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Explaining today's schedule to parents

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The snow today is showing the challenges of keeping Wake County parents informed while juggling the Wednesday early dismissals.

The school system sent out a press release at 3:54 a.m. announcing that school would open on a two-hour delay today. But the district had to send out another press release at 7:56 a.m. to make sure parents knew that students would still get out an hour early as part of the regular Wednesday schedule for professional learning time.

For the typical elementary school student who starts at 9:05 a.m., today's schedule now runs from 11:05 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.


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Did anybody else notice that

Did anybody else notice that ABC11 had the 2 hour delay listed last night? The other stations didn't so we double checked this morning but I thought it was odd that they had it listed last night. Also, I know that I saw it on one of the news stations this morning that there was no early release. Probably NBC since that's what we normally watch but I don't remember for sure.

Email alerts direct from WCPSS

Not to be repetitive but this was buried quite far down thread.
You do all realize you don't have to chase down anything now?
You can sign up for alerts to be delivered via email directly from the wcpss.
There is a link on the left side of the home page.
No zones, no WRAL, no time delays. You would have known before the kids ever left for school.

I do get the alerts, but was

I do get the alerts, but was not "alerted" that there would still be early release.


And, what if the internet is down. What if your computer is broken? What if you lost your itouch or blackberry or whatever hand held device you use to access the internet, or what if you are "poor" and don't have any of those items and use the TV and or radio as your one and only main source of information from WCPSS?  If that's the case, you were seriously misled then today, huh?  Well, if you watch WRAL and believed them when they said your child would be in school all day.  

Respectfully sharing an option

Just trying to share an option that others may or may not be aware of.

I did receive an "alert" regarding the early release notice at 7:56.

My condolences to those who have lost all electronics at once including their cell phones.   I am perplexed as to how my posting a message on a message board would offend those who have no electronic devices with which to read the post.

If not useful information to you, is it important to demean the effort to be helpful?

Did anyone have ice on the road?

Wasn't the decision overcautious anyway? At 3:54 the forecast showed 31 degrees as a low at sunrise. Snowfall was very light overnight. Plus the roads were still warm and the temperature would be rising quickly, the chances of road ice were minimal at best. Maybe it was worse elsewhere, but not up in the North part of the county.

Slick ice here

I slid this morning in morrisville.

Can we ever be overcautious

Can we ever be overcautious when it comes to the safety of our children :)



Do you let your children go outside?   After all, there's a risk some stranger will snatch them when you're not looking.  You have to balance risk/reward and take reasonable precautions without going overboard.

The district is in a tough position -- it has to consider the 16-year-old who lives out in the boonies and just got his license yesterday.  Personally, I think that the district ought to be able to call a "Limited Transportation Day" where HS kids aren't allowed to drive to school and where bus stops are at the entrances to neighborhoods instead of down some icy back road.  Alternatively, when the district moves to assignment zones, it ought to be possible to close down the affected zones without shutting down the entire county.



When carried to the extreme.  Letting a child out your house is a risk in itself. But if there truly was ice on the road in part of the county, I guess a case for safety could be made. I think it's all about common sense and risk assessment.

I used to fly in the Air Force, I know all about risk when it comes to ice. Forecasting is a huge deal. I take safety very seriously also.

There's some ice on the

There's some ice on the roads in Fuquay.

High School Mom

Even as a parent of a high schooler I was rather amazed that there was the one hour release.On the one hand I am so glad that there was school just so no more spring break to be used up as make up days.

One way or another people would be complaining.

Yes, you are correct Bob.

Yes, you are correct Bob. Another parent told me that and I said, well I am going off of what is now on the WCPSS website and that clearly states as of five min before 7 that the one hour early dismissal is still on.

There will probably be lots of stranded kids then this afternoon.

Would you also have

Would you also have complained if they'd canceled school last night at 10:30, and then the snow hadn't been bad enough to warrant a cancellation? Last time there was a delay on a Wed, school had been out all week. That's quite a difference.

