefully talk some sense into Ron.  JT may talk the talk but can he convince the others to provide the resources long-term, or will they make decisions that please their supporters and the heck with everyone else's kids. 

People here complain about magnet parents having all the political clout because of income and connections yet don't seem to see the irony of their comments when you think of who will have the clout under a neighborhood school plan.   I just don't believe Wake County has the political will to provide the resources long-term to provide the resources that high-poverty schools need such as smaller class sizes, more TA's and more social and medical services.  And that is sad.

Questions and comments Snordone

I assume you are a magnet parent from your last comment, correct me if I am wrong. The question I have is if you were aware of the problems that were going on under the old system despite the SED policy?  It was the fact there seemed to be no benefit to that policy that really upset a lot of people; it was a lot of pain for no gain. WCPSS and the old board were asked time and time again for proof it was working, yet only pointed to suspect (or not relevant) biased studies of other school districts as proof. Nobody is denying we have problems. The ideas of smaller class sizes and more TA's in high poverty schools are good if money is available. Exactly how is that possible economically if you spread poverty around? What about the children of poverty in non-Title I schools? They would and did get lumped into larger overcrowded classrooms on the hope that osmosis learning would occur. At least in Title I schools more money is available to do programs like that.

On your comment on more social and medical services, great idea, but why should this come out of the education budget? There are other agencies other than WCPSS that are chartered to provide these services. And again, if you spread the poverty around too much, it becomes much more expensive to provide such service In case you haven't realized, the budget is not an open spigot to the poor only.

Then define poor. I totally agree that some children need extra help because of the lack of financial resources of the parents and we should help. However, Wake county (and even the federal government)  defines poverty IN SCHOOLS for statistics as the % qualified for the free and reduced lunch program. That program is also available to lower middle class families that may not need the same help the truly poor do; again the available money is diluted. Even in high poverty schools (and magnets); money allocated for the poor is diluted because the wealthier students benefit from that extra money too since WCPSS uses Title I money school wide in most schools that are eligible.

What is sad is people are stuck into their own prejudices, self interests, and ideologies to have a rational discussion about how to fix the problem. And that applies to all sides, especially the more liberal leaning. The other thing that is sad is we expect education to solve all the problems, education is not the total solution. We see the symptoms of the problem in education; treating those symptoms does not cure the problem. Spending more and more money treating just the symptom is not good stewardship of the public money. IMHO that is why a lot of conservatives have a problem with the entitlement mentality of the left.

what are you talking about?

My kids are in a rim title I school and moderate poverty middle school. are you talking to me or Darcy?

Shocking. I never imagined


I never imagined that your post would end in a partisan rant.  Your last paragraph is awesome unintentional comedy.  You say people are too stuck in their ideology to have rational discussion on both sides, and then blame it all on "the left".

You don't want rational discussion.  You want everyone to see that your way is correct, even though it may not actually be correct.

I think it's totally off-base to act like anyone's stance on schools is based on an entitlement mentality.  The schools can't really be "community fixers", they can only try to do what is needed to educate children.  At times, that means doing it in spite of parents who don't care (and that isn't a economic or racial comment).  Do you think that the children of those parents should just be allowed to disappear into the cracks of society or should we do what we can to help them overcome those circumstances?

I made a mistake too, I should have said EBDarcy in the subject

I never said it was all the left's fault; I said it was more the left's fault.

You, as usual, twist my words. I am not advocating letting kids slip through cracks; I did say in so many words it is not the school's charter to fix all of society's woes. You seem to agree with me. Then why do you criticize my comment on the medical and social services? I didn't even say don't do it, I said it shouldn't come out of the education budget. You really don't get me, I don't agree with how we are approaching the problems of poverty (mainly Democrat policies, I might partisanly add), not the fact we need to deal with it especially with school children. I do firmly believe education is the ticket out of poverty.  And I even agree with you we need to fix it in spite of parents, but I don't agree our methods should hurt other parents that aren't part of the problem. I think you would be very surprised if you actually opened up a rational debate with a conservative, especially if you put your prejudices (not racial) aside.

BTW- I thought you went to boot camp for Ron Paul.


In answer to your question I do not have children in the magnet program.  Not now or in the past.  Why would you assume that based on my comment about power shifting under a neighborhood scheme?  It's easy to see where this is going.  When all the middle class families with political clout you say are at magnets move back to their base schools they take all their contacts and influence with them.


