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Donna Williams on spreading Enloe High's magnet programs around to other schools

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Wake County school board candidate Donna Williams probably isn't going to win over Enloe High School supporters based on her talk of spreading programs around.

Williams hit the local conservative radio talk show circuit this week starting as a guest co-host Tuesday on The Morning Show on WRDU. She touched on Enloe during an interview Wednesday on The Rick and Donna Martinez Show on WPTF, where she also said it's not a case of the school system needing more money to raise achievement.

"I believe we need a more fair and equitable balance in our schools," Williams said on WPTF. "I'll give you an example. Enloe High School right now has 142 magnet programs in that one school. And then we have a lot of schools in this county that have zero. I just think we need to take a look at that and if we balanced it out a lot better, it would then affect and help all of our children."

District 6 in Central Raleigh has historically had something of a love-hate relationship with the magnet program. A lot of families have gone to magnet schools because of the proximity to the programs. But parents at the rim schools have complained that they've been impacted heavily by the magnet program.

Fellow District 6 candidate Christine Kushner has been a long-time magnet parent. One child will be leaving Enloe to go to the N.C. School of Science and Mathematics and another attends Ligon Middle.

Also during the WPTF interview, Williams said she expects to be supporting the policies of the Republican school board majority, especially dropping the diversity policy. She related her experiences from 20 years ago as a volunteer in her children's schools seeing children who had been bused for diversity crying because their parents and grandparents couldn't attend school events.

Williams praised the concept of a choice plan, saying she supported letting  family choose to apply to attend a higher performing school. But whether this translates into support for achievement schools remains to be seen.

Wiliiams also praised Superintendent Tony Tata, saying he has "calmed" the high emotions that were going on in the district.

Williams said Wake "is doing a fair job but we can do better."

She also said she supported the use of merit pay for teachers and making public the EVAAS evaluation reports for individual teachers.

Donna Martinez asked how Williams would respond if people said Wake needs more money to raise achievement.

"I don't believe that it is an issue of money," Williams responded. "I believe we have to take a very close look at — and I know this has already begun — as to where the money is going.

I think that within the system there are more changes that can be made and I don't think money is the answer. I just think there's a lot of other, which I've already said today, pieces to the puzzle that can be improved, tweaked for a better result."

Moving to the Rush Radio appearance, host Carmen Conners asked Williams what most concerned her. Williams' response was "liberal ideas," citing groups who have been fighting the school board majority's elimination of the diversity policy.

"They want to undo what has been done in the last two years," Williams said. "In my opinion, what has been started in the last two years is just the beginning to make our school system better for our children."

Later on in the show, Conners railed against the Rev. William Barber, the state NAACP president, whom she called "Rev. Soul Glow the Buffet Slayer." Conners complained that Barber is a black man telling black youths that they have to be bused to a white school to be around white students to learn something.

"I think that's a crime," Williams said when Conners accused Barbers of telling black youth that they'll never amount to something.

Conners called Barber's actions "racism to the core," which Williams said she agreed with.

(This is a wrap for the next week. I'll be back on Aug. 29.)

UPDATE I'll now be back on Wednesday.


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  Release August 30,


August 30, 2011
Communications Department
Contact: Greg Thomas
Phone: 919-431-7800

Information Meetings Scheduled to Update Student Assignment Proposal

August 30, 2011 - Please disregard the previous press release about the upcoming community student assignment meetings. The previous information was incomplete.

Members of the Wake County Public School System's Student Assignment Task Force will lead a series of community information meetings during the next three weeks to provide the community an update on the development of a staff student assignment proposal and to answer questions from the public.

The most significant updates to the assignment proposal are the addition of proposed feeder patterns and the modification of choice options for students whose most proximate school is a magnet school. These choice options will include a broadened list of regional schools, including two high performing schools, an additional magnet school, and an underutilized school. You can find the proposed feeder patterns on the "Next Steps, Q&A" page at assignment.wcpss.net.

We will gather community feedback at these meetings. Below is a complete list of the community information meetings, which will run from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on the following dates.