They waited as long as they could. Anyone who woke up this morning, saw snow on the ground, and didn't think to check WRAL.com for delays only has themselves to blame.

I am not sure

what part of the county you live in but north Raleigh up near Wake Forest did not have any snow.   I am sure there were many people who did not think to check wral.com.

People.... repeat after

People.... repeat after me... IF ONE PART OF THE COUNTY HAS HAZARDOUS ROADS THAT MEANS NO ONE HAS SCHOOL!   How long have you people all lived here?

This is the way it goes! If it snows up along the far reaches north or the "low country" in the South of the county and there is a road or back road, or side road that buses can't travel on.. the policy of school being closed or delayed extends to the ENTIRE DISTRICT!


So, if they predicted snow in Fuquay, you folks in North Raleigh should have been prepared for the possibility of a delay.

 The issue here is how it was all communicated. Making the decision at 3 or 4 am was confusing to many and then having it fall on the very important early release Wednesdays, was again confusing because one Wed they dropped it becuase of snow days prior to the early release very important Wedensday, but this Wednesday due to that fact one can only guess that there were not snow days, but just a delay on this particular Wednesday that the one hour very important early release Wednesday would not be afffected.


Come on people.... keep up!

Just one more reason

JT's community models/zones idea will help correct this, and many other, problems.

The decision was made during the 11pm news last night to delay 2 hours and at that time they reported early release will be cancelled and the kids would stay in all afternoon.

That's how most people keep up, with what they are told, not chasing it down in 10 locations.  Wink

Did WRAL make a mistake?

I looked at the WCPSS web site at 2:30 am and there was no notice on it yet for the 2 hour delay.  Also, the notification system from WCPSS has a time stamp of 3:54am on the email. 

 IMHO, I think someone at WRAL goofed.

You do all realize you don't

You do all realize you don't have to chase down anything now?

You can sign up for alerts to be delivered via email directly from the wcpss. 

There is a link on the left side of the home page.

No zones, no WRAL, no time delays.   You would have known before the kids ever left for school.  Wink

Thanks for your assumption,

Thanks for your assumption, Dan.  No, I would have like to have had a game plan for the morning is all. I have several children to get to different schools with different start times and parents who rely on me to get their children to different schools with different start times.  Just knowing one way or another would have been extremely helpful.


And this morning was chaos with the phone ringing from parents asking about the one hour release, because again, with children going in late, parents were concerned about pick ups becasue they usually leave work early to get the children earlier on Wed, but having to now go in late, they couldn't do that and were concerned about who was going to pick up the children.

 There is just no "standard" on the Wed thing. It would make sense that a dely in the start time would erase the early release as a general rule, but we've learned today that is not the case.  

 Now we know.

This was really really

This was really really bad!  The communication was horrific!

Last time there was a dely on a Wed, the one hour early release was CANCELED!

 THis is an example of why parents are so darn frustrated! To wake up, be heading out the door only to see that oh wait, there's a delay, and then have to call into work and say you'll be late, and then not to know what the heck is up for the afternoon is just so frustrating!

 Teachers try to teach children all the time to be organized... this is a poor "lead by example."


Now, what will happen tomorrow?  Freezing over night, wet slushy roads in some areas of the county? Will we or won't we have a delay? When will be know at 3 am again? Ugh

Even worse...

One of the TV Stations (WRAL, I think) announced last night that the early dismissal was cancelled!  Chaos.

You are correct

they said clearly last night there was NO early release today, so are we now saying there is, apparently?  Yep, lots of kids crying and teachers babysitting this afternoon. Just one of many reasons Whacky Wednesdays ends this year and should have never started!

g88.... The delay was


The delay was posted on the WCPSS website early this morning. That's all it said.

 About three hours later, the blurb about schools releasing one hour early popped up.  

 One can only imagine that school board members and administrative offices and schools were flooded with phone calls from very confused parents.

 ACCORDING TO WCPSS WEBSITE...  there IS a ONE HOUR release today. So, don't leave your kids crying in the front office at school. Get them one hour early today :)

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