Just re-read your post and this comment stuck out:

"And I even agree with you we need to fix it in spite of parents, but I don't agree our methods should hurt other parents that aren't part of the problem."

What other parents are being hurt?  In what way?  If there are children in our community who through no fault of their own are in need of help to put them on the path to a successful adulthood why would anyone not want to provide that?  And I am not just talking about kids from low-income backgrounds, but all children.  If you don't see that as the morally correct thing to do let's look at it from the practical standpoint. We all know what the possible negative outcomes are and how expensive they are to society. 

I never said that medical and social services have to come out of the ed budget. I said we need to consider that these may be essential to some children in order to succeed academically. What difference does it make if they come out of the ed budget (increased to provide them of course) or some other budget?  Those are just details, because either way taxpayers are footing the bill.


Thanks for clarifying your non magnet status. I think you have a bit of misconception of how much political clout any parent has. They do only as a group. The magnet school parents have aligned themselves with civil rights activists to attempt to get their way. One of the main "villians" of that and a big supporter of magnet programs was former Stan Norwalk who knew how to aggitate. Other than that, there are many "old money" ITB Raleigh residents that have a financial interest in keeping the magnet programs primarily ITB. It was obvious to most of us that the real source of the anger against the new board were non-ED magnet school parents and ITB powerbrokers, not the likes of the NAACP. They didn't resist the opportunity to start trouble though.

OK, maybe I should of said other children, rather than parents, I was thinking in terms of a family unit. The harm I talk about is the stresses of constant reassignment due to the SED policy of the past. In addition, when there is a large shift of ESL students to non-Title I schools there is a significant amount of teaching resources taken from that school without the extra federal money. Don't say it doesn't exist, I saw it happen first hand. I am not saying these children should be ignored, I am saying it is a better use of resources to group them (at least until they are fluent in English) so we more effeciently use our resources and take advantage of federal help.

I am a firm believer that all children that want to learn should be given an equal opportunity. I understand that some children need more help than others. I am all for special help programs that work. I also am a realist though about money. It would be great if all schools have unlimited resources (they don't). We have to balance those limited resources, you cannot take all the money from the achieving group to make the non-achievers do marginally better. This is not a race or economic status thing either, this is true for every child. The only things I believe public school owes children is an equal chance to excel and at least basic literacy before their adulthood for those that don't care to excel.

As far as the money, it really does matter where it comes from. The school system should be about education, not health and social services. I am not saying that those things don't go hand in hand, I am saying it is not the responsibility of WCPSS. There are other agencies that also have budgets that can address those issues. I do think it is appropriate for the school system to identify to those other agencies those that need help. As far as taxpayers funding the bill, it matters from where that money comes from and it matters when there is redundancy that results in inneffeciency.

Do you agree that some programs with very good inentions don't work? (I do)  Do you agree that some programs may cost more than the benefits justify? (I do) Do you think it is justified to spend much more money on the non-acheivers at the expense of the achievers? (I don't) Do you also agree that not all children are college material and should be taught on a more vocational education track rather than a college prep track? (I do). In fact I will go further on the last question; do you think the Wake County school system should allocate more of it resources to vocational training? (I do) Lastly, do you think that certain parts of our community should get special access to high achievement programs that are not available to the population at large and get that access mainly due to where they live? (I don't)

I never talk about assignment

I am a broken record about math placement. I talk about assignment in relationship to resources in the rim schools - or lack thereof. You are right, JT is the only one talking about it. And Tata gets it. would we be screwed if they stopped listening to JT or if Tata left? Yes.

Because I have seen so much down the rabbit hole I don't think our problem is lack of money, I really do think it is how we are using it. And based on our achievement data it is not whether a school is high poverty or not, it is the leadership and where/how the resources are used. WFRMS, East Garner, WMMS & Bugg use their resources well. Centrally we have wasted a ton of money and have had no accountability. That seems to be in the process of being addressed. At the county level we don't provide services where and how they are needed, so they cost more money than they save. It is not a lack of will, it is a lack of understanding of what works and what does not.

Sorry, I made a mistake on the comment

It was meant for EBDarcy. I am 100% in agreement on the math placement issue. This is an area where a wrong from the past needs to be corrected.