  • Wednesday, August 31 at Middle Creek High
  • Thursday, September 1 at Wakefield High
  • Wednesday, September 7 at Apex High
  • Thursday, September 8 at Southeast Raleigh High
  • Tuesday, September 13 at Broughton High
  • Thursday, September 15 at East Wake High



What Would Curly Say?  Nuk, Nuk, Nuk, Nuk

Nice rebound  (er..CYA) from the hochos above.   Bet Michael Evans is sipping a cold one with a smile on his face.  


OT - Student Assignment Info Meetings - THIS WEEK?!


Information Meetings Scheduled to Update Student Assignment Proposal

August 29, 2011 – Members of the Wake County Public School System’s Student Assignment Task Force will lead a series of community information meetings this week to provide the community an update on the progress of the development of the draft student assignment proposal.  

The community information meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, Aug. 31 at  East Wake High and Middle Creek High
  • Thursday, Sept. 1 at Southeast Raleigh Magnet High and Wakefield High
  • Wednesday, Sept. 7 at  Apex High 

Task force members will share information about the proposal with the community and collect feedback at each meeting.  These meetings are similar to the sessions the task force held in June to solicit community feedback. This is not a public forum. 

Superintendent Tata and the task force presented the draft proposal to the school board on Aug. 16. This followed the community online test drive of an early draft proposal in which more than 21,000 people participated. 

Superintendent Tata and the task force have been developing the proposal since February when Tata asked the school board for the responsibility of developing a long-range student assignment proposal that focuses on maximizing achievement for every student while providing families with more stability and choice. 

The task force will accept comments on the proposal through Sept. 15 via the website  Superintendent Tata and members of the task force will review comments/feedback and make modifications as appropriate. 

Any idea why the late notice?

It does seem odd.

yes it does seem odd

Why the short-notice?  Why is one after Tata is presenting to the BOE?  Whatever the motivation behind this last-minute scheduling it will make people suspicious.  Trying to reduce public input? 

And having these right after the start of school, when many parents have open-houses, booster club, sports info etc. to attend,  makes no sense.  They know what a busy time this is for parents. 

Right after the start of school?

Pay more attention please, school has been in for weeks. The parents who are too busy to attend aren't worried about what is to come of the new plan, they are the followers and do what they are told. And that my friend covers 70+% of all parents in this county. Survey responses have proven that over and over.

As for those same people being suspicious? They're just glad someone is doing their thinking for them.

they also know what a busy

they also know what a busy time it is for the media, who are still swamped, covering Hurricane Irene and her aftermath; have not seen boo about this from the media so far; sure seems like the timing was deliberate

Had previous BOE's and

Had previous BOE's and Supers given this short of notice to parents of assignment, they would have been fried by all on this blog.  

You're not paying attention

The news media covered it last night and has today as well. It's like most things wcpss related that do not include Barber or arrests, it got the usual 12 seconds.

Which is more than any updated coverage you've gotten here in well over a week now.

where? links?

where? links?

2 days notice is not enough for you??

 These meetings are so new, they are not even on the Master calendar or on  the Coming Events link on the homepage.  Surely parents and families who are sincerely  interested in assignment can make arrangements on 2 -3 days notice.

Your new and improved, family friendly Board of Ed  and staff at work!

2 days notice is plenty

You can plan to go next week and WA LA!

You have more than a week to prepare someone to watch your Geritol collection.

Slow news week?

or no news week?

Guess this blog is a lot less relevant this time around.

TKH is on vacation.

TKH is on vacation.

For how long


According to the last post I

According to the last post I saw from him, I think he's back today.  But, he probably has to get caught up from the week off and perhaps write something for the paper.  The blog isn't his main job.

OT: Now this is true leadership....




Fresno County Schools Superintendent Larry Powell said he's "retiring" for one day in August, and then, will be hired back at a significantly reduced salary.

Powell is serving his second term in office. He'll go from making roughly $250,000 to just $31,000.

Powell says he's financially secure and will be able to afford health insurance through his wife. The cost cutting move is intended to save the school districts hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next three years.

"This takes about $830,000 and sets it aside. And so if we face mid-year cuts I can have the money ready to go and it doesn't affect our employees," said Powell.

Powell's term ends in 2015 and he claims more than a dozen other teachers and administrators have taken the same deal.

Powell will ultimately have final say as to where the funds are spent. His new deal will go into effect September first.


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For once we agree Bpulli999

I wonder if Dr Burns will make a similar move with his retirement, being such a great leader he was.

But this is about...

we consider to be good. You have said many times that Dr. Burns was a bad leader - so why do you expect him to do this?

We are talking about our great military leader.  Tata makes the same amount of money. He gets his military pension. He gets a lot of money from Fox News I assume. He gets money from his books - which btw are pretty good. He gets free medical insurance from the federal government.

I doubt

I don't know the pension system for educators here but I doubt he will get much since he wasn't "home grown" as Dr Burns was. As far as health care, that would be a generous gesture, but there may be an issue with the state (I don't know the setup, some bureacracies don't allow opt out). His pay though is another issue, personnally I don't think he should work for free...doesn't he get less than Dr Burns did? I do personally think superentendants get paid too generous, but the BOE sets that and they are the ones that offered him that money (he was not the driver on that). As far as factoring in his military pension, that is his and just part of a deferred pay package, it has nothing to do with Wake County or even NC. BL-  Any money he makes outside of Wake County is his business and really doesn't have much to do with leadership. I am happy for him, he earned it.  WCPSS is also not in the mess California is in due to liberalism gone wild...We all might pay for that.

Oh, and he did not make any of our problems.

doubt it

Former Wake superintendent to lead Edgecombe Schools 


Good for them...

At least they selected someone with some credentials to run their school system

My name is Donna...

and I don't know the difference between a "program" and an elective. I will create 142 "magnet programs" at each and every school in the county.

My name is Donna

You forgot to add JT and CM - it would appear they do not know the difference either.

ask Tata for the financial breakdown

Someone needs to ask. We need to know the total budget for our non-title I magnets K-5, 6-8, 9-12th grade. We need to see their Total Dollar Allotment on a per child basis, we need to see MOE/child, and we need to see these data in relation to F&R to understand if they are receiving more money or are just able/willing to use it differently. Until we have that information talking about it does us no good because we are just guessing that Enloe, Ligon, etc... receive more money. If they do then it might be a problem for some suburban parents.  If they don't and are just using their money at the expense of the base kids then it is a problem for me.


Donna Williams wants to make teachers' EVAAS scores public, but PARENTS don't even get to see their OWN CHILD'S SCORES.  Could parents really get a report on their child's teacher without getting a report for their own child?  REALLY?


If the school board really cares about parents' rights, why don't PARENTS get a copy of their child's EVAAS score?  For every other test, PARENTS get a printed copy of that report in a sealed envelope.
Wake County uses the CogAt to assign children into gifted classes.  Parents get a printed report that tells them their child's scores.  The report says what is on the test and what the score means.  The parent gets a printed report telling them about the decision to assign the child.
Every EOG test has a printed report sent to the parents.  Parents can see whether the child passed and the score.  Parents get to see how many questions their child missed on all the different parts.
Every report card is printed and sent to the PARENT.  The report card explains what each of the grades means.  There is a comment section from the teacher.
But parents do not get EVAAS scores.  Many people think EVAAS is junk science, like the statistics used to predict the stock market in 2008.  But PARENTS would have a chance to find out for themselves.  SHOW US THE DATA! 

If parents of fifth graders got a printed EVAAS report that said your child will be in trouble in 2 years there would be time to act.  White and black parents would not have to wonder if their child was correctly assigned to Algebra.  They would see the EVAAS score and know why.  Every parent of a brilliant black student would know if they were being cheated.  White parents with brilliant children who don't make the cut will have to swallow their pride.  Once the district decides to use EVAAS, no teacher will override the test.  Any teacher who  gives a waiver to a white student with a 69 will have to give a waiver to every student with a 69 or risk being called a racist.  EVAAS will become more important than the SAT.
If this is the most important decision the school will ever make about the child, why don't PARENTS get a printed report each year?
Why can't the school district print a copy of the report used for this year and send a copy to every parent?  All you need is one sheet of paper and one envelope for every student.
All of the people who post here about fighting for the rights of children should demand every PARENT gets an EVAAS report.

Donna Williams?  Will you demand that?