Draw a line from the current

Draw a line from the current inequities in our system ... to the policies that cause them... to the people who support the policies. They are straight lines. The AA community has been misled by these people. I can give you a list of names.

Calla's husband is right about opportunity, if we have a critical mass of children who have been tracked low and disconnected from their education (our real problem) in one school then the children who are capable of high academic achievement won't have opportunity. In Wake, classes are only available when 8 or more kids can take the class. That said, we can continue to have a policy that is based on nothing more than mitigating risk under NCLB (policy 6200, move kids and dilute them so a school does not go into more than 2 years of failing to meet AYP) or we can sit down at the table and work on an assignment model and equity policy that will achieve academic integration. This movie is yet another pathetic attempt to sidestep the real crisis in Wake.

Please understand...I don't necessarily disagree with anything you say.

But, this is from the post that was being responded to, and I highlighted the instances where someone could think you were talking assignment.

Note Dan

The problem of math placement is being addressed by the conservatives; it was ignored under the previous liberal leadership.

Talk is cheap. If Bob and

Talk is cheap. If Bob and Steve value ideology over truths they know exist, that does not say much for them as writers or as men. Where does this constant talking get you... or anyone? It's pointless.


The frustrating thing about Perry is that he knows the video isn't true.  He's posted several times on this blog about how the '09 election came out of WSCA.   how disingenuous could you get?

Personally, I'm far less worried about the Koch boys than I am about whoever has both (1) the cash to bankroll a slick video like this and (2) the lack of concern as to whether the video is accurate.


Karen and Rita should know by now that many reasonable folks of all political persuasions felt like the assigment merry go round, the wacky Wednesdays, the MYR slam-down, and general feeling of contempt and disrespect that the WCPSS had for parents overall was why they were not elected as status quo candidates. The status quo was not tolerable.

We needed a more balanced and reasonable approach, and making kids ride buses for long periods of time for no discernible educational or social benefit is not a reasonable thing to do! Forcing 22 schools to keep to a year round schedule when they were not running four tracks was not reasonable. Making all of Wake County change work and life schedules on Wednesdays was not a reasonable way to accomplish PLT. I don't think any of that has anything to do with segregation or dismantling public education.

Maybe the Campbells funded

Maybe the Campbells funded the video production. That is who I would suspect at this point considering they made it very clear they are willing to invest big money in buying the next election. (Ain't gonna work.)

As for WSCA, their connection to Woods (who is a LIAR, not merely "disingenuous)  is very troubling.  WSCA's leader seems very enamored of him and has included him on their secret steering committee.

Quite a lot of talent. And

Quite a lot of talent. And to think they sourced it with just one stop... at Dorothea Dix. Awesome.


Good grief. And I thought Rakestraw looked stupid when she claimed "There is no mandatory year round in Wake County." during her campaign. She and Simon just sound bitter.

And where does Geary get his fact that "hundreds of thousands of dollars" were put into the '09 School Board election? Keung, any idea?

Geary should have to turn in

Geary should have to turn in his journalist credentials after this fiasco. The man is positively looney... as are all the others in this "film."


She (Rakestraw) and Simon just sound bitter.

Hmm, I don't think it is isolated to "just" bitterness, there is definitely a good bit of crazy and stupidity in there too.


I wrote to Geary and asked him where he got this "fact". We'll see if he replies.

I do find it quite sad that D5 candidate Jim Martin's daughter didn't think she could ever be friends with an African-American girl unless she went to Enloe. Diversity at its finest.

Maybe the Martin family

Maybe the Martin family lives in a segregated neighborhood, goes to a segregated church, only gets involved in segregated activities and relies on the school system to impart diversity in their daughter's life. But that still does not explain it since Wake County is naturally well integrated as are it's schools. I feel sorry for Jim Martin's daughter. Her own father uses her as a pawn to lie and deceive. Despicable.  

I don't know how he came up

I don't know how he came up with that figure.

Are journalists ethically

Are journalists ethically bound in any way to tell something that at least remotely resembles the truth? Is someone who writes for a free tabloid even really a journalist?  Maybe it's just a matter of you get what you pay for.

FYI As of right now, anyone or any company that advertises in the Independent no longer has my business. And, to cut subsequent comments off at the pass, yes, that includes the hookers and "massage therapists."

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