GENERAL TATA?  We got our EOG reports MONTHS AGO.  OUR EVAAS REPORTS ARE ALREADY THREE MONTH'S LATE!!!!  At your Friday press conference, you need to tell parents WHEN they will get the EVAAS reports they should have been mailed three months ago.  You say you are for transparency and parents' rights.  Now is the time to prove it.

In the right direction

Well, holy cow WakeCPT - where were you two years ago (and some longer) when we were fighting for the EVAAS scores to show how discriminatory the system was?

The media and the politics have all been focused on the busing and assignment issue, and the real scandal has been the lack of data driven decision making. That dam burst about two years ago. This has been a huge log jam created by the former E&R department head, David Holdzkum. He constipated the whole system by withholding information and refusing accounts. 

He's only been gone some four days. Give them a few weeks to sort it out, will ya?

Enloe Envy

I think the problem is Enloe Envy where losers want to pull the winner down not aspire to be the as great.   We should aspire to make every school an Enloe.  And don't bring up resources.  The Enloe students take more AP classes and actually take the test compared to other Wake HSs.  They have a Esprit de corps that others envy and instead of meeting the challenge and excelling the plan is to destroy all that is good to give a false sense of greatness.  The plan ought to be Enloe is across the line, who is next to pull up until everyone excels.  The Koreans mush laugh at our infighting as we canabalize what works.

financial clarity first

In the ED task force we got a breakdown of budget by school and a breakdown of available programs. We put all the Elementary school data in a spreadsheet and then added in month of employment, F&R, LEP and total number of children so we could look at resources on a per child basis and in comparison to need. The non-title I magnets were not receiving any extra money over that of base schools, but their F&R was clearly capped below 40% - most below 35%. So my interpretation was that these magnets were just choosing to use their money for enrichment (but as we know, this is at the expense of the academic achievement of their base students).

We did not get to the high school data, but maybe we need to do that so we can look at resources. My guess is that it will be the same, a choice made by the school to use its money to support a high level of enrichment. Enloe has the highest long-term suspension rate in Wake and the lowest graduation rate for ED children. It is about leadership and a balance in priorities, in my opinion. We don't need to take away anything from Enloe, but we do need to have school leadership that values every child that walks through the doors. And we need parents in our magnets to start advocating for "every child, our child" as we do in our base Title I schools. I am personally very proud to be a base Title I  parent, we fight hard for every child as our own child - from ESL resources to stability in assignment for ALL our children. We have a history of going to growth management and asking for our ED kids to not be reassigned our of our school - ask Chuck and Laura. So, I don't consider it to be "magnet envy," but rather "magnet misguided priorities." If magnet parents demanded equity they would get it, they have affluence and influence.

Proactive solutions

Thanks, Shila, for examining all this. You bring up some good points.

We do need to have school leadership, especially in our magnet schools, that has their eye on the needs of every child that walks through the doors.

We do need parents in our magnets to advocate for "every child, our child" as you do in your base Title I schools.  I'm very happy to hear all you guys have advocated at your school for all children, BTW. I know at our last school we tried to get an intersession tutoring program for children falling behind. It allowed them to 'catch-up" during their track out. i know the PTSA at Moore Square last year funded and helped  with after school tutoring for all children who needed extra help. I think there are many parents who are quite willing to do more for "every child, our child" and are doing this in magnet schools now. It would be good to hear what all school do to help figure out what is working and build on all these good efforts.

It is important to continue this conversation so everyone is more aware of what the needs are at each magnet school.

You don't consider it to be "magnet envy," though you have to admit it sounds that way when people choose to bash magnet parents. If there are parents who simply are enjoying the magnet program and are not involved in the school and the issues of other children, then you are talking about a lot of families in every school in Wake County. Maybe what you call "magnet misguided priorities" , are just families myopically trying to raise their own child and busy with work,etc. This is the case everywhere. A lot of parents just do not have the time, are not aware, and can only do what they can for their own child. We all do what we can.

I suspect  magnet parents will step up to the plate and demand equity if there are schools that need to do a better job. The schools you bring up that are 35% Ed pop are most likely Underwood, Martin, right? These school are magnets and located in an area that has become more affluent, therefore drawing affluent base students and magnet students. A solution to this might be these magnet schools need to offer 10% of their seats as "achievement schools" for SE Raleigh area children. The distance is not as far as, say, Apex, or Holly Springs. Distance to an achievement school needs to be reasonable.

Making parents, teachers, and school leaders more aware of specific things they can do is the first step. Moore Square Middle School  is a great example of a magnet school balanced with abut 50% ED pop, base students, and a Principal( Dr. Bass) who knows how the conversation  needs to be geared toward all families. He has extra tutoring in the mornings for all students within  a magnet program that celebrates the individual child and helps them become leaders and respectful, creative beings. This is for all children.

I'm not sure how all other magnet schools are doing. What about a magnet committee set up when this new assignment plan comes out full of teachers, Principals, parents,  professors, experts, and business community folks to evaluate magnet schools annually and offer input,  get feedback? The magnet communities of Principals, staff, teachers can network and offer peer reviews. They could do this during Professional Leadership Time set aside each month .

Magnet families are not the enemy. They are not at fault for being chosen to attend these schools. Put in perspective the positives of magnets fully utilizing our school. this prevents more school to be constructed, and offers some diverse population schools for families who prefer this, then we work together to find solutions that will make WCPSS better . It goes beyond what we can do to make our magnet school programs the right balance of draw and what is reasonable. There is  no reason why wcpss and a “magnet committee” cannot examine the number of courses offered in magnet schools to be sure they are the right number that draws people there, does not rob other schools of themes, programs, and courses they want to offer. It would help if magnet families are not made the enemy in all this.  

Making sure magnet school leaders have their eye on the needs of all children equally is what you are saying, Shila, and I agree. Making our school system better involves proactive solutions. Keep up the good work. We are with you;}


'Magnet families are not the

'Magnet families are not the enemy. They are not at fault for being chosen to attend these schools. Put in perspective the positives of magnets fully utilizing our school. this prevents more school to be constructed, and offers some diverse population schools for families who prefer this...'

I agree, magnet parents are not the enemy - they are taking advantage of a very good deal. However, they also know how good they have it, and many are trying to preserve their spots at all costs, even when it's clear that magnets operate at the expense of other students in Wake County.  Some even claim that they are at the schools only for 'diversity', which begs the question of why there needs to be so many magnet course offerings to entice them to attend.

At one of the feedback sessions held by WCPSS, staff was asking which base nodes to transfer out of a magnet base school in order to make room for magnet students.  I asked them why it was a magnet if it was overfull w/ base students - they didn't have an answer.  I asked for that question to be logged, but never saw an answer.  Utilization as a reason for magnets is a myth - if it were, then why not make some of the RIM schools into magnets.

I know some parents who FINALLY got their kids into magnets - they are shocked at the difference in offerings from the base schools.  I don't know if the answer has to be to strip down a magnet - but if we know how to do magnet schools so well, why not spread some of these offerings and expectations to all the other schools.  This takes leadership, and making sure all our principals know that it's ok to 'compete' with magnet schools.

And Magnet Schools can be filled with less offerings

OR a different assignment policy like achievement schools. I agree magnet school parents in general are not the enemy, they are just trying to get the best education for their children for free. It's the same with illegal aliens, it's our government that's the problem. 


Jen, Decrease the magnet school offering OR a different assignment plan? Why not some magnet schools filled with a few less options AND a different assignmnet plan?  

I am convinced in order to do these changes right we must have citizens willing to pay for a better learning experience for a broad array of needs  and a BOE commited long term to give each school what it needs.

Is there an estimate what would be saved if Enloe offered less of an array of courses? Would they save on one teachers salary or would the take-away just be replaced with an extra class of an already existing program? In other words, does Enloe need to offer so many classes(seats) each period of every block schedule to satisfy the school population? If this is so, what do you save by streamlining the courses into  more of the same instead of  an array of choices?  Does SE Raleigh High  and other magnet High Schools have a similar balance of offerings it appears Enloe has?

 Re. magnet familes, the attitude of magnet families based on a few comments over the past few years is certainly not representative of most magnet families. Many people I know who have children in magnet schools have very little knowledge of any real disparity in courses.   

Many of all sides wish we could have a do-over of the last two years.That campaign and the way changes were made  following was harsh. Although there were valid points, they got lost in the displaced blame, ballooned the issues to one side,  and hostility levels left those great points falling on deaf ears. Many were confused & doubted  motives were for the best with the new Board .   There was a lot of emotion driving conversation, therefore no one was being heard .

That said, it is hopeful and promising to have a better, more cohesive future for wcpss.

Many people like magnets b/c of the schools' unique offerings. 

People like choice.  

Children tend to do better with a school, teacher, and program that is the best fit for their own individual learning style. 

Diversity is seen as opportunity for children to gain a greater understanding of  people of all cultures and income levels. If our schools can help children see the world arouind them as being about more than just themselves it helps them grow to be more accepting of a diverse world.

Our schools are a place to develop children into productive citizens. School is becoming a larger social responsibiity and our communities are a large part of helping with this.

Wcpss is focused on better targeted education plans for improved achievement outcomes for all children.

People want schools close by to choose from and are willing to go further for unique course offerings.

Wcpss needs to utilize all our existing schools by keeping all school desirable.

Wcpss needs to pas a bond to build 14 more schools

Wcpss must prepare and plan ahead for destabilizers that may come with more choice, such as school closings in low growth areas or those considered undesirable choices. If we want to avoid closing existing school, they must be given a theme boost to draw folks to them. 

Everyone wishes wcpss to be much more than what it has been.  More stabilty and proximity options are what we all want and we want or BOE, Tata, and his staff to  plan for much more than this for all schools and all students.






Sorry, not Jennifer Mansfield

I do support her though despite our polital differences. I know she is a social liberal. But, she believes in fact based solutions and doesn't believe every word that has come out of WCPSS's central office.  She has my vote and I'm a registered Republican.

In other words, does Enloe

In other words, does Enloe need to offer so many classes(seats) each period of every block schedule to satisfy the school population?

A better question might be "Should one of the district's goals be to make sure Enloe's school population is satisfied when there are unsatisfied populations at other schools?"

Diversity is seen as opportunity for children to gain a greater understanding of  people of all cultures . . .

I fully agree with this rich version of diversity...  But, that's not what the previous diversity policy was all about -- instead, it was a pale shadow of that rich diversity that tried to bring people of the same culture together either because their skin colors were different (old version) or their income levels were different (newer version).  

If the district ever truly valued that sort of rich diversity, then it would have made a much stronger push into things like opportunities to study abroad and district high school course selections would have offered a broader array of courses in languages and foreign cultures.  

You are kidding, right?

Study abroad opportunities for MS & HS students?

Not kidding...

There are lots of High School study abroad opportunities. 

My point is that if the district were actually interested in true diversity, then it would do things that focus on true diversity, not on this pale facsimile that pretends a school is diverse when it has a bunch of students who grew up within 15 miles of each other, speak the same language, largely adhere to the same religion, watch the same TV shows, and have the same citizenship, just because their parents make different amounts of money and/or they have different skin colors.

Right on Bob

It is almost comical how WCPSS has distorted the word DIVERSITY. The people that were never really exposed to real diversity think they are getting the "real deal." I don't see the real benefits of putting children of different economic strata together, I see more negatives than positives. AND I have heard some disturbing things from children coming from that mixing. [and it doesn't bode well to future society] I think some adults are niave in thinking that the children are really mixing well together; they still form groups based of similar cultures.


Why do you assume that Enloe students get every course they want?   I seriously doubt that happens.    You continue to misrepresent how high school course scheduling works.    Enloe likely has problems but it is unlikely to be some nirvana school where everyone who gets a  magnet seat there gets every course they might ever want, where parents never have to advocate on behalf of their children, and there are never any negative aspects of the HS.

Does it matter if they get

Does it matter if they get every thing they want or just more of what they want?  Either way, its more than kids at "regular" HSs get.

No, it is not

If you check out Green Hope, you will see an example of a non-magnet HS that also has "more of what they want" and it has nothing to do with magnet status.    While there are problems with the magnet programs and allocations of spending, it is down right foolish and short-sighted to try to pin all the problems of non-magnet HS's such as disparities in AP classes or administrative decisions on whether a child can take two math classes on Enloe (and Garner, Millbrook, Wake Early College, and Wake NC State University STEM, and SERHS) because they have received magnet funding.    If you want to really fix the problems then you have to correctly identify the cause of the problem not inaccurately blaming an outside cause for things that are under the control of the non-magnet HS.   

I need some clarification

Is the issue  a.  specific courses offered at magnets or  b.  the array of courses that are offered at magnets?  My child went to Leesville HS, and I was satisfied with the course offerings. When my child went to a magnet middle schools, there with lots of courses offered, but most of these elective classes were somewhat superficial.    

It is question of "where (geographically) the....

courses are being offered. If they are offered in a school in the downtown area - then they have a problem with that. If the courses are being offered in Cary or North Raleigh, then there is no problem.

V_O_R is "Jen"?  I thought

V_O_R is "Jen"? 

I thought s/he was an ex-military person that just likes to brag about their fancy house.

I am not JenMan and I don't brag

JenMan has met me and so has Mr Hui.  I don't think JenMan every served as far as I know, she lives in Bedford which is south of me. I am male as Bob said, but I never met Bob as far as I know so he can only go from my posts or through Joe Ciulla. I am just a parent, not involved directly in politics.  BTW- I think Bob Sconce is a "masked man" too. Anyway Mr. Hui can verify I am not Jennifer Mansfield. And if you search the blog's archives throughout the years you can pretty much see that.

And for your information, as far as my house is concerned, I've only complained about the overvalued tax assessment jacking up my property taxes. I think I mentioned my old house to which I lost an arm and a leg selling over a 2.5 year period. I not a braggard, you would never know I had money if you met me. I'm just a simple guy that loves life and gets along with most people.

Perhaps you should re-read

Perhaps you should re-read the posts where you mention your property taxes.

They are full of "I pay my 5 figure property tax bill, so....."-type statements.  You may very well not intend them to come off the way that they do, but that doesn't change the fact that you sound like you think you deserve something because you are paying more than most.

The simple fact is that if you live in a house that is worth that much, it's a choice you made.  No one needs a house that size.  I don't begrudge you for having it, just don't buy it and then complain about your property taxes.  If Bedford is south of you, I assume that means you don't live in an older house, so I don't think your house value snuck up on you.

As a conservative, you're supposed to be all about personal freedom and personal responsibility.  Your personal freedom led you to buy the house.  The property taxes on it are your personal responsibility.

Dan get off your high horse

I am responsible for my actions, I live the way I want to live, and I don't ask for anything I haven't earned. I also live well within my means. I'm not in debt to the hilt. I have the right to speak my mind as you. I believe it is important some people see things from a different perspective and the only way to get that across was when I point out the perspective I come from.  Believe me, I have lived paycheck to paycheck once myself.  I am sympathetic to others plights . But Dan, I don't need lectures from you about what a conservative should be. I guess I should just hand over all my savings and shut up, screw my family and my future. There are many things that unfair today because people like me have been apathetic in the past.

Dan, I never said I deserved more. I do say I don't deserve less. And I expect what I do pay is well spent.


VoR is male.  Don't know where Rhonda's getting that from.

My mistake. VoR is not Jennifer

I got the names "Voice for Equity" and "Voice of Reason" mixed up. Thanks for clearing that up. Voice of Reason is not Jennifer. My mixup. See below past post that verifies this:

"Fri, 08/01/2008 - 18:37 — jenman

Ever since this new blogging thing went into effect my name has been screwed up and I don't know how to fix it.  I am  Jennifer, Voice for Equity, raleighreader and Jenman.  That should cover it, lol.  "

Title I

Snordone....I have a general question about Title I resources.  I don't understand why WCPSS designates Title I schools versus Title I children!   Do you know why it is set up this way here in WCPSS?     My mother was a traveling Title I reading teacher.   She would go to the various schools and work with the children that qualified for Title I assistance.    Our school JGES has been a Title I school every other year for the last 4 years due to the changing population at our school.    We still have kids at our school that qualify for these services, but since we lost our Title I designation once again this coming year they won't get the extra help.   We share a AG teacher with another school currently and she is at our school 2 days a week.   Why don't they do something like this with their Title I resources?   